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Teachers, & School Committees Etc..

Wellington area

1907: Nova E KELLY:

1907; John B HOPKIRK; Edward J LOCK; Jesie H FITCHETT; Annie L THOMPSON; Francis J PROCTOR; Eva M HOLM; Lena PS CARTER; Mary MJ STEEDMAN; Florence ROSE;

Buckle St. School,
1875 Mr NEWLYN and Mrs TARN

Clyde Quay School,
1889 Mr GRUNDY

1907; Alex W WILLIAMSON, Ellen A MEAGER, Esther PRIEST; Charles W LIGGINS; Mabel HANRON;

1907: Charles CAIYOU

Hutt Private Schools
Mrs Letitia JOHNSON,

Island Bay
1907 Frederick G A STUCKEY: Janet A FINLAYSON: Enid MCCAUL: IM STACE: William W BROWN:

1907 Finlay H BETHUNE: Edward F EAGER: Ada H EVANS: Emma C GAUDIN: Sybil E Baker: Horace WOOD;

1907: Mary P HURREN;

Kaiwarra & Side School
1907. Robert J POPE: Amelia A COOK; Florence M STRONG:

1907: Frances DONNETT: Harold MONAGHAN: Dorothy L EDWARDS: Jane BAIRSTOW: Herbert J CLEMENCE: George W CHATWIN:
School Log Book Entry: Feb 16th 1909.
Owing to the wreck of the SS Penguin, several children were away today attending funerals. {{Newspaper report 16th Feb. 1909:
The heroine of the wreck of SS Penguin was Mrs HANNAN
who was accompanied by her husband and 4 children, all of
whom were drowned.  The most pathetic incident of all was the
death of her young baby, whom she strapped to the lifeboat
before it sheared off from the Penguin. Unfortunately when Mrs
HANNAN freed the little one from the boat it was found to be dead.}}

1907; David H JENKINS; Elspeth M MCKAY;


1907: Robert DARROCH: Elizabeth WOODWARD; Rose CLARK; Lilly E HALL:

Mt Cook School,
1878 Mrs FRANCIS

Music Teachers. 1883
Mrs J.W. BATTEN, Ellice St, Wgton
Mrs COOPER, Glenbervie Tce, Wgton
Mrs George COTTERILL, May Street, Wellington
Mrs CROXSOME, Lambton Quay, Wellington
Mrs Percy SMITH, Ingestre Street, Wellington
J WORGAN, Molesworth Street, Wellington

Music Teachers - 1892
Mrs Elizabeth LISSANT, Courtenay Place, Wgton
John MCGLASHAN, Wellington Terrace
Edwin KING, Manners Street, Wellington
Miss Emma HARDY, May St, Wellington
Wm Hy, SPILLER, Lambton Quay, Wellington
Herr NORBERG, Cuba St, Wellington

Navigation -Teacher of -1883
G. VON SCHOEN, Vivian Street, Wellington

1887 Mr HULKE,

1907: Richard P CLARKSON: Elvira I HENN: George STRACK:

1907; Donald M POLSON; Frances ES BENSONI;

1907: John BRINGANS: Florence J HIGGINS:

Paraparaumu School
1889 Mrs Ramage, first teacher, 26 kids
1890 New school building Mr James Lester (Leete?).
1893 W.H.. Foster, headmaster 1906 Mr F.T. V

Paekakariki School
1886 Dorothea Hamilton (Lived with the Tilley's)
Inspector was Robert Lee
??Beddington & Cooper
1907: teacher Henry T COOPER

1907: James DAVIDSON: Louise SMITH:

1907; Edward C MOUSLEY;


Rintoul Street, Newton
1896 Mr FLUX

1907: Charles BARY: Jessie L DAVIDSON: Florence I BIRD: Cuthbert H TAYLOR:

1907; William PLUNKET-COLE; Maggie SULLIVAN;

Taranaki St. Boys,
1878 Mr EVERISS, 1879 Mr HARDY,

Tawa Flat
1907: Jessie T CONEYS

Thorndon School
(burned down 1900)
1880 Mr W MOWBRAY,

Upper Hutt
1907; Frederick W Connell: Emily R COOPER: Ellen PAUL: Winifred BROWN: Janet HALDANE:

1907: Charles JOPLIN: Enid WILLIAMS: Mary E COOPER:

Teachers 1907, Stuart Duncan, Myra BIRD;

1907; Sara LETHAM:

Wellington Private Schools
Misses SWAINSON & BABER conducted private schools in Thorndon in the late 1890's and for some time after. -
Miss Annie Maria SMITH was governess to the children of Jabez ALEN at Petone 1840. Some of his neighbors children also attended.
Mr Chas GRACE had an academy at Kumutoto Point, which is the corner of Woodward St & Lambton Quay in Oct 1840.
Henry BUXTON kept a night school in an old hut in Mulgrave Street. His mother Mrs BUXTON also had a school near where Thorndon School now stands. She then moved to Tinakori Rd, where she died aged 86.
Mr J.H. BRAM had a school of his own in Boulcott Stret
JGS GRANT, Manners Street, Wesleyan Schoolroom
Sydney St, St. Pauls1855 ; Rev Mr WOODWARD; Rev Mr BAKER; Mr FINNIMORE, Mr JUPP. 1859; William MOWBRAY.

Wellington Private Schools 1892
Miss MCGOWAN, Scarborough Terrace, welington
Miss Marianne MALCOLM, Wellington Terace
Miss TWISS, Abel Smith Street.

Wellington Private Schools - 1883
Mrs SWAINSON, Fitzherbert Terrace, Wgton
Miss GREENWOOD, Wellington Terrace,
Mrs DANIELL, Glenbervie Terrace
Miss BREMMER, Tinakori Road

Wellington 1842
Mr W.J. and Jabez CLARK held school in Willis St, 1842.
Mr TOMLIN (Tommy) in a clay building in Hobson St.Wgton
Charles HINCHCLIFFE, Sydney St High: School Wgton
Miss TILKE, who arrived via the 'Adelaide' under care of Dr
EVANS has the honour of being the first to conduct a regular school in the Port  Nicholson district. A little to the west of the corner of Pipitea & Mulgrave Sts
Mr J H RULE conducted school from 6 June 1842 in the
bldg then known as Mechanics Institute, church etc at corner,
the triangle opposite govt bldgs, about the same time that
George EDWARDS held one in Todds store, the site of which
was intended for a rope walk.  It was 30 yards north of the
present Thorndon Rlwy Stn. Thorndon Quay

Miss WAKEFIELD, Tinakori Rd, Wgton
John ALLAN, Boulcott & Willis Corner,Wgton, Native built
Henry AITKINSON, Sydney St (Behind Barretts Hotel)Wgton
Wesleyan Sunday School, WADEs Store, bottom of Lombard
St Te Aro, not far from beach. 5 boys attended & sat on soap
boxes, sugar & rice bags. Mesrs. CAYLEY & J E BRASHAW were
the first Superintendents, Miss SMITH, assistant.

William FINNIMORE, Willis Street.

Mr CAYLEY, Manners St, Wesleyan Day school

Wellington; 1843
Mr DAVIDSON, for children under 5
Mr TOMLIN (Tommy) near Hobson & Murphy Sts, clay bldg.
Charles HINCHCLIFFE, Sydney St, High School
Mr CAMERON, Molesworth & Murphy Corner, Tech School

Wellington; 1846
William FINNIMORE, Willis St,
Mr CAYLEY, Manners St, Wesleyan Day School,

Wellington 1847
Mr James FRYER, Boulcott St. Roman Catholic

Wellington 1848
Mr NORGROVE (Drawing), Lambton Q. Mechanics Inst.
Mr HOLMES (drawing & singing)    "     "          "          "

Wellington 1849
Convent School, Hill St. Roman Catholic
Misses SPINKS, Dixon Street.
R. HUNTLEY, Hill St, Roman Catholic
Mrs (Rev) GREEN, Ingestre & Sydney Sts
Mrs HARVEY (later Mrs WATERSON) Lambton Q (near Batkins)
#The Handyman's, Murphy St
Miss MUDGWAY, Te Aro (This lady had a very effective way of
     keeping littlies from straying by pinning them to her apron.
Mrs FOX (organiser) Sydney St for Thorndon Residents
Mrs Dr YOUNG, Upper Ingestrte St
Mrs GEORGE (Later Mrs A. DOMMETT) Terrace.

Wellington 1850
Mr MARSHALL, Hawkstone St; grammar school
Rev Edwin WHEELER, Upper Ingestre St grammar school.
Mr E. TOOMATH, Lambton Q; English at Mechanics Inst.

Wellington 1853
Mrs GREEN, Sydney St
Mr E. TOOMATH, Thorndon
This year reserves were set aside for a Wellington College

Wellington East Girls School
formally opened on 9th Sept 1925. Miss BATHAM was principal.

Wellington College
Amonst the masters in the 1800's were;Messrs Kenneth WILSON (headmaster), H.E. TUCKEY, C..J HARDY and CR BUCKLAND.

Whitemans Valley
1907: Hannah E IRWIN:

Willis St.
1881 Mr C WATSON

Worser Bay
1907: William W ROUNTREE: Kenneth HOLDAWAY: Gladys M FLUX:

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