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Subraon - wrecked 26 October 1848

The Subraon, a barque of 510 tons register, commanded by Captain Mills.was totally wrecked at the entrance to Wellington Harbour, all hands were saved.

She weighed anchor for Sydney in charge of the pilot, having on board approx 40 passengers. The wind was fresh from the south. Instead of making for the outer passage the pilot attempted to take the vesel through Chaffers passage despite awarning from the master that the barque wouldnot stay. In tacking the vessel missed stays and she struck the rocks aout 8pm, when within about 100 yards from shore.

There was a heavy swell but the passengers and crew were landed safely due to the coolness and presence of mind of the master who inspired the passengers with confidence.

There was not the slightest chance of saving the barqiue which was stuck fast on the rocks. Her rudder had been washed away and she was making considerable water in the hold.

The wreck was sold for 515 pounds sterling.