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John Bunyan..

From White Wings Vol 2.

When the John Bunyan sailed up Wellington Harbour on 15th Feb 1860 the police signal was flying and later m ost of the crew were taken in charge, the magistrate sentencing them to a term of imprisonment for broaching cargo and refusing to work the ship.

A ship of 466 tons she was in command of Captain Allan. She sailed from the Downs with only a few passengers on the 12th Novemebr 1860 and reached port after having made the passage under unfavourable circumstances in 94 days.

14 days before reaching Wellington, the crew broached the cargo and became very drunk. They proceeded aft and threatened to take over the ship. They remonstrated with the captain. They refused to go forward, and matters for a time looked serious. One of the crew struck the captain, when he siezed his revolver, which exploded, and the seaman was mortally wounded. Captain Allan kept the others at bay and threatened to shoot anyone else coming on the poop. The mutineers were later put in irons. Sail was shortened and the vessel brought to port by captain and officers.

The John Bunyan again visited Wellington from london in 1862, arriviing 3rd March. The first half of the voyage she met very boisterous weather and broke spars. She visited yet again 5 years later and two visits to Nelson on subsequent voyages.