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scientist impants biochip in himself

The picture of the chip at the top of this chapter was designed and built for Lucent Technologies by a Dr. Sanders, after upon making the device, realized what he had done. His words, coming from the man who created the Mark of the Beast, are striking.

"Right now, there is a computer chip the size of a grain of rice. (1/4 inch long) This computer chip can carry all information on any individual and is self charging. It is charged by the bodies heat, and after planners spent 1.5 million of your tax dollars, they found out that the best places to put this chip would be in the right hand or if that is missing, in the forehead. This chip will be interjected in the hand or forehead in the same way as a shot. There will be 18 digits, your zip code, plus the extra four digits after the dash and your social security number, burned on the chip. These 18 digits will be grouped in three groups of six numbers. (000000 000000 0000000) Dr. Sanders, one of the engineers of this chip (#BT952000—called Emergency Intrusive Identification Locator) commented, "I believe this may be the "Mark of the Beast". Dr. Sanders spends his time traveling and warning people about the coming NWO and the Mark of the Beast."

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