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What is CosPlay you ask? well.. its short for COSTUME PLAY. Which in Otaku means dressing up as your favorite Anime Character! Now what I'm looking for to put up here are pictures of people dressed as Pokémon characters! ...Do you know anyone who has pic from halloween of them dressed as Ash, James... or even Pikachu?? Scan em' and send em' here with a subject like "POKEMON COSPLAY" and Ill be MORE then happy to post em'! I love seeing CosPlay to begin with.. and seeing people as characters from my fav anime is even better!

*Click on the thumbnails too see a larger image!*

This is DEFINATELY my favorite cosplay pic I've managed to snag.. a freind swiped this one up for me from a Japanese Cosplay site. It's Musashi (Jessie), Kojiro (James) Nyase (Meowth), Metadogase (Wheezing) and Arbok! Its so kawaii! ^.^

Here's a pic of a uh.. friend of a friend dressed as Ash Katchem (Satoshi) at Anime Weekend Atlanta 98'! I think he did a nice job on that costume..dont you?

Not the greatest picture, but that is my freind Nee who went to AWA98' dressed as Jessie (Musashi) acting out part of her CosPlay "skit" on stage.

Heres a better pic of Nee in costume at AWA98'!.

Here's a shot of one of the CosPlay "skits" that "Ash and "Jessie" acted out at AWA98'. They had a Pokemon battle.. sorta... Ash is seen here with the rare and unusual "Goku" Pokemon.....

Here's the whole squad that went to AWA98' in one big group shot... heh.. any otaku at a convention is going to have a LOT of fun... anyway, in that shot you can see Nee (Jessie), her freind Jen (Sailor Mars), "Ash" and a few others non costumed pals.
"Ash" and Nee won one of the major award in the CosPlay for their Skit...!

Heres an AOL freind, My partner in crime.. ::grinz:: dressed as Misty for Halloween!

Here's a pic I found on a Japanese Convention site, and I was impressed by the Musashi costume. ^_^

Here's another pic I found on the same site, this one of a woman dressed as Nurse Joy, once again I loved the costume... not to mention the Chancey (Lucky) Plushie!!

This one here is of an online Otaku pal named Scott. He'll be dressed as Kojirou (James) for the next AWA in 99'!

Here's a few pics of girls dressed as pikachus from a Japanese Cosplay page that someone sent me.. ^_^ I think these costumes are rather kawaii, neh?

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