updated: 6/10/01

Well, after finding another label interested in putting out the old Unruh discography (incuding the MSF LP, 7", split with Enewetak, and Cry Now, Cry Later comp.) that KOTM was supposed to do four years ago, KOTM has promised that it will be out in July. I guess he has a new deal with Ebullition and he even offered to take me with him for the remastering. We will however be doing a more current discography on Deep Six in the next six months including: the demo, a Setting Fire two song demo, the split with CIC, the Hater of God comp. track, and some live radio stuff.

Other News:
Ryan and Bill's band, now entitled Structure of Lies, has been busy, and finally has a solid lineup again and is recording for a split 10" next month. Check out our page.

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QUIT WRITING US TO BOOK SHOWS! The band is broken up. Check news for updates.

Still offering tapes for $5 ppd ($6 world) of the Misery Strengthened Faith LP, Friendly Fire 7", Enewetak Split, Cry Now, Cry Later comp. Track, Demo and maybe some live stuff. Setting Fire Cd for $10ppd and LP for $9 for a limited time. Also, the Wellington discography CD $9 ppd

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(send cash or checks to Ryan Butler).


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Check out these Real Audio tracks...

Unruh - "Finite" - (Setting Fire To Sinking Ships CD, Pessimiser)
Unruh - "Five Year Wager" - (Setting Fire To Sinking Ships CD, Pessimiser)
Unruh - "Spoonful Of Tar" - (Setting Fire To Sinking Ships CD, Pessimiser)

(clips c/o Soundbooth)

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