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Casualties from Te Ranga, 21 June 1864.

68th Regiment

Name - rank - age - service - injury - weapon - status

TRENT HWJ, Captain, 33, 16, right arm, gunshot, wounded very seriously
CASEMENT Thomas, Captain 26, 8, chest, gunshot, wounded very severely
STEWART HJR, Lieut 27, 9, neck, gunshot, wounded slightly
PALMER WHF, ensign, 2, 4, neck, gunshot, wounded slightly
STAFFORD Thomas, Sergeant, 27, 8, penis and thigh, gunshot, wounded severe
MARSCHNER Henry, Sergeant, 31, 6, chest, gunshot, wounded slighthly
BEATTIE Lucas, Corporal, 29, 9, Chest and right leg, gunshot, dangerously
KEARNEY John, Corp, right arm and left leg, gunshot wounded severe
CLAYTON Charles, Corporal, 27, 9, chest, left side, bayonet, wounded, slight
SHANAGHAN Peter Pte. 40,17, chest, gunshot, killed.
TAYLOR James, Pte31, 6, Head, gunshot, killed
TIMMS John, Pte, 27, 9, chest, gunshot, killed
BRAMBLE James, Pte, 29, 11. right hand, gunshot wounded severely
CAFFERY, Daniel, 21, 6, Pte, right thigh, bayonet wounded slightly
CRAWLEY Patrick, Pte32, 14, face, gunshot, wounded, dangerously
DERRICOTT, John, Pte. 27, 9, left groin, gunshot, wounded, very severely
HAMMILL Jmaes, Pte. 27, 13, right hand, gunshot wounded severely
MALL?E Thomas Pte. 27, 9, right thigh gunshot wounded severely
MANNION Lawrence Pte. 27, 6, left side and spine, gnshot, wounded but died 22 June 1861
MANNION John Pte. 24, 6, right leg, gunshot wounded, severely
MARTIN John, Pte, 30, 16, abdomen, gunshot wound severely
McGREGOR Patrick, Pte, 27, 9,right foot and left leg gunshot wounded severely
PURDY John, Pte, 29, 9, face, gunshot wounded dangerously
SARGENT Isaac Pte, 21, 6, right foot gunshot wounded, slightly
SMITH Georgre, Pte, 33, 6, lower jaw, gunshot, wounded, died 21st june 1864
SMITH John, Pte, 29, 9, left leg and head gunshot wounded severely
SMITH Thomas Pte, 28, 9, right groun, bayonet, wound, severely
THRIFT Abbott Pte. 25, 6, right leg, gunshot wounded severely
WADE Henry Pte. 23, 6, left thigh, gunshot wounded severely