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One Year Later

ON SEPTEMBER 11,2001,life changed forever all over America and in every corner of the globe.Change would soon come to the caves of Afahanstian, The murky hideouts of fanatics who rained mass death and sestruction on New York, Virginia and Pennsylvania.

The Bin Laden,Al Qaeda and Taliban zealots sealed their own fate on that same day, a day of infamy that marked the beginning of the end of their satanic forces.

Ordinary Americans battled their own fears and doubts to rally together. With common purpose, they rescued the trapped and injured at the World Trade Center and in the Pentagon.

With grieving hearts, they retrieved the dead in both places and from a muddy Pennsylvania pasture where HEROES aboard a doomed jetliner were the first to fight back against a deadly and cowardly new foe.

America's new day of infamy led to days of courage,resolve and determination.Thanks to "American Madia,Inc."

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North&south tower
Pentagon under a attack
Flight 93
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