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Lord William Bentinck..

From White Wings, Vol 2.

This barque made 4 voyages to NZ with passengers and cargo. Her first appearance was at Wellington in 1841, as described in the story of Wellington Province; and her second voyage was to Auckland in 1850 when under Captain Allan, she brought out a good number of passengers including 48 sappers and miners and 4 gunners of the Royal Artilliary with women and children.

The barque, a vessel of 444 tons sailed from the Downs on march 26th and reached Auckland on 26th August 1850 being then 153 days from the Downs. After landing her passengers and a portion of her cargo, the vessel sailed for Wellington.

The following year she, under Captain Edward Canney made a second voyage to Auckland. She sailed from the docks on the 11th, and from Plymouth, where she took on board 40 passengers, on the 14th August, reaching Auckland on 12th December 1851.

In 1852 the barqu arrived at New Plymouth on 6th January