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Erzebet Bathory

Born: August 7, 1560
Elizabeth was born Erzebet Bathory to a wealthy and prominent family. She was the daughter of Baron and Baroness George and Anna Bathory.

Engaged to Ferenc Nadasdy, the "Black Hero of Hungary" at age 11.
Because the Nadasdy family was of a lesser social status, Elizabeth kept her name and her husband hyphenated his.

Elizabeth went to live with her future mother-in-law and while there a brief affair with peasant man produced a daughter, who was given, along with money, to a peasant.

She hits her servant to hard one day causing her to bleed. After Erzebet wipes the blood off her hand she notices that the skin underneath looks more young and healthy. This begins her vicious cycle.

Married, May 8, 1575.

Her husband teaches different forms of torture. Honey torture, involving stripping a girl naked, smearing honey over her, and leaving her outside to be the victim of any insect that happens by.

As she saw herself growing older (though not much really, but you know how women can be) she thought about how that young womans blood made her skin younger and more beautiful, that is when she started killing. She aledgedly killed over 600 young women in order to stay young. She didn't just outright kill them though she tortured them in unspeakable (if you are a prude, anyway!) ways.

Torture Devices:

One of her favorites was cyndrical cage, that is too narrow to sit in yet too small to stand in. It had spikes on the inside, and when the cage is hoisted and rocked, the vicitm would skewer themselves on it. Another variation of this is that the cage would be held still. Erzebet sat underthe cage. She would have a servent use a red hot poker to stab at the victim unti impaled tehmselves on a spike trying to escape the poker. She would let the blood drip onto her soaking up the young womans life.

Another thing she did and is my personal favorite. In the dead of winter she had a young woman stripped naked and taken into the courtyard below her window. Water was then pouredover the young woman until she froze like an ice statue. It is said Erzebet would sit and gaze at her beautiful statues for hours.

Her first trial began on January 2, 1611.

Erzebet was never convicted of anything. As aresult she was placed under "Castle Arrest" for the rest of her life. She lived walled up inside of her room. The room was small, and the only link to the outside world was through a small opening for air and food to be passed through.

On August 21, 1614, a curious guard, wanting to get a look at the Countess. Who evenat the age of 54, was said to be one of the most beautiful women in all of Europe. Looking in through one of the slots left open for food and air, he discovered Erzebet lying face down. The Blood Countess was dead. Some say it was from lack of virigin blood, although it was most likely old age.

Bathory Family Crest

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