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The Lauderdale..

A barque of 857 tons commanded by Captain True.

Sailed from London 17th October 1873 carrying 124 passengers. Shortly after leaving she collided with the brigantine Mesenger off the coast of Dungeness. Both vessels suffered considerable damage and turned into Ramsgate for repairs.

By 24th October she was underway again.and 90 days later entered Auckland.

While unloading at Queen Street Wharf on 7th February a hurricane hit from the SW, but suddenly swung round with force from the opposite direction. The vessel was now fully exposed to the NE winds.

Never before had such damage been done to shipping in Auckland in so short a time. Next day saw a field of destruction. Craft from 1000 tons to little one ton yachts were piled in confusion with damage mounting to thousands of pounds. Those not sunk had collided with anything close by. Bluwarks and spars had been carried away, sterns and bows stoved in. It was a scene of total desolation. The wharf itself was damaged and the buildings suffered also. No les than 7 or 8 schooners were lying submerged on the eastern side of the wharf.