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Ponders End Farm

Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats

Due to health and personal concerns, we have had
to make the difficult decision to disperse the entire
Ponders End herd.  We want to thank all of our
friends in the goat world for making the past 8 years
so much fun, so enlightening and so challenging.  We
will miss being in the midst of everything, but will
always have an interest in the Nigerian Dwarf world.

Most of all, we will miss our goats.  The joy and love
they brought to us will always be treasured and remembered.

To those who now own our animals, we wish you
the very best as you carry on - and improve upon - the Ponders End genetics you've incorporated into your herds.  We just ask that you treat them kindly,
giving them lots of love and pats...and raisins!

Sincerely and Sadly,

Ed and Gail Cole