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06-05-01: I finished the summary/review of the Salvation tonight. I also did some work on the alien character pages, which I will probably do some more work on tomarrow. I may even start my summary of book 6...which I have found (and in its place book 9 now seems to be missing, lol).

06-04-01: I started my summary of The Salvation (book 10 of the Melinda Metz series). Its not much yet but will be finished soon. I'll be doing some when I am bored at school. So check out what I've got done so far.

06-03-01: Today I did a lot of work on the human characters pages, so check those out. I plan on doing the aliens soon too. I may not get around to doing a whole lot of updating within the next few weeks though because I have a few more weeks of school left, but once summer begins expect a lot.

06-02-01: I finished my review/summary of Loose Ends tonight, a lot sooner than I thought it would be done. It is extremely long because well, the book was long and had a lot of stuff going on. Anyway, I am going to bring the rest of the Metz books I need to do to school with me so I can write some summaries when I have free-time, especially with finals coming up. Keep checking back. I also need to do some more characters on the characters page.

06-01-01: It's been a long time since I've had the chance to update, but finally I am. I just finished reading the new book by Greg Cox called "Loose Ends" based on the show which I am working on summarizing and reveiwing now, while it is still fresh in my head. I am going to put what I have so far up in a few minutes and will probably finish by next week. I will then start working on the Melinda Metz books that I havn't gotton around to yet. Keep checking back.

12-22-00: I added a new section, the quotes section! As you can tell, it isn't a very large page, and it won't be without the help of you! Send in your favorite quote (book or show) and I'll put it up! E-mail me at

This was- to my knowledge- the very first webpage dedicated soley to the Roswell High book series by Melinda Metz and the Roswell TV show, which used to air on the WB Mondays at 9:00PM Eastern but will soon be airing on the UPN Tuesday night at 9:00PM Eastern. Both the television show and the book series are about a group of six teenagers living in the infamous town of Roswell, New Mexico. They go to school, hang out at the Crashdown Cafe, and deal with their parents. However, some of these teenagers aren't what they seem to be. In fact, they aren't even human.

They've kept a low profile all their lives, and have assumed that no one knows the truth about them. That there are no other aliens. That the government has yet to learn of their existence. But, when one of them breaks his cover to save a dying human girl, they find out that they are wrong. And if his love, and her trust, aren't enough, they could end up captured for the rest of their existence. . .

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