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Thomas Andrews Memorial Society of Phoenix, Arizona

Honoring the Master Shipbuilder Who Died Aboard RMS Titanic

February 7, 1873 - April 15, 1912

"I know this isn't scientific, but this ship's warning me she's gonna die and take a lot of people with her." --Thomas Andrews

After RMS Titanic sank, its builder, Thomas Andrews, was cited by the Mersey Commission for "poor design." This was a terrible injustice done to the man who fought to build Titanic right!

Our organization is dedicated to clearing the name of Thomas Andrews, and to promulgate the truth about what REALLY sank Titanic.

Available to you now is a captivating audiobook about the life and death of Thomas Andrews by William Barnes titled:

I Built the Titanic, Past Life Memories of a Master Shipbuilder

Thomas Andrews Speaks:

*All quotes are from I Built The Titanic*

  • "Truth be known, no ship is unsinkable. The bigger the ship, the easier it is to sink her. I proposed all the watertight compartments and the double hull to slow these ships from sinking. In that way, you get everyone off. There's time for help to arrive, and the ship's less likely to break apart and kill someone while she's goin' down."

  • You weren't there at my first meeting with Ismay. To see the little red marks all over the blueprints. First thing I thought was: 'Now here's a man who wants me to build him a ship that's gonna be sunk.' We're sending gilded egg shells out to sea."

  • "A double hull ... will cut down vibration on the hull plates if the ship collides with a shoal or a berg. It works like the damper on a bell and, with a hull that big, you've got a very large bell. And bells are known to crack."

  • "There's a woeful cry coming from that hull. I even put my ear to the plates, and I heard it.... It sounds like the ringin' of a crystal glass right before it breaks ..."

  • "Even my dullest apprentice sees the way we're half-buildin' these ships. They're askin' me things like - 'Why do the bulkheads only go up to the waterline, Tommie? Why are we puttin' in electric watertight doors when the water's just goin' to pour over into another compartment, Tommie?' We all have a bad feelin' about it."
  • This audiobook will open your eyes to how arrogance, greed and ignorance sent Titanic and 1500 people to their deaths. You'll learn how Thomas Andrews struggled fruitlessly to build the proper safeguards into Titanic. You'll experience first-hand his sacrifice of self, family, and finally his very LIFE all for the avarice of two men: J.P. Morgan and J. Bruce Ismay.

    You are also invited to read the complete afterword of the print version of "I Built The Titanic" titled "Thomas Andrews: Past Life Memories Of An Irish Shipbuilder." AFTERWORD

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