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Dates of Birth/Death,
Family Members,
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Cemetery Haunting

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Roll Out The

Saloon Keepers,
Miners, and
Alcohol Consumption


To America.

The Bloody
First Ward

The Coal
1908 Pennsylvania
Coal Miner's Strike


Cemetery Home

Liberty Cemetery
Minersville, Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania


This page contains an alphabetical listing of those buried at Liberty Cemetery in Minersville, Pennsylvania.

Located on Liberty Street, immediately off of Route 209, the second street behind the Turkey Hill Mini-Market and Miners' Memorial, Minersville, Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania, Liberty Cemetery is one of the most difficult of all cemeteries to visit due to the steep grade of the mountain side and the deplorable condition. If visiting, one should wear hiking boots and long pants and should be in fairly good physical condition. An insect repellant is useful in the warm weather as the premises looks like 'tick haven.' This cemetery is located to the north of Our Lady of Fatima and Our Lady of Lourdes on the road to Raven Run.

If you have additional information for any surname listed on this page DROP US A LINE.


  • Step 1: Review possible surnames. Remember: The spelling of many Lithuanian names has changed over the years.
  • Step 2: If you locate a relevant surname, obtain DETAILED INFORMATION including date of birth, date of death, plot, additional family members, headstone markings.

  • ALEKSAITIENE Tofile | LIB2 |
    ALEKSAITIS Eduardas | LIB2 |

    BALSIS Leo | LIB2 |
    BOBBIN John | LIB2 |
    BODNAR George | LIB2 |

    DAUKSIS Motiejus | LIB2 |
    DISCAVAGE Simon | LIB2 |

    ELONIS Frank A | LIB2 |

    GEIUFSKY Paul | LIB2 |
    GENEVICH Michael | LIB2 |
    GRAMAITIS Waclowas | LIB2 |
    GRUSZTAS William | LIB2 |

    JURGAITIS Vincentas | LIB2 |
    JWANAUCKAS Adamas | LIB2 |

    KANCIERIUS Jonas | LIB2 |
    KANDRATAVICH Zigmund | LIB2 |
    KOHNIUK Sam | LIB2 |
    KRISNITSKI Catherine | LIB2 |
    KRISNITSKI Joseph | LIB2 |
    KUSHLICK Joseph | LIB2 |
    KUSHLICK Rose | LIB2 |

    MASKALUNAS Peter | LIB2 |
    MULERCIKAS Pranas | LIB2 |
    MURAUSKAS Paul | LIB2 |

    OPLANSKI Thomas | LIB2 |

    PAUZA Charles | LIB2 |
    PAUZA Joseph | LIB2 |
    PILLUS Antanas | LIB2 |
    PUKIS Beatrice | LIB2 |
    PUKIS Michael | LIB2 |

    PUKIS Beatrice | LIB2 |
    PUKIS Michael | LIB2 |

    SAUKYNAS Juozas | LIB2 |
    SCHILKITIS Mikie | LIB2 |
    SHEBAKIS Andrew | LIB2 |
    SINKAWICZUS Matauszis | LIB2 |
    STANCHICK Julia [See DEVLIN Julia] | LIB2 |
    STANCHICK Nellie | LIB2 |
    STANCHICK Ralph | LIB2 |
    STANCHICK Raymond | LIB2 |
    STANCHICK William | LIB2 |
    STRIMAITIS Agnes | LIB2 |
    STRIMAITIS Frank | LIB2 |
    SURMAITIS Matosias | LIB2 |

    YURCHKONIS Baltrus | LIB2 |

    ZITKOWSKI Anthony | LIB2 |
    ZOBA Jean C | LIB2 |

    Last One To Leave The Cemetery,
    Please Close The Gate

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