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Great Plane F-15

MOTOR: Aveox F16
PROP: 13x10
CELLS: 18x2000
AMPS: 50

I have always liked Jets an have been looking for one that would be light enough to convert to electric power. The listed weight for this plane is 6 1/2lbs. and I hoped to save over a pound with wood swapping and micro components. After adding over 2lbs of batteries the all up weight came in at 7 1/2lbs. I first powered this plane with an Aveox 1406/4y 3.7-1 drawing 30 amps on 18 cells (540watts) but that did not give enough power for jet like performance. I then switched to the F16 motor drawing 50 amps out of 18 cells (900 watts). This plane is a real screamer now with over 120watts per pound, what a ride!

I saved several ounces by replacing or cutting down heavy wood. I also used micro servos and a small receiver battery.
There is a lot of wood in this kit and with time you could save even more weight then I did. 28.1oz wing loading is high but manageable just watch the landing's and don't let it run out of power.
This is not a kit I would recommend for electric conversion because of weight problems. A jet should have lots of power and to get power with this plane you have to settle with short flight times.