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Starting in 1971 with the purchase of two registered Spanish Mustang stallions from Bob Brislawn, Apache Trail Ranch had its beginnings. Not the most auspicious way to commence a breeding program but with mares almost impossible to obtain at that time, acquisition of breeding animals was difficult. Desiring to produce a linebred version of Buckshot, SMR #1, a grulla stallion of classic Spanish type, two female descendants were later acquired and the dream of breeding Spanish Mustangs became a reality. Apache Trail Ranch has been breeding registered Spanish Mustangs for over a quarter of a century and by utilizing somelinebreeding to the Buckshot line, outstanding dun/grulla horses have been produced.

El Nino, SMR 2346
Dark grulla 2 year old stallion

Other foundation lines such as Narragansett, Ka-Maw-i and San Domingo have also been used as well as the mare lines of Little Mex, Little Thing and others.

Black Hawk, SMR 362
Purchased from Bob Brislawn in 1971

Bob Brislawn

The Cerbat Strain of Spanish Mustangs

With the acquisition of several breeding animals from the extremely rare Cerbat herd of northern Arizona in 1971 and then with several more acquired twenty years later, we also offer a purebred line of these horses as well. Bays, bay roan, chestnut and chestnut roans are the usual colors. Well boned and hardy, with a documented history dating back to the early 1860's when the first settlers set foot in the mountains of northwestern Arizona, these horses do well in virtually all equine competition, including three day eventing and endurance.

The cross of the Brislawn lines to the Cerbat line also works out extremely well, producing beautiful, athletic animals with good size and bone structure, suitable for endurance, competitive trail, etc. (Note: the horses shown on page one are either full Cerbat or Cerbat/Brislawn crosses.)

Apache Trail Ranch specializes in "using"horses. In order to produce a horse obtainable to all and still maintain reasonable prices, our primary sales are of weanlings and yearlings, halter broken, healthy and gentle. Occasionally an older horse with more extensive training may be available as well as brood mares and stallions.

We pride ourselves on producing healthy and vigorous horses, raised in the open spaces of southeast Arizona. From birth our foals are fed on a pelleted alfalfa/grain ration as well as local protein rich alfalfa. Our area has very few parasites and consequently very few problems of parasitic infestation though all horses are routinely dewormed.

All horses are registered prior to sale and are guaranteed to be genetically sound, healthy and as advertised.

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