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Welcome to Kyuden Matsu, a webpage dedicated to the upholding, and promotion of the Lion Clan. During your stay here, you may learn about the clan's history, read strategy articles to improve your competitive gameplay, and submit your own deck to be featured in our archives. Enjoy your stay here, and don't forget to send in comments and suggestions in the guestbook! (Note: All submitted decks must have a strategy for the deck attached with it. All decks and strategy articles must be sent to, or use the link below.)


August 7th, 2001: Alright guys, I just finished writing and a Gold Edition Lion Strategy article, though it took me a little more than a week to muster up the information for it! You can find it in the Strategy section, though I'm sure you can all figure that much out. ^_^ Special thanks to my bud Isaiah for putting up with all the deck building I've done and all the playtesting we did against his Crab deck(s) to make sure the strategy I've posted is actually viable. I hope you can all learn something from it, and again, I'd love to hear from -you- on your thoughts about Gold Edition Lion decks and strategy articles! Enjoy.

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the Week

Long live the alliance!
At last the Lion's purpose was clear. Tsanuri had not come to fight the Crab, but to join them. Now the two mightiest Clans in Rokugan stood side by side, and the heavens would tremble at their might.

LAST UPDATED: August 7th, 2001