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Commanded by Captain D Taylor departed Gravesend, London 17 Jan 1863, arrived
Lyttleton, New Zealand 21 May 1863.

Assisted Passengers
John J Adie?, William Anderson,Jane Anderson, William Armitage, Sarah Ann Baker, William Baxter
Ellen Baxter,William Baxter, James Bear, Margaret E Beck, Mary Beesley?, William E Billeus?
Jane Blakeley, Mary Blakeley, William Jno Blakeley,David Brown,Louisa Bryant, William Bryant,
Donald Burke, Rebecca Burke,William Burke, Ann Byrne, Thomas Byrne, Patrick Byrne, Mary Jane Campbell, James Campbell, Mary Ann Campbell, Martha Crawley, James Croft, Mary Croft, Martin Cusack, Thomas Cusack, Catherine Cusack, Patrick Cusack, Bridget Cusack, Mary Dappet, Philip Dappet, Philippina Dappet, Jeremiah Dineen, Ellen Duggin, Maria Ellenberger, Jacob Ellenberger, Gertrude Esselborw, Elizabeth Falloon, William J Falloon, Sarah Falloon, Mary Falloon, Charles Findt, Margaret Gardner, Andrew Gardner, John Gardner, Hugh Gardner, Elizabeth Gardner,Euphemia? Gardner, Andrew Gardner, Eliza Hale, George Hamilton, Mary Hamilton , Janet Hamilton, George Hamilton, Mary Hamilton, Charles Hoffmeister , Henry Hoffmeister, Stephen Hooper , Emma H Hooper, Francis Hooper, William Housman, Ann J Hunt, Margaret Hutcheson, Frank Innes , Anne Jane Irvine?, Thomas Johnson, Maria Johnson, James Johnson, Ann Johnson, Sarah A Johnson, George Johnson, Margaret A Johnson, Thomas Johnson, Charlotte Johnson,Mary? Kissel,Philipina Kissel, Heinrich Kissel, Elizabeth Kissel, James Legg, Mary Legg,Edward Legg, John Lemmon, Elizabeth Lippenberger, Philip Lippenberger, Magdalene Lippenberger, Charles Lippenberger, Katherine Lippenberger, Gertrude Lippenberger, Barbara Lippenberger, Peter Lippenberger, Ann Loney, Joseph Loney,Annie Loney, Jane Loney, James Maher, Betsy Maltman, Andrew Maltman, William Maltman (name crossed out), Elizabeth Maltman, Andrew Maltman, James McDonald, Donald McInness, John McInness, Margaret McKinlay, Frederick Meiss, Jacob Meuges, Alexander Milne?, Catherine Morris, Thomas Murray, James Murray, Alexander Murray, Roderick Murray, William Henry Newman, Agnes Newman, Angus Nicolson, William Pollock, Ann Pollock, Thomas Robinson, William Ruddick, Jane Ruddick, Edward Ruddick, Anne Ruddick, Dorothea Schuish?, Henrietta Schwartz, Barbara Schwartz, Jacob Schwartz,William Scott, Frank Scott, Mary Scott, Agnes Scott, Thomas Scott, George Scott, John Scott, Marion Scott,William Scott, Catherine Seyl?, Mary A Shines,Christopher Stephenson, Margaret Symington, William Henry Thorne, Christine Tisch, James Treleavau?, Mary E       Vallance?, Elizabeth Watts, Adam Whyte, Janet Whyte, Robert Whyte, Margaret Whyte, James Whyte, Peter Whyte, William Whyte, Margaret Whyte, William Whyte, Lilly Widdop, Florauda Widdop, Henry Widdop, Jabez Widdop, Margaret Widdop, William Widdop, Jane Young, Janet Young, Charles A Ziukgraf?                                            
TOTALS FROM ASSISTED PASSENGER LIST                                       

Families & Children     Single Men              Single Women   
Page    No.             Page    No.             Page    No.    
1       14& 2           16      13              22      10
2       9              17      11              23      11
3       12              18      14              24      14
4       13             19      9               25      6
5       8               20      5                      
6       6                                             
7       3                                      
TOTALS  160 & 2                                        
Cost of Passage Money to Canterbury Provincial Government 2060/10 (1)    
Cash 880 (2)                                                  
Promissory Notes 458/10 (3)                                              
Bills from friends in colony 306 (4)                                     

Present cost (2)-(1)= 1180/10/-                                          

"Ultimate Cost 470/5 (Difference between (1) & (2), (3) & (4)"        
Transcribers Comments:When compared to "The Press" clipping below, there
are only 168 names in
this assisted passenger list so therefore it must be considered incomplete.
Sources: Christchurch (NZ) Office of National Archives Ref IM CH 4/48
(Shipping Lists),       the original is held in the
 Wellington Office.    
Newspaper clipping of "ARRIVAL OF SEBASTOPOL"

"The Press", May 23rd 1863

The ship Sebastopol, Captain D Taylor, arrived in Lyttelton harbour, from
London, on Thursday
evening about 5 p.m., after a protracted passage of over 100 days.
She left Gravesend on the 17th January, and did not clear the land until
the 9th February,
experiencing heavy gales all the time.
Her passenger list includes 17 in the 1st, and 27 in the 2nd cabin, besides
205 assisted
Government emigrants. The passengers speak highly of the Captain, surgeon,
and officers,
and a few days before arrival presented them with testimonials, the one
given to the Captain
consisting of a purse of sovereigns and an address containing 230
This ship has been exceedingly free from sickness, no deaths having
occurred during the voyage,
but 3 births and one marriage. During the early part of the passage she
spoke several ships
bound to India and China.
Sources: Canterbury City Council Library,Christchurch.

Sebastopol Ship of 992 tons . Built 1861 (another reference says 1859).
A log is available of the 1881 voyage  which left England 
6 Sep 1881 and arrived Lyttleton 14 Dec 1881. (99 Days) Diary by John
McLachlan .
She also made two voyages to Lyttleton , NZ in 1861 and 1863.
Sources: "Log of Logs"  by Ian Nicholson  ISBN 0 7316 6534 1   Vol 1,
         ISBN 0 646 0918 2 4  Vol II (1993) Roebuck Books, Qld, Aust.