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  My husband and I have been married for a little over 27 years. We both grew up in Michigan. I grew up in a farming community and he was basically a city boy. We lived and worked in Grand Rapids Michigan for a number of years until we moved to Arizona in 1980. Due to a job change for my husband we moved to New Mexico in 2002. We now currently reside on 5 acres outside of Albuquerque with our goats and horses. We have 5 children-David, Rachel, Valerie, Andrew and Sean.


I had always been around animals. In my youth I worked on cow dairies, with black angus cows, on chicken farms, and also with sheep. My main love was horses and for many years I owned them. I gave it all up to go to college, then married and started a family. For about ten years I forgot about the country life . Then in 1979 our oldest son, David, became very ill. He was diagnosed with a severe form of Leukemia at age 2 and 1/2. He ended up in the pediatric ICU for ten days. Finally he was stable to go home, but he needed intensive medical care, as well as chemotherapy three to four times per week. At that time we had little Rachel, and I was pregnant with my daughter Valerie. Needless to say it was a very stressful time for us all. We had already sold our house in Michigan in preparation for the move to Arizona when David was diagnosed, so basically we had nowhere to live. We ended up renting until he was at a point in his chemo that we could go to AZ. We were very fortunate to find a wonderful doctor in Phoenix named Jesse Cohen. At the time we first met with him , our son was given a 1% chance of survival. More devastating news. A long story short, my son underwent about 7 years of chemo in varying stages and he survived the odds, thanks to our answered prayers and Dr Cohen. He is our miracle. David is now 26 years old, married and lives in Maryland with his wife Coreen and daughter Madison.

My husband and I, David and Coreen    My granddaughter Madison Harris

In 1987 we decided to make some changes in our lifestyle. Both my husband and I made the decision that we were tired of city life and felt our children would be happier with land and some animals so that is what we did. We first bought some horses, and we discovered pygmy goats at one of the places we boarded our horses. Eventually we bought a nice home in Cave Creek Arizona on about 1.5 acres. As is usual, we started out with a few pets but as David got older he was very interested in 4-H, so we bought more and more critters to eventually evolve into SunValley Goats. David was very active in pygmy goats, 4-H and the Sagebrush Pygmy Goat Club. He loved his goats and at one time he had his own herd of about 15 goats, separate from me. His favorite goat, a black pygmy wether named Midnight Magic, was an excellent showmanship animal. David and Midnight were an unbeatable team for some years, winning best wether at least 15 times, and getting best showman awards on a regular basis.


David's beloved wether-Midnight Magic