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Wellington Suburbia...

Mid 1800's

Brooklyn....was formed by a syndicate J.F.E. Wright and others. They names the streets after the presidents of the United States. It is in the south west part of Wellington on the hill above Ohiro (Owhiro). Mr PERKINS store received the mail each morning. There is Brooklyn Hall & the Baptist Church. Business folk were Wm LUXTON; Mrs SMITH; W.M. JACKSON.

Fitzgerald Point, Oriental Bay; Near The Te Aro Baths & named after J E FITZGERALD, Comptroller & Auditor General, whose esidence was on the hill above.

Flagstaff Hill; Te Aro; off Willis St; Mr E FRANCE was resident in 1866; 1885, Mrs HOUGHTON; Archibald WHITEFORD, carpenter; David HOWARD, hatter; Edward GOTCH;

Houghton Bay, between Lyall & Island Bay. The old Maori name for the bay is 'Haewai'

Island Bay; Name originates from the island, just off shore, named Tapute-ranga. The settlement is 4 miles south of Wellington city. The streets are named after rivers of the United Kingdom; There were no postal arrangements but a telephone bureau established at the Island Bay Hotel. Most houses were summer houses, largely unoccupied in winter. Mr R KEEN had a house on the hill. In 1885 Walter FREEMAN had the Island Bay Hotel; John F.E. WRIGHT a sheepfarmer; Worley Bassett EDWARDS, barrister; C.W. CUTTEN, barrister; Jesse Joseph REDWOOD Edmond Thomas SAYERS; James McCOLL;

Kaiwharawhara (Kaiwarra) 2 miles from Lambton Station. and links Wellington with Petone & Hutt Valley. A sawmill was erected by Captain DANIELL, who dammed the stream & erected a waterwheel. Mr SCHULTZE's mill was destroyed by flood in 1846; Three holtels, The Rainbow, The Highlander & The Waterloo; HIRST's tannery est 1857; Mr W BOWDEN ran the store/post-office/ telephone bureau. There was also fort Buckley with powder magazines. The school was used for church purposes; 1885 residents inc; George ADAMS, currier; Robert ARRETT brickmaker; George BAILEY shoemaker; Josephh BAROL currier; William BERGIN carter; John BEVAN tanner; Johnathon BIDMEAD; Alexander CAMERON farmer; Donald D CAMERON clerk; Patrick CAVANAGH; John CRAW timber merchant; Alfred CLARKE clothing factory; Mrs COLEMAN; Saml CROWTHER, bricklayer; John GARDNER butcher; Henry GREGORY tanner; John HOLMES tanner; Mrs IGGULDEN(?) Loseley Hall; Edward NESS currier; James OVEREND tanner; John RUNGE hotelkeeper; John SHANAHAN Rainbow Inn; E SMYTHE currier; John STOCKBRIDGE wool preverver; George STOREY clerk; Lewis STOREY currier; E TAYLOR butcher & storekeeper; Thomas WAINWRIGHT currier; Edward WHITE timber merchant; HA WHITE farmer; William Thomas WYATT clerk; R YEATTS currier: 1892 was Wm Thos WYATT as registrar; W COOK, draper, grocer & post office; Marmaduke SEDGEWICK; Robert JOHNSTON teacher; James & John GARDNER as butchers; Patrick CAVANAGH milkman; Lorentz LYNNEBERG;

Karori (Karore) situated in the hills ; Residents included. Chief Justice H.S. CHAPMAN; The Karori stockade was erected on his land, under the supervision of Mr A.C. STRODE, opposite the English Church. Mr HURST had a memorable garden; In 1852 a church service was held in the home of Mr Stephen LANCASTER. A small hall was built on land donated by Mr HAIRE. This hall was used for church services later became site of the council chambers. As some residents were buried in the vicinity of the Hall, their graves now lie beneath, or in the vicinity of the council chambers. Three of those appear to be named COLLINS, BRODIE & KELT. Originally the mental Hospital was at Karori in the 1850's. Residents in 1866 were; Mr & Mrs H ALLINGTON, schoolmaster; W BELL; T BENTON: E BAKER (interpreter); JD BRASS: J BROWN: J CAMPBELL: GM CLARK: JC COLE: J CORNFORD: Mrs COLE: Messrs R DONALD (tea gardens); DRYDEN: R EAGLE: E EAGLE: T ELLIS: F FAWCETT: D FISHER: FRIEND: G GRADER: J GRIFFIN: C HARRIS: Mrs W HOLDER: Messrs S LANCASTER: J LESSINGTON; LANE: P & N MOGNAHAN: J PHELPS: E READING (post office) SD PARNELL: Mrs PIMBLE: J PIMBLE: JB READING: R RICHMOND: W SEDCOLE: Mrs S SEWELL: Messrs SMITH: JCA & JF SPIERS: W SUTHERLAND: R TAYLOR: JA THOMPSON: YOUNG:Residents of Karori Road were; Messrs ANDREWS; G BAKER: N BENGE: GT BELL: JD BENGE: J BOWLER: JD CALWAY: COSGROVE: D DUCK: FIRTH: S GAWITH; GIBSON: HAWTHORNE: K IRONS: J LEIGHTON: Mrs S MASON: Mr MARTIN (schoolmaster); MONK: W O'NEILL: J PEERS: RANDALL: C SIMMONDS: J SMITH: E THORBY: TABOR: WAMBY: J BOOTH: J BROWN: W BROWN: Mrs J COLLIER: T DUNN: A LEWER snr and jnr: H PAGE: AJ READING: R TUCKWELL.

Kelburn named after Viscount Kelburne, eldest son of the Earl of Glasgow, Governor of NZ. (The E was dropped to avoid confusion with Kilbirnie.

Khandallah The Borough of Onslow; 492 ft above sea level; 5 miles north from Wellington Station. Mr Jas NAIRN was resident in 1867; Mr J CASEY born there in 1868; 1892 res; James ANDREWS; E BROGAN; BCN BROWN; Charles BROWN surveyor;JA CARSON Carpenter; CLARK; EA FARLEY postmaster; Walter G FOSTER, mgr NZL&M; W HART; EF HAWLK; Domingo HOBBS farmer; MANSFIELD; MEADOWCROFT; W PEARCE printer; HS POLLEN; FH RELVE farmer; N SLOAN; RT SMITH; GH VICKERS; Mrs WHITE farmer; E WRIGHT; E WRIGHT jnr. printer:

Lowry Bay residents in 1866 inc; H PHILLIPS; W COCKING ; Okiwi BROWN; J CAMERON; ? LANGLEY: Geo KING; W JUDD jnr;

Lyall Bay (False Bay) 5 miles from the city. A sandy peninsula. Names after Dr Lyall of H.M.S. Acheron; Many ships were wrecked off shore here due to the deceptive nature of the shoreline;


Melrose Between Island & Lyall Bays; until subdivision and auction in 1879, the land was jointly owned by; Messrs N. REID; G.H. LUXFORD; R. DAVIES; H.M. HAYWARD; Mrs MACDONALD; Hon W.J.M LARNACH; the estate of R.M. GREENFIELD; Hon P.A. BUCKLEY;

Miramar 6 miles from Lambton Station, via Kilbirnie or Oriental Bay; A peninsula once occupied by Ngai-Tahu, Ngai-Tara & Ngati-Ira tribes. The peninsula was called Whataitai or Haitaitai; A lake was named Para. This was later renamed Burnam Water, then later again, artificially drained

Mitchelltown Named after Mr Henry MITCHELL; The school was openind in 1894 under the attendance of Miss MACKENZIE;

Mount Cook named after Captain Cook; The Maori name is Puke-Ahu. It was developed to be military barracks by contractor Mr MILLS;

Mt Victoria named after Queen Victoria; Maori name is Matai-rangi. In 1866 the Mt Albert signal station was relocated here. Messrs SIMMONS & HOGGARD operated a mill in the 1840's; J WATSON a dairy farm in 1852;

Ngahauranga 4 miles from Wellington by rail; Home of the Wellington Meat Export Company: 1892; William BRICE butcher; H BLANDFORD; Jess BOWLES; Thomas CATO butcher; Mary A CLAPHAM Ngahaurang Inn; William COLEMAN; Richard CONLIN butcher; Edward CORBETT farmer; William CORNER; JE EASON woolclasser; ECKLEY & TURNBULL fellmongers; EGGLINTON John; Albert E Exley fellmonger; James FATHER farmer; E GREENWOOD flock mftr; William HENDLE; Thomas HENWOOD; R KEARNEY Postmaster; Peter LAURENSON; Mary MALONEY White Horse Hotel; Frank & James MOORE slaaughterhouse; John MURPHY; T NEWLAND manure & glue works; William PICKIN; Phillip POOLE caretaker; Thomas PRICE Carrier; William ROBSON; John ROTHE fiddle string maker; A TYER fellmonger;; Henry TYER fellmonger; H VOGEL; Arthur G WITHERS;

Northland named after a son of Lord Ranfurly;

Oriental Bay was caled Duppa because Mr Geo DUPPA was the only resident in 1840. He inturn named it Oriental after the ship of that name.

Owhariu (Ohariu) nine miles by road from Johnsonville; 1866 residents inc; G BEECH; E BEST: W BOOTH: J FAWCETT: Mrs MONK: W SIMPSON: T BROWN: W CATT: D CORKERY: W FRANCE: WR BARNES: 1885 residents; Henry WISHAW sawmill owner; Arthur WASHINGTON farmer; Miss Alice E NOTT, schoolmistress; G KILSBY farmer; John HUME printer; Lewes BROWN farmer; Henry & William COOK sheepfarmers; Walter BLIZZARD sawmil owner; George & William BEECH farmers; Saml ASTON farmer;

Owhiro Bay (O-whiro: Ohiro) possibly named after a man called Whiro. 1866 residents include; J.D. FITCHETT dairyman; S. HUTCHING; LIDDIE: J. LOWREY; J. SHORT: J. SYMONDS: STOCKBRIDGE: J.F.E. WRIGHT: R. WALTON sheepfarmer.

Petone (Pito-one) orginally called Britannia, means 'end of the sand' 7 miles from Wellington by road, via Kaiwarawara. Was the first landing place of English settlers & the mixed harmoniously with the natives.

Point Dorset names after Dr John Dorset who arrived on the Tory 1839;

Point Halswell, Military reserve named after Judge Halswell.

Roseneath initially to be used as a site for Sir George Greys the Governors Residence but passed over due to the exposed nature of the site. The property originally belonged to Mr WG BROWN of the Union Bank, who moved on to become manager of the bank at Van Diemens Land.

Seatoun The name originated in Forfarshire with the Crawford Family; It was the first permanent settlement in the district.

Taitville named after Mr Robert Tait, property owner who named some of the streets after characters appearing in the works of Sir Walter Scott.

Vogeltown , named after Sir Julius Vogel;

Wadestown; 1866 residents inc; Mrs MAXWELL; ? BEARD carpenter; R CONLAN: J HOOPER: A KNOWLES clerk; J McLEOD: T MEAGHER: T OLIVER: C ROSSITER: MRS RETTER: S WOODWARD farmer-milkman; J WILTON sheepfarmer; CJ HARRISON;

Wainui-o-mata 14 miles via Hutt Rd from Wellington Station. 1866 residents; J & D DICK; R SINCLAIR: R NEALE: W WAKEHAM: T CROWTHER: C COLLINS: G WOODS: B MICHAEL: R & W PROUSE: J GRACE: most were farmers.

Worser Bay. Named after Mr James HEBBERLEY, pilot in 1840 for the NZ Co., who was said to have used the word 'worser when refering to the upcoming weather.

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