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Gift of holy spirit        


NOTE: The words contained in the Bible did NOT come by the will of man, but holy man of God "spake as SPIRIT gave them utterance", this WORD of GOD as originally given, in the BIBLE is REVELATION.    Genesis 1:1 to Revelation 22:21 - is - REVELATION. It is NOT for any PRIVATE INTERPRETATION.

1 John 4:18 BIBLE - KJV There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear: because fear hath torment. He that feareth is not made perfect in love. 1 John 4:18 BIBLE - KJV                                                 2 Timothy 1:7 BIBLE - KJV For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind. 2 Timothy 1:7 BIBLE - KJV

A believer asks...

Hi. So -= I am thinking (let me know if this is right) because
WE ARE BORN AGAIN - our spirit is as if we never have sinned!
We are forgiven and if we do sin; we sin and repent and are forgiven.
We are righteous and holy because HE is righteous and holy.
Is this what you mean?

A.) WE ARE BORN AGAIN - Any person that understands and believes Romans 10:9-10 (One must believe what is written. Understanding must be to a point that there is no doubt in the believing of the individual and God gives GIFT of eternal life, the incorruptible SEED.)

I'll answer in detail, but please let me set the foundation for the answer:

First time ever written in the BIBLE,

What does it mean?
Nicodemus - how did he understand it?
Did he question it because he did NOT understand it?
It is VERY IMPORTANT to understand that which is taught and to QUESTION the validity of it according to scriptures, because if it lines up with the scriptures, only than it is THE TRUTH and not a LIE! Something repeated by billion people for a millennium would be still just a lie - wouldn't it - IF IT IS NOT IN ALIGNMENT ACCORDING TO WORD OF GOD? YES! ONE GOD and ONE TRUTH! Even among Christians are those that Jesus says at judgement that not all who say LORD, LORD....................................... . .

There are some religions that claim that their numbers are very high and that their numbers may surpass Christianity... does that make it that religion to be THE TRUTH or the truth what they teach? NO! TRUTH is only ONE! God so LOVED that God gave his only begotten Son JESUS, so that ALL who believe on HIM shall NOT PERISH, but have everlasting LIFE. That is the TRUTH, ALL else is a LIE!

First we must understand from the Bible as we read that God formed man out of the dust of the earth, God breathe into his nostrils the breath of life and man became a living soul. Since man became a living soul only after God breathed in the nostrils of man the breath of life we understand that man was - just before that - a dead soul. The "living" was introduced by breathing the breath of life into the nostrils of man.
More importantly we read, that God has made man in His OWN image †But exhort one another daily, while it is called To day; lest any of you be hardened through the deceitfulness of sin. .

What is IMAGE? Dictionary explanation:   OK, I'll explain it this way: Jesus said in John 4:24a that God is a SPIRIT, then JESUS explains to his disciples in LUKE 24:39 that SPIRIT has no flesh and bones. Now we know from "IT IS WRITTEN" - from searching the scriptures, that GOD is SPIRIT and SPIRIT has NO FLESH and NO BONES. We believe what Jesus taught and we do not doubt his teachings as others that believe him not.

OK... image:

A.) From the above now we know, if we would place JESUS in front of a mirror we would SEE with our eyes IMAGE of JESUS - that is the "form" that is made by his FLESH and BONES, the flesh being visible in the image in the mirror. IMAGE of FLESH would be flesh image - the representation of that which is in front of the mirror.

B.) From the above now we know, if we would place GOD in front of a mirror (But... we know that SPIRIT is NOT visible to the eye.) and if it would be possible to see SPIRIT, we would SEE with our eyes IMAGE of GOD - that is the "form" that is made by SPIRIT (Which is NOT possible to see.), the SPIRIT being visible in the image in the mirror. IMAGE of SPIRIT would be spirit image - the representation of that which is in front of the mirror.

Why this explanation?
Because many believe that somehow the SOUL is living on, even after death.
The only way any dead person will be alive, because God will raise them from dead. That is what Bible teaches. Any person that was raised from dead before GOD raises from dead, like Lazarus and some others, they died again and are awaiting in sleep, in the ground, for the resurrections, depending in which one they will qualify by their life of believing.

By man - ADAM, came death and
By man - JESUS, came life .

In ADAM, ALL without EXCEPTION MUST DIE and in CHRIST JESUS, ALL that are HIS will be made alive at his coming.

JESUS died for the whole world . That means that every single person could and should believe on HIM and ALL that believe on HIM shall be saved. There are NO TWO WAYS TO HAVEN. There is only ONE WAY and that way is in Christ Jesus's because Jesus fulfilled the LAW. Jesus paid FULL PRICE that was necessary to be paid for every individual to be counted to be saved if that individual believes that GOD send his only begotten son so whosoever believes on him, may have the GIFT of eternal life .

Especially children like to receive gifts. As a receiver of a gift, those that are known what they will be, the anticipation of receiving it is even greater. Some wrapped package may be given as a surprise gift, but if it turns out to be of no use to the receiver, and end up being returned-refunded, how disappointing that can be, you surely seen at least once in the child's face, so you know what I mean. The most wonderful thing about a gift is, that each gift is paid for in full by someone else than the receiver, and in most cases for something that the receiver wanted. Most givers will go "the extra mile" to find out what gift would be the most joy for the receiver. Joy and free wanted item, that is a real gift. Just ask a child.

It is even better with the GIFT that GOD gives. We became children of our earthly family by being born into it. We become children of God by conscious, deliberate desire and belief, accepting that what God offers as a FREE gift. We may learn in detail what that GIFT is, so may RECEIVE it, and as we learn what God did in Christ Jesus for us we find that that gift is NOT PERISHABLE, it is NOT CORRUPTIBLE by anyone. GOD said that this GIFT is INCORRUPTIBLE. GOD said it - that settles it.

GOD said that the GIFT is INCORRUPTIBLE                                   .
IF language as a communication tool has it's precise meaning, that to call something INCORRUPTIBLE would mean that NOT EVEN ONE is able or will CORRUPT it. If some one would be able to corrupt it by any means, that GIFT could NOT be called INCORRUPTIBLE. What a GIVER God is!
And what a GIFT!

Just think this through. God in his WORD says that he gave us SOUND MIND. YES! Sound mind. We THINK! We are encouraged by the word of GOD to do so! That is why GOD says... no, God commands us in his word to STUDY, to SEARCH scriptures. All is to be done by SOUND MIND, which we were given by GOD. Those that were telling me in response to my showing these verses that I should "trust the spirit", I say that spirit are subject to the prophets and prophets are those that work and bring God's word in testifying of GOD and / or foretelling the future events in truth, to God's people who are hungry for the TRUTH. STUDY is the command of GOD, because he gave us SOUND MIND so we may distinguish TRUTH from ERROR.

STUDY what? The paper that is published by some one claiming to have revelation? Is that what is the WORD of God referring to? NO! STUDY God's WORD because the WORD of GOD is the CENTER of reference to ALL LIFE and GODLINESS issues. OK, now you are reading this page.... I place verses every step of the way to show how is that what I say here aligned to the scripture and you compare if it is so. If it is NOT aligned, please let me know so I may humbly make any necessary corrections. I answer to GOD for what I write here and to absolutely no one else! It is my whole interest to present the unadulterated TRUTH from the WORD of GOD.

Scripture, scripture, scripture will answer all QUESTIONS:

Adam and Eve disobeyed God in the clear and precise instruction they received NOT TO EAT of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. They could walk around it, they could touch it, and they were instructed to "take care" of it. Only ONE thing they were NOT permitted to do and that is EAT of it. ONE very important instruction and ONE disobedience that brought very wide range of consequence.

ONE SIN... and the scripture therefore deals with SIN that caused the loss of that which God gave Adam and Eve , loss of the IMAGE of God in them, loss of EARTH to the Devil, consequence that was far reaching to that day till JESUS paid for ALL. Now it is only matter of TIME, because ALL IS FINISHED. Because of what Jesus accomplished, new opportunity arises for those who believe on him. That opportunity comes on precisely appointed time and place. New ERA or ADMINISTRATION starts where on who believes on Christ Jesus is BORN AGAIN, having INCORRUPTIBLE SEED, becomes SON OF GOD NOW, can not SIN because is BORN of GOD. That which is INCORRUPTIBLE, is irremovable and permanent, much more powerful than the SEED that produced our physical body and is CORRUPTIBLE yet this days very accurately traceable through DNA. Jesus states that the work is to be focused on rewards that are indestructible, where thief does not steal and where rust has not it's destruction effect on the reward. BIBLE states these facts very clearly and it is great comfort to those who believe what Jesus and his disciplined followers taught.


More and more people will need YOU to share the knowledge of the TRUTH of GOD with them.
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