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Passengers leaving Wellington...

Kaikoura - Wellington to London 17th April 1890
Saloon; Misses Aldsworth, Humphreys, Lysaght, mcGregor, A Shaen, E Sladen, R Stoney, Waterhouse (3), Webb, Mesdames Ayre, J Blair, Brown, Clarke, Lysaght, Minchin, L Perkins, Watherhouse, Wigram, Drs. W Brown and Duff Major W Brassey, Hon Captain Fraser Captain S Scott R.N. Rev Keating Messrs. T Anderson, C Angern, R Ayre, R Blair, G Collie, W Dickenson, C Engs, W Jackson, F Lysaght, E Minchen, A Morris, W Reech, Master Waterhouse.
Second Saloon; Misses S Boyles, Brown, Forsyth, Forster (2), J McCord, Outram, Raddell, Wilson, J Woodward Messdames H Brown, Connell, Dreadnor, McCord and infant Meller, Browne, Outram, Quinn, Riddell, Rev M T O'Sullivan, Messers J Baummope, E Browne, F Connell, E Cole, G Dreadnor, R Grant, T Kitt, H Lance, W Lucena, L Miller, T North, J Outram, J Quinn, T Reeves, A Riddell, R Robson, Russell, Titichmarsh, Williamson, H Williams, W Wolverton, D Young, Masters Woodward (2) McCord (2) Peacock.
Steerage Misses Clegg, Denham, Dobney, Fallows (5) Forrest, Harltley, Jameison, Mc Pherson, Seager, Mesdames M Arnot, Banhouse, Bless, Bedford and infant, Davis, Fallows, Forrest, M Kenknight, McPherson, C Miller, G Seager, Mesers R Allan, G Bates, T Black, J Carlaw, J Davis, J Ellis, E Fisher, R Johnson, H Newman, H Rees T Scanlon, C Schroader, H Tapper, H Wildie, J Wood, Masters Fallows, Sa? Seager, Hammond, Naylor and Young;