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Palmerston North High School

1902 - The Opening Year

17th February the district high school opened with 84 pupils. 40 boys & 44 girls. The classes were held at St Andrews Presbetarian Church Sunday School hall.

Staff were Mr W Gray; Mr F Foote; & Miss G Wyatt:
In March of that year Miss E Rowley & Mr L Watkin joined the staff.
In August Mr Gray aresigned as rector (he went on to be Chief inspector)& was replaced by Mr J E Vernon.

Prize List
Dux girl Jessie Chapman;
Dux boy, John Chapman
Latin, Jessie Chapman. John Chapman, R Waldegrave, H Thompson, S Lisaman, w Vincent, L Lancaster, ? Jamieson:
Mathematics, ? Jamieson, Jessie Chapman, E Waldegrave, G Humphrey, A Anderson, A Akers:
French, E Cook, K Billens:
Book-Keeping, John Chapman, J Flyger, ? Jamieson, J Morris.
Shorthand, M Pole, John Chapman, Jamieson, J Morris.
Science Girls, G Humphrey, H Buchanan
Science Boys, S Lissaman, E Toms.
Drawing Girls, J Flyger,
Drawing Boys, H Thompson
Progress, D Kibblewhite, R Fraser.
Attendance Certificates, Vida, Welch, Nellie Morton, K Boyd, M Pole, A Anderson, FW Anderson, H Barnicoat E Smith, A Smith, L Jamieson, A McAlister, E Pascos, C Fitzgerald, H Thompson, E Toms.
Special Prize for ex in sports to R Fraser:


Prize List
English; Jesie Chapman, B Kibblewhite, F Christensen, Heni Park, JW Rutherford, Emmie Billens, JD Vernon, HP Smith, T Erickson, T Simpson, C Peddler, S Pole
Mathmatics; Jessie Chapman,Mabel Bailey, Laura Jamieson, F Chrisensen, JD Vernon, G Tremaine, T Erickson, T Simpson, H Hazlett, E McBean
Latin; Jessie Chapman Kathleen Bilens; H Barnicoat; Mabel Bailey, Emmie Billens, A Akers, T Erickson, P Russell, J Sullivan, Heni Park, Nita West, G Tremaine
French; Jesie Chapman, Maggie Speedy,Ethel cook, Emmie Billens, JD Vernon,
Shorthand, E Low, T Simpson, Mary Weitzel, T Erickson,
; JD Vernon, T Simpson
Book Keeping, Vera Archer, JD Vernon, S Pole, T Simpson
Drawing; Mary Dalziel
General Work; Ethel Watson, Alec Scott
Progress Prizes; Vera Fairbrother, Agnes Chapman, Bertha Wadsworth, Ida Kerslake, Gladys Aiken, June Cassie, A Anderson, E Waldegrave
Woodwork; L Gardner, J Barber
Essay; H Barnicoat, B Kibblewhite
Commerical; Hugh Thompson
Shooting: Louis Cohen
Rectors Prize; Lindsay Gardner
Dux Girl; Mabel Bailey
Dux Boy; Fred Christensen


English; Heni Park, L Leary, G Mellish, Lorne Chapman, Catherine Peart, C Burgess, J Monro, Ellen Jamieson, WFitt, J Hanna, Violet Falkner, Aileen Laurenson;
History & Geography; W Rutherfurd, W Peed, C Burgess, Violey Falkner, W Fitt
Mathematics; JD Vernon, N Thompson, Lorne Chapman, E Inder, F Kibblewhite, C Burgess, C Pole, C Vryan, W Fitt, W Lang, Aileen Laurenson, May Hodder;
Latin; Heni Park, L Leary, Louie Chapman, E Inder, W Burgess, J Munro, W Guy, W Fitt;
French; Emmie Billens, Louie Chapman, W Fitt, Aileen Laurenson.
Science & Electricity; JD Vernon, N Thompson
Chemistry; E Inder, W Burgess, F McRae.
Mechanics; JD Vernon, N Thompson;
Botany; Louie Chapman, Doris Tingey, Violey Falkner.
Agriculture; W Kingsbeer, R Law
Book-keeping; Edie Collingwood, R Tait, Aileen Laurenson;
Shorthand; Violet Alsop, Vera Walker, Evelyn Fitzgerald
Drawing; C Pole, Laura Dalziel, Anne Currie.
Brushwork; Laura Dalziel, Ruth Neilsen
Cookery; May Hodder, Annie Currie
Progress Prizes; Nita West, H Henderson, M Miller, Laura Gray, G Perrin, J Bennett, H Ihle, A Young, Emilie Dons, L Butler.
Rectors Prize; E Waldegrave
Cohen Shield( for English & Essay Writing;) JW Rutherford.
Best In School (Given by Old Pupils Assn)- Boys- JD Vernon (ex-dux:)-girls- Heni Park (ex-dux)
Dux Medallists - Boy- JW Rutherford: Girl - Emmie Billens;


Junior University Scholarship; credit - Fred Barrwoclough
Higher Leaving Certificate; G Sollit, A Stubbs, L Laurenson, TR Vernon, T Stubbs;
Matriculation; G Campbell, M Crabb, E Espiner, JL Faulkner, L Johnston, R Lloyd, K Low, P McMurray, H Nash, E Park, W Randell, M Rickard, J Wood, T Stubbs (completed medical prelim), E Bawith (partial pass).
Senior National Scholarship. Muriel Doull, M Rickard, K Low.
Junior National Scholarship; Mavis Doull, A Kilsby.
Public Service Entrance; L Laurenson, F Tregurtha, F Judd, J McDonnell, J Madden, R Sutherland, J Mardon, F Hankin, G Walsh.
girl, G Sollit; boy - L Laurenson.