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There will probably be several changes over the next couple of weeks as I settle on a design for this site, but for now I will just do it like this.

Priestess (11-3-99) - This one is finally completed and soon there will be a link to the finished bag.
Blue Dragon (8-9-99) - This one I designed for my son since he loves dragons so much. It started out as a tiny piece of clip art.
Fairy (8-9-99) - This is a fairy I adopted for my other site Alina Shea
Mermaid (8-9-99) - She started out green with red hair but I thought this would look better.
Mermaid 2 - Ok, she has no top and while I feel nudity is natural, some people find it offensive so I also made this one.
Pentacle (8-9-99) - I did this as a paint design on a t-shirt, then decided it would make a great Tarot bag. I'm almost done with it and whenever I can get a picture online I'll let you all see.
February Fairy (8-9-99) - I don't remember where this one came from, but I have each month ready to be done.
Moon Fairy (8-9-99) - This clip art came from one of my favorite graphic sites.
Unicorn (8-9-99) - I know the colors are a little too "pastel" but to print out the pattern I needed to do it this way.
Mother Earth (8-10-99) - This one has her own page (as will the rest eventually). I got the clip art from Rowan Press and was lucky enough to get permission to use it.
Mandala (8-10-99) - This one was not supposed to turn out like this, I wanted it to look like a picture out of a book, but this looks ok.
Cauldron (8-10-99) - Another one taken from Rowan Press. I did two of these (#2 is here) also since I didn't like the way the first one's colors turned out.
Celtic Knot (8-10-99) - A square knot in green.
Fairy Rose (8-13-99) - A blue fairy adding the magick touch of dew.
Celebration (8-16-99) - This one can be changed so easily to your own colors. For some reason her hair "wanted" to be silver.
Yoda (8-17-99) - This is my first request from Jazzy. Yoda was a little difficult since I couldn't find too many colors in my Fire Mountain Gems catalog (call 1-800-423-2319 for yours) that would work right. I also want to do one that's a little more detailed, but it will be bigger.
Flower Girl (8-23-99) - I plan on making her skirt as a fringe embellished with flowers.
Pretty Flowers (9-4-99) - I apologize for the delay, my daughter and I were both under the weather. This one was found at Draac's Gifs. He has TONS of images for us to choose from.
Celtic Twist - This I have actually sat down long enough to complete.

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