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1.N.Z. Mounted Rifles......
Casualties - Boer War

Killed in Action

116 Trooper BOOTH HJ Slingersfontein 25-1-00. A shell ball passed through his head
203 Trooper BYRNE W Klipiversburg 28-5-00. A shell cut a deep furrow in head
119 Trooper CONNELL JVD NZ Hill, Slingersfontein 15-1-00 Shot through heart

Died of Wounds

44 T rooper BRADFORD GR Wounded at Jasfontein Farm18-12-99. Died at Rensburg Siding
28-12-99. Bullet passed through hip and groin.
104 Sergt. GOURLEY SW NZ Hill, Slingersfontein 15-1-00. Shot 3 times in the head at 11am,
died 10pm approx.

Killed in Action outside 1NZMR

127 DICKINSON HL Langverwacht 24-2-02 (Lieut of 7NZMR)
Lieut NEAVE AC Paardeberg 18-2-00 (Lieut Yorkshire Reg.)

Died of Disease

83 Sergt BROCK JHA Bloemfontein 25-5-00 - Enteric Fever
114 Trooper BURROUGHS H Kimberley 6-3-00 - Enteric Fever
89 Trooper ENDERBY CH Pretoria 21-7-00 - Enteric Fever
70 Trooper GORRIE K Germiston 11-7-00 - Enteric Fever
53 Trooper JENKS J Rondebosch 21-3-00 - Enteric Fever
171 Trooper PALMER EH Pretoria 22-11-00 - Enteric Fever
31 Trooper PATERSON J MacL Rondebosch ------------Enteric Fever
82 Trooper RYAN DJ Wellington 30-10-00 Diabetes
71 Trooper TARRANT LM Pretoria 154-00 - Enteric Fever
91 Trooper WYLLIE J Waterval 18-5-00 Brain Tumor


113 Trooper AITKEN J Osfontein (Paardeberg) 19-2-00. Wounded in leg
124 Trooper CULLING J Slingersfontein 25-1-00 wounded by same shell that killed Booth
128 Trooper EMERSON PT Koornspruit 31-3-00. Wounded slightly
133 Troper FAHEY J Hout Nek, Thabanchu. 30-4-00 Dangerously wounded when
bullet passed through chest.
144 Trooper HASTIE A Kilpriversburg (Olifants Vlei) 28-5-00. Wounded by same shell
that killed Byrne making holes in his leg near shin.
42 Trooper MAUNDER T Jasfontein Farm 18-12-99. Slightly wounded in wrist
33 Trooper PALMER SR 26-5-00, slightly wounded
99 Trooper TOOGOOD ET Koodesrand Drift (Paardeberg) Feb 00. Wounded in revolver accident

Wounded Outside 1NZMR

54 Trooper CALLOWAY WJ Vereeniging 24-7-01 wounded in lungs and liver.
(4263 Sgt-Maj 7NZMR)
59 Trooper LEWIN CM Swartwater 3-1-02. Dangerously wounded (3756 Sgt Maj 6NZMR)
93 Trooper LOCKETT EB Vosburg 23-8-01. Severely wounded and had right arm amputated
(4121 Sgt-Maj 7NZMR)
75 Trooper MITCHELL J Swartwater 3-1-02. Wounded in shinbone (Lieut 6NZMR)