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Psycards: A New Alternative to Tarot

Psycards: A New Age Alternative to Tarot

by Catt Foy

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An Introduction

Psycards is a deck of 40 tarot-size cards used as an oracle and for personal psychological exploration. The cards' archetypal images are based upon the theories of psychoanalyst Carl Gustav Jung, who believed that mankind shared a collective consciousness, wherein these universal images and ideas existed and expressed themselves in all cultures and religions.

Below (and on subsequent pages) you will find a basic introduction to Psycards and how to use them. This material is protected by copyright. (Catt Foy, 1988-2012) For information on using this material, obtaining print copies, or for further questions contact Private readings (in person or via email or telephone)are available for $35. I am also available for classes, seminars, psychic fairs, private parties and special events.

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How Psycards Began

British advertising manager, Nick Hobson, a long-time student of both Tarot cards and Jungian psychology, had an argument with his wife. As he spent the night on the floor of a friend's house, he had a dream in which he saw the elements of his life laid out like cards on a table. He found, in this dream, that he could rearrange the cards in various ways, giving him control over each influence. Each card represented some aspect of his life: his job, his wife, his mother. This sense of being in control and understanding the elements of his situation remained with Nick after he awoke. Shortly afterward, the concept of the Psycards took shape.

Nick had an interest in the Tarot, but also felt that the symbols used in the Tarot required a great deal of study before one could interpret them accurately. What if there was a deck of cards where the images were clear and meaningful to all who used them? Didn't Carl Gustav Jung's ideas about universal symbolism provide the key to these images? Nick began to develop the cards in conjunction with Maggie Kneen, an art student with a strong interest in Anglo-Saxon art. Together they shaped the vivid and evocative images seen on the Psycards.

How I Discovered Psycards

The way in which the Psycards came to me involved a series of "coincidences." Jung himself would have been impressed at the synchronicity involved.

While living in Houston, Texas, I developed a powerful friendship with two very magical ladies, Glynn and Chotsie. Shortly after I moved to Phoenix, Glynn and Chotsie made plans to move to Flagstaff, Arizona. Before leaving Houston, however, they were in a bookstore, where Chotsie discovered a deck of cards sitting by itself on a table of used books. She felt very drawn to them, but the box was worn. Chotsie asked the salesclerk for a new deck, but the clerk stated that they only had the one deck of Psycards.

"I'm not even sure where they came from," the clerk said. "I don't remember seeing them before."

Chotsie, still preferring a new set to an old one, returned the deck to the shelf, reasoning that she could find a new deck elsewhere. But she was drawn back to the deck three more times while in the store and finally gave into the urge to purchase them.

After their move, I went to visit Glynn and Chotsie in Flagstaff in May of 1987. During my visit, Chotsie brought out the deck.

"I found a deck you'll like," Chotsie told me, her eyes twinkling. Chotsie is a imposing individual, with the aura of an old medicine woman. We shared an interest in spirituality and had met when we were both majors in psychology at the University of Houston. We had been exploring and discussing another new deck she had, Medicine Cards, when she remembered the deck that had been so compelling in the bookstore in Houston.

I had spent several years as a psychic reader, and had worked primarily with the Tarot, though I never felt completely at ease with Tarot cards. I shuffled the Psycards and laid out a reading for myself. My intention was to interpret the reading with the aid of a booklet which comes with the cards, but as soon as I laid the cards on the table, I discovered that I instantly understood their meanings. I experienced a clarity of vision unlike any I had ever experienced. The meanings came to me as though I had tapped into an unseen flow of understanding, and before the day was over, I had begun work on this book.

I double-checked the meanings that I felt so sure of against the meanings listed in the cards' accompanying booklet, and found that the booklet had only scratched the surface. The Psycards were so compelling for me that I immediately knew that I was going to write a book about them - my first. I began to write my impressions that afternoon.

When I returned to Phoenix, I began to search for a deck of Psycards for my very own. I expected to find them easily in my favorite bookstore, but was disappointed. The bookstore owner had never heard of them. We searched catalogs and called distributors, but found no listing for Psycards. Over the next six weeks, I contacted every metaphysical bookstore I had ever visited, all over the country, but to no avail.

Finally, I called Chotsie and asked for the publisher's name on her box - an address in London. I wrote a letter to the publisher and asked where I could find Psycards in the United States. Nick Hobson, himself, responded to my inquiry, writing that Psycards were not available in the U.S., but could be purchased directly from Network, Ltd., his small publishing company which produced the cards. My husband at the time, Bob, suggested that I might inquire about becoming the distributor of Psycards in the U.S. I mailed off my check for that first deck, along with my proposal. A few weeks later, I began as the official American distributor of Psycards.

Over the next two years, I sold Psycards to bookstores throughout the United States and completed this book. To the best of my knowledge, this is the first book written on the Psycards and how to use them. Recently, Nick Hobson and Maggie Kneen also published an in-depth study of the Psycards. You can learn more about their book, "The Psycards Book: A Journey Into The Psyche" by visiting their web site at .

I no longer distribute the Psycards. U.S. Games Systems, Inc. purchased the printing rights from Nick Hobson some years ago. If you wish to obtain a deck, please order one via (link above), or check with your local bookstore

In the years since this book first appeared, and then went out of print, I have had numerous requests from bookstores and individuals for a copy. It is for all these friends-in-spirit that I have re-written this volume, and am making it available to the general public via my website. I will post more portions of the book to this website in time, and I hope to obtain enough orders from bookstores and individuals to put the book back in print. If you would like a copy, or know of a bookstore that would be interested in stocking it, please contact me at the email address listed above.

For all who have purchased Psycards, and have been awaiting further guidance and assistance in using them, and for all who have yet to discover the Psycards - enjoy!

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Copyright 1988 and 1998-2005, Catt Foy.
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