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Gossimer Angel
Gossimer Wings too easily tear...

I didnt know her as well as I would have liked to. We were never really very close. An occasional E-Mail or short post on a message board, but nothing more then that. Still, she has affected me beyond belief. You never know how important someone really is until theyre gone.

Jenna died September 12, 1998 of an overdose on pills. Her friends are all devastated and her slight acquaintances feel terrible all the same. Her mother seems to blame her from what Ive been told and I trust my source since the person was a good friend of Jennas, but all I know for sure is a great human being is gone and the world is just a little bit darker now.

Jennas death reminds me of a poem I once wrote, even though thats not what I intended it to mean at first.

No one can fly on gossimer wings
Or see through gossimer eyes
So you see illusions made
Through my gossimer lies

Gossimer wings too easily tear
In the middle of flight
Gossimer eyes shield you from pain
But also shield you from light

On gossimer wings you come crashing down
To a fall that is so hard
The gossimer heart that beats in your chest
Is skewered with gossimer shards

So go on and live your gossimer life
With your head in the gossimer clouds
But dont forget what I have said
With my terribly hurting head bowed

No one can fly on gossimer wings
Or see through gossimer eyes
Dont be fooled by what is clear
See through my gossimer lies

Please keep Jennas memory living on by putting one of these graphics on your page with a link back to this tribute so others can read about her. Maybe, if were lucky, it can prevent a potential suicide.

Thank you SSSSSOOOOO much to Iris, who created this graphic!!!!! My graphic skills leave just a lil bit to be desired.....

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