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The Tasmania

From White Wings Vol 2

"The barque Tasmania, 502 tons arrived at Port Chalmers from London on 26 Feb 1853 under Captain McMillan. She left London on 3 Nov 1852 and called at Plymouth for passengers. She experienced some very rough weather after sailing and had to put   into Madeira for fresh water. A serious mutiny occured whilst she was lying there, as the crew considered the vessel to be  unseaworthy and declined to proceed or weigh anchor. The latter difficulty was overcoome by the prompt assistance of the passengers and the mutiny was eventually quelled by  the firm and determined conduct of the captain.

The barque had a favorable run from Madeira.   After discharging passengers and cargo the Tasmania sailed for Lyttelton where she arrived on March 15th and later sailed for Wellington & Sydney.   She left Sydney on 16th June bound for Singapore but went ashore on a reef in Torres Strait on 2 July and was totally wrecked. The captain & all hands were saved.