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Charles Miles Estey

There is some very interesting notes on Charles and Priscillia. Hope you enjoy learning a little about them.

CHARLES MILES ESTEY was born at New Brunswick, Canada on 27 August 1864, died 1 July 1922. He was married first on 30 January 1884 in Wilmot, Carleton County, New Brunswick, Canada to Matilda Simmonson who died before the 1900 census was taken at the family home in Spokane, Washington, 15 June 1900. Charles and Matilda joined the United Church in Weston on 28 March 1888. They were baptised in this church on 14 December 1888 and "removed from district" in 1890, probably when they moved to the United States.
Charles was always called "CM", never Charles or Charlie! He like to have bread and butter with jam after every meal, even after a good desert. He worked for a while at the Anaconda Copper Mines, which were near Butte, Montana. Then he owned and operated a meat market in Spokane, Washington. CM was going to town when a truck hit his wagon, threw him off and the wagon ran over him. He died a few days later.

From Spokane Daily Chronicle
Monday July 3, 1922, Estey
"The funeral of Charles Miles Estey, age 57, who died at the Deaconess hospital Saturday, will be held this afternoon at 3 o'clock from Smith and Co's parlors. the Rev. J. Edwards will officiate. He is survived by his wife, Laura; a daughter, Eveline; and sons Howard, Ernest, Miles and Frank all at the home at Opportunity."

This was given to me by Shawn McPherson, a neighbor of Pricilla & Charles
This is what I know of Pricilla. She (never liked her name, chose to be called Laura) Laura was first married to Lawrence Blanchard 10 June 1894 in Idaho when she was sixteen. This marriage ended in divorce 27 October 1903. However, when the 1900 census was taken Laura was enumerated, working as a servant. She was in the household of Adolph Leroy on 12 June 1900 in Spokane County, Washington. Laura was a very good cook. Her son, Howard, remembers that she liked to cook "fancy". He remembers her standing on the porch brushing her clothes with a brush before starting to fix any meal. She canned a lot of food, made Lady Baltimore and other special cakes, & bottled rootbeer. On holidays people came in or they went on picnics to the Spokane River or to Liberty Lake. For Christmas Laura would fix a big dinner, The kids each hung their socks. Santa gifts would be books, sleds, gloves, tinker toys, or maybe erector sets. Evelene played with the neighbor girls. They liked to cut dolls out of the Monkey (Montgomery) Wards Catalog. They had store bought paper dolls, too.