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The Terrorist Attacks

Well it has been a while since I have posted much of anything to my web site, but as this issue stirs up emotion in so many of us and for a damn good reason, I think it is about time to put in my two cents.

The dictionary does not even have a word to describe the level of destruction, anger, sorrow or grief that were casued by these acts. I personally would like to tell to all who happen upon this page that I feel for every vicitm, their families, and all the other people all around the world that were affected by this tragedy. And, (though if you have read any of the stuff on my website you know that I do not follow any religion) I did participate in a moment of silence and remembrance for the victims. In that moment of silence, though I would not call it a prayer, I thought to myself "if there is a GOD, I hope that he has taken all the victims, and hope that he shows the vengeance that the bible says he is capable of."

The terror that has befallen our nation is something that, even in my worst of nightmares, I had never seen. The absolute destruction and loss of life are something that I still have a problem comprehending. I have never even seen a building more than 30 stories tall, and the thought of one almost four times that just boggles my mind. And the number of lives that were lost is something that I just dont even try to picture.


Why is it that America was that target of this attack, what monstrous acts have we commited in our lifetimes to warrant such butchery? Well, it appears to me that the perpatrators would like to think that this is a holy war. How in the name of any so-called GOD can they say that? What have we ever done to attack their religions? Nothing. As members of the United Nations, we have stepped in to try to stop different extremist factions of their religions from killing each other, but does not EVERY bible say that MURDER is a cardinal sin? So as far as religion goes, it could be said that when we intervene we are trying to save their immortal souls. Is that a crime NO. And do we (as a people, not myself personally) condemn ANY religion? NO! As a matter of fact, to my knowledge we are the only country in the world that lets people of all ethnic backgrounds practice any form of religion they so choose. We even make special exceptions for religion. Such as not requiring certain religious headdress to be removed when in courthouses -where it is strictly forbidden to wear a plain hat-. And I would dare say that we are probably the only country that has people from every major religion living, and practicing their religions here. So, Holy war? Not a chance!

A phrase comes to mind that I heard somewhere, I wish I could remember who said it. It simply says "the enemies friend is and enemy also". I think that phrase is rather relevant as we as a nation are friends with peaceable countries in that region. And, as such, we are considered to be the enemy also. And as I watch the television showing people from all our peace corps and related organizations being evacuated from these places as the tension mounts, i think to myself, "How can we possibly be aiding those people, those countries, those assassins." But we do. It is the nature of Americans to help where help is needed. Do we ask for anything in return... NEVER Is it appreciated, yes, are we thanked... Never We pour billions of dollars, and millions of man hours into helping rebuild these countries after their own inner struggles leave their own cities in ruins, the next thing you know we are "war-mongers". What justice is that?

I for one say that is about damn time that we take care of some business. Let's get over there and kick some serious Ass in the name of the red, white and blue! Execute Terrorism itself. We dont need to blow up whole countries, just certain sects. But it must be thorough. If we only decimate them, it will only make them stronger. We need to attack with a fury unequaled in military history. Stop at nothing to destroy every single terrorist cell. Destroy all munitions, take all major political terrorist backers out, leave their munitions supplies in rubble. There is no way to cure the body, until the cancer is destroyed!

Well, I have only one more point to make on this whole subject. I have seen all over the world the people standing by the USA with canlelight vigils and the such, and it make me damn proud to be an american. But when the terrorists chose to attack the WORLD trade center, didn't they realize that people from literally all over the world worked there? Whether or not this has made the other countries more likely to have their vigils i cant be sure (though I tell you that I really think it had nothing to do with it). When an atrocity like this happens the world grows closer, which is why we survive, and why good always triumphs over evil. And the evil WILL be destroyed.

One final note. I know that anger is running extremely high. We are really pissed off as a nation, and we should be! We will as president Bush says hunt down and destroy this evil. But, we as Americans need to remember that as little as a few hundred years ago our families were immigrants here. We came here for opportunity. Many people still travel here for opportunity, some of them happen to be from the middle east. And these people who have moved to america from the middle east may have a different religion than we do, but their blood is still red, and they fled their countries to get away from the wars and barbarism going on there. Most of them are as patriotic as you or I. If you turn your hand in anger to attack any american, REGARDLESS of their ethnicity, then you are a creature even more hideous than the terrorists who attacked us. America has always been the "melting pot" of all cultures, that is what makes the country so strong. Of all the people who need our support and backing in this time of ferocious atrocity, it is these arab-americans. There have been many senseless acts of violence commited against them this past week, and they do not deserve it.

Remember what the statue of liberty says about "huddled masses yearning to breathe freely". That is why we are all here, from all nations, from all religions, we are here to be free. No one is free when they fear to leave their home. We must stand together as brothers. All of us have one thing in common, no matter how far back in the family tree, we were all once immigrants. And now, we hold our nation, our flag, "old glory" so close to our hearts that we want to strike the first thing that even resembles an enemy. But the enemy is not here, the enemy is overseas, I urge you to keep that in mind. There has been enough senseless violence already.

Though it is completely out of context for me to say this,

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Well there is my take on the whole situation. I urge you to send any comments you may have to me at

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