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Things Lin Carter Would Have Liked

This page will be used for the listing of unusual new fantasy that Lin Carter would have probably liked if he were still alive--in other words, reviews and plugs for things of marginal interest to the Lin Carter fan. If you know of something that should be listed here, send me an email (, and I'll look into adding it.
--Ken, 10/9/2000

  1. Mooreffoc. A 34 page magazine published 4 times a year by Phetal Publications, P.O. Box 416, Lanesboro, MN. 55949, Send them $14.00 for a one year subscription and tell them Lin Carter sent you. For more details send email to:
  2. Drell Master by Poke Runyon. Maelstrom Press, $16.95. Not only was the book written by Lin's old friend, but there's a certain swash-buckling style to it. Cover and interior art are by the writer, and some of it is great stuff. See the picture on page 84 for a Barsoomian flavor. Here's a picture of the cover.

(sincere thanks to Ron Hill for this image.)