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 God is LOVE.

God loves YOU and me all 365 days a year, every year.

God is just God. God's word is powerful.

God has given us all FREE WILL. This FREE WILL was used by one person of the very first human couple in an ungodly way.
That single decission of one, led all procreated humanity, without exception, to a condition we find ourselves today.

Once God gave us our OWN WILL, he would not take it away.
We are FREE to choose. Freedom is our most wonderful gift from God.

We decide every day what we choose to do!

God loves us and he is grieved by our conditions
and the deadly heading we all are pursuing without God.

Love of God through man Jesus Christ remains true and unchanging towards all.

God prepared a way out from the clutches of DEATH for those who
choose to use their FREE WILL to follow his easy, simple, just way.

For those who are willing to recognize and accept God's LOVE,  legal
payment was already made through Jesus Christ and it is
completely finished

God so LOVED you and me and the world, that God did
not spare even his only begotten son Jesus Christ to save us.

The redemption payment necessary for you and me was paid already paid
in full by the innocent blood of God's only begotten Son Jesus Christ.

You and I have the opportunity to have EVERLASTING LIFE,
by our FREE WILL believing on the faith of Jesus Christ.

For the payment to be legally bound, God had to allow his only
begotten son Jesus Christ to die and stay dead for 3 days and 3 nights.
Jesus gave his life for everyone living, every one who will believe.
If you choose to believe on him, even you die, you shall live.
Yes! God is giving the believer life everlasting!
God will raise him up, never to die again!
Exactly as God did for Jesus Christ!

God had to wait three days and three nights before he could raise
Jesus Christ from the dead, so his death is legally acceptable.

 Do you think that there is another way to God, than that through Jesus Christ?

NO! There is no another way! Only Jesus Christ is LIFE!
Any other explanation may give FALSE confidence by appearing real, having DEADLY consequences at God's judgment day.

If there was another way, God would not allow his only begotten sinless son,
the only perfect man,  to go through the torture he went through
and to die for you and me.

Death is an ENEMY! Last enemy to be destroyed is death.

The LOVE of God for the WHOLE world, including YOU, is so GREAT
that this extreme and final sacrifice was allowed by God.

    At the first instance, when all was legally correct,
 God raised Jesus Christ from dead! Never to die again! 

Jesus Christ lives today!
This year it is some 1978 years after that victorious event of that day,
when God raised him from the dead! Never to die again!

There were about 500 witnesses who saw Jesus Christ in his resurrected body.

He walked, talked and ate with many of them after God raised him from dead.
Jesus in his new body passed through the solid walls and stood in the middle of them.

Jesus assured them again and again that he is the
only way to God and there is no other way to God.

Jesus always did his fathers' will.

He assured them that he will prepare a place for those
who believe on him and he will come to take us.
Jesus will send his angels for his elect.
At a later time he will send his angels for those who refused to believe God.
We do not like to hear this truth, because it is harsh.
The death of Jesus Christ was harsh, to say the least.
God gave this information to Jesus.
Jesus, who always did his father's will said this event will happen.
Jesus told the truth as it is.
Believe the son of God and believe also God rather then man who lie. God is not a man.
Jesus does not know when God will send him back to Earth to get us. Only God knows.

Jesus Christ instructed his disciples and us who believe
on him
to go and tell the whole world of the good news.

God is Spirit and man Christ Jesus  is God's word and LOVE of GOD manifested.

If you believe on him you will be not ashamed,
but God will give you gift of LIFE EVERLASTING.

 So, even if you die before Jesus returns, you will be sealed by
holy spirit, for God to raise you from the dead at Jesus' coming.

God so LOVED that he gave gave.
He gave his only begottens Son.
His life for YOU and me. God LOVES you so much that he says:

"Come as you are, my GRACE is sufficient for YOU,  
I'll give YOU freely the GIFT of EVERLASTING LIFE!"

 YOU matter to God! YOU are LOVED by God! God calls YOU
 even today to the abundance of his GRACE!

I was chosen by God before the foundation of the world
and I responded one day to that calling.

My heart jumped with joy when I heard that God loves me... me a sinner...

I, who is not deserving such a perfect LOVE from allmighty God,
I was offered a pardon and a gift of EVERLASTING LIFE.

 I am deeply thankful to God for Jesus Christ, the perfect man,
 who also loved us enough to sacrifice his life for you and me.
So we may become perfect in him.

Jesus as a man could have decided to disobey God and pursue his
own will, but he suppressed his own will to be obedient to God.

I did not reject him, but accepted Jesus Christ, who is payment for my sins
and not only mine, but also for the transgressions of the whole world.
Do you believe that Jesus Christ is son of God and
God raised him from the dead?

God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten son, that
whosoever believes on him SHALL be saved.

 Saved from what?           The second death.           Saved when?           NOW!
God will eventually raise all persons from the dead.
First there will be the ressurection of the just , these people will be judged.
Second will be the ressurection of the unjust , which will also be judged according to their deads.


Those who believe on Jesus Christ do NOT go to judgement!
How do I know? It is written...

They go for REWARDS to be accepted from Jesus Christ!

By accepting Jesus, you also will be saved from death, without a judgement!

 Why to risk a second death when a perfect, incorruptible seed of God
 is offered for free and guarantees an EVERLASTING LIFE?

Only LOVE of God may be strong enough to touch your heard
to respond to the call of Jesus Christ:

Come to me...

Please consider what I say... and if you did not accept Jesus Christ yet,
come as you are NOW and read to understand what I explained here,
that you may believe and have no doubt in your heart that Jesus is
the only begotten son of God and that God raised him from the dead
and God shall give you the GIFT of


No GREATER GIFT may be offered to you today,
but the one that God arranged for you,
which you may than enjoy in health
and peace and comfort throughout
the whole ETERNINTY.



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