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Gate Pa..........

Nominal roll of the killed & wounded, Tauranga 29th April 1864

Corps Rank Name Age Injury
12th Pte BOWATER Wm   Gunshot, chest, killed
12th Pte MONAGHAN Pat 23 Gunshot right thigh, severe
12th Pte MITCHELL And. 22 Gunshot right arm, severe
12th Serg ARMSTRONG Wm 28 Gunshot right thigh very slight.
14th Pte BURDETT Thos 23 gunshot right shoulder, slight, ball extracted
14th Pte RUTH John 27 gunshot left foot , severe
14th Pte POWER Wm 22 gunshot both shoulders, severe
40th Pte HUNGLESS Jas 30 gunshot left hip, severe
43rd Lieut-Col. BOOTH   Gunshot abdomen, died April 30th
43rd Capt GLOVER R.C.   gunshot chest, killed
43rd Capt MURE CB   gunshot heart, killed
43rd Capt HAMILTON RTF   gunshot head , killed
43rd Capt UTTERTON Edwin   gunshot neck, killed
43r Lieut GLOVER TEG   gunshot chest died 1st May
43rd Lieut LANGLANDS Charles J.   gunshot chest, killed
43rd Ensign NICHOL SPT   gunshot scalp, killed
43rd Ensign CLARK William   gunshot right arm, severe
43rd Serg-Major VANCE J 37 gunshot chest, killed
43rd Pte FITZGERALD P 29 gunshot head, killed
43rd Pte LANE James 29 gunshot chest, killed
43rd Pte BRADBROOK George 24 gunshot abdomen, killed
43rd Pte HOLDHOOK J 37 gunshot chest & breast, killed
43rd Pte GOFF Henry 25 gunshot chest, killed
43rd Pte HORNBY S 24 gunshot chest, killed
43rd Pte TAN Fred 24 Tommohawk shoulder & breast, killed
43rd Bugler BLACKWELL J 24 gunshot chest, killed
43rd Sergt YOUNG Edwin 30 gunshot jaw, severe, died 29th April
43rd Sergt HURLEY John 29 gunshot right arm and shoulder, died 29th April
43rd Sergt COLLIER Thos 38 gunshot left arm died 29th April
43rd Sergt CARR John 24 gunshot right forearm, very slight, died 29 April
43rd Corpl EVERET Wm 29 gunshot left shoulder severe
43rd Pte BRIDGMAN Wm 36 gunshot both arms severe
43rd Pte BRYAN John 24 gunshot right shoulder, severe
43rd Pte NOBLE John 23 gunshot left shoulder, very slight died 29th April
43rd Pte WARBURTON Jas 37 gunshot right forearm died 29 April
43rd Pte CLARK George 22 gunshot left shoulder died 29 April
43rd Pte SIMMONS John 38 gunshot left arm died 29 April
43rd Pte McFARLANE John 20 gunshot upper lip, slight, died 29 April
43rd Pte LIVESAY John 25 gunshot right arm & jaw died 29 April
43rd Pte CONROY Bernard 20 Cutlass wound, accidental, slight, died 29 April
43rd Pte CAREY Marshall 32 died 29 April
43rd Pte SEARGENT Wm 35 gunshot right thigh died 29 April
43rd Pte AUDLEY James 32 Tommohawk died 30 April
43rd Pte MADDER Thos 29 gunshot chest died 30 April
43rd Pte PHELAN Robt 35 gunshot head died 29 April
43rd Pte CLARK Jas 26 gunshot right shoulder, slight
43rd Pte ROBINSON George 23 gunshot right arm, severe died 1st May
43rd Pte WALSH Martin 30 gunshot right shin, leg amputated
43rd Drummer WRIGHT Thos 20 gunshot left leg, severe
65th Pte HALLIWELL G 38 gunshot left nates
68th Sergt HAMER Jas 27 dunshot chest, killed
68th Pte MOFFAT John 28 gunshot right knee joint, very severe
68th Pte SLOAN John 30 shell right foot, severe
68th Pte O'NEILL Edward 26 gunshot left thigh, dangerous
68th Pte SWEENY Dan 25 shell right knee, severe
68th Pte WATSON Wm 30 shell right hand, slight
68th Pte LOGAN John 25 gunshot right hand and thigh very severe
68th Pte McDONNELL Pat 25 gunshot chesst & left arm, dangerous
68th Pte JOHNS Wm 24 gunshot mouth and neck severe
68th Pte ASHTON Wm 35 gunshot left arm, armm amputated
68th Pte BLACK Henry 27 gunshot right arm, slight
68th Pte FLAT John 24 gunshot chest. very severe
68th Pte BYEWATER Jas 30 gunshot head, slight
68th Pte TONER Hugh 27 gunshot chest, severe
68th Pte FARRELL Pat 28 gunshot chest,
68th Pte BAXTER John 27 gunshot left nates and scrotum, dangerous
68th Pte GAMBLE John 28 gunshot forehead, slight
68th Pte WATSON Jas 25 gunshot face, slight
68th Sergt ATHERTON Wm 27 gunshot leg, slight
68th Pte McGOUGH Thos 29 gunshot chest,