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Ashram Of Lodoss Shrine



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Ashuram of Record of Lodoss Shrine Ashram Of Lodoss Shrine Greetings! Welcome to my web page dedicated to my all time favorite Anime character: Ashram from Record of Lodoss War. I have diligently searched for images of Ashram and have found some lovely ones indeed! (some are less lovely, but at least they are picture of him.) Some of the images I found On Japanese sites... I just wanted to share some of my findings with other fans! I have also many video captures from the series and the Japanese tv show that I did. Gallery is updated! I hope you enjoy! I will update this site as I find more Ashram treasures to share. ************************************************************************************************************** All Record Of Lodoss War images and It's characters copyright by their respective persons: Original Japanese Group SNE/ Kadokawa Shoten Publishing Co. / Marubeni corp. ************************************************************************************************************** **************************************************************************************************************

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