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In Loving Memory of Dakotah.....

The song you hear playing is Mariah Carey's "One Sweet Day" because one sweet day they will be reunited in Heaven.

This page is lovingly dedicated to my best friends son Dakotah Rayne. Sadly he was taken from us all on September 6,1999, cause of death is believed to have been SIDS. Dakotah has a older brother Timmy and a sister Jessa. He also has two beautiful brothers who now play with him in Heaven, named Gunnar and River.

To my Best Friend, Nicole...

If I could give you back the most precious little boy I ever have known ... I would.

If I could erase the pain of finding him there so still... I would.

If I could remove the sorrow of losing him... I would.

If I could move Heaven and Earth and bring him back to you ... I would.

If I could explain this all to you .... I would.

If I could find all the answers of why he had to leave.. I would.

If only I could be there for you... I would.

Unfortunately I can not do any of the above if I could... I would.

For all the "If I coulds" can not bring back the son you so dearly love but you know "If I could"... I would.

Please do not take this poem for it is written in love for my best friend, in memory of her Precious Angel Dakotah.

Dakotah is greatly missed, and will alwys be missed. HE was the light in his mom's eye, the reason her joy returned and now he is gone, BUT he will never be forgotten.One day they will be reunited but until then he is placed in the arms and shelter of his brothers to watch over him and protect him as he grows in the safe haven now called home.

This is our beautiful Dakotah,"Koty"as he is called by his family and friends.

This gift was sent to Nicole by Dixielady. Thank you so much.

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