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The potential of
the mind is vast
and infinite. We
could never hope
to attain a full
understanding of
it's abilities.
Lucky for us,
though, that which
we can not attain,
we can still
dream about.
Welcome to the world of dreaming. I hope that you enjoy your stay here. I set out to create a site where I could display some of my work on the web, and also display other people's work as well. I had people like myself in mind when I created this site. It's not strictly an anime site, but more of an imaginitive site. I was hoping that people like myself would come here when they needed a little inspiration. It does have an anime theme, though, because I am a big anime fan, and it's visable in my work. You can see that in my mascot character Reiya. I really need people to start emailing me, because withou you, this site isn't nearly as cool. Come back to this site periodically, because I update it often.


You are DREAMER#
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