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A Fancy Dress Ball, in Pahiatua
With thanks to Lyn Dear.

Saturday 18, 1912

The fancy dress and poster ball held at the Drill Hall last evening in aid of the funds of the Pahiatua District High School Committee was a remarkable success. There was such a large gathering that the affair is considered to have been the biggest of its kind held in Pahiatua. The hall presented a very gay and animated appearance. Over 200 children took part, besides the adults. The children executed several dances in a graceful manner, and the spectacular effect was very fine. The Grand March was particularly striking. The children spent a very jolly time. A large number of very pretty dresses were worn and the poster costumes also attracted considerable attention. The takings amounted to 30pounds, which with the government subsidy, will be increased to 60pounds. A splendid supper was provided by the parents of the pupils of the school.

The chairman of the school committee, ( Mr J D Wilson ) returned thanks to the headmaster ( Mr J Thomas ) who organised the carnival and to his staff and complimented them upon the great success of the gathering.

The programme included some scotch reels, and a Highland schottische. The pipers were Messrs J Williams and R Burns, and bagpipe music was much to the fore. An exhibition of club swinging was given by Miss Duke, Miss V Mahoney contributed a vocal number, and Mr Cumming took part in the Highland events. The pianist was Miss Tuckwell.

Following is the list of those who handed in their names as appearing in fancy dress along with costumes worn.:-

Anderson Muriel A Butterfly

Arrow Edith Ruination

Arrow Lee Gipsy (Makairo)

Astle Albert Night and Day

Astle Keith Chinaman

Astle Linda The Alps

Bacon Leo Cowboy

Bacon Rita Folly

Bakergabb Miss Matron of 30yrs ago

Barnett Rachel Blue Bell

Baucke Dorothy Japanese Lady

Baucke Marjory Jill

Bee Ina Queen of Roses

Birt Nellie Scarlet Troubadour

Boagey Dorothy A Letter Box

Boagey Nelly Fairy blue

Boyd Margory Fairy green

Boyd William Jockey

Boyens Cora The Alphabet

Britland Doreen Hurdy-Gurdy Girl

Britland Nellie French Fishwife

Brown Cecil Butcher Boy ( Mangatainoka)

Brown Lillian E Ruination

Browne W Indian chief

Burgess May Quaker Girl

Cade Bruce Scout

Cade F Sunflower

Chatwin L Red deer

Churchouse Grant Little Lord Fauntleroy

Collins Alice Buttercup

Collins David Dick Whittington

Collins Irene Fairy pink

Crarer Mary Boulangerie

Crarer Vivian Little Lord Fauntleroy

Crerar Vivian Little Lord Fauntleroy

Darley Edward Goblin

Dempsey Lily Fairy pink

Donald Alex Sailor

Donald Lorna Fairy blue

Drew Allan Pierrott

Drew Eric Jester

East Rosalind Chinese Bride

East Arthur Footballer

Ellmers Doris Starry Morning

Falloon Horace Sir Roger de Cloveley

Finch John A Cook

Finch Tessa Venetian Peasant

Findlay Chrissie Shamrock

Findlay Gwen Roses

Findlay James Red Indian

Foster Edith Japanese Lady

Futcher Rita Red Riding Hood

Geange Hector Sir Roger de Coverley

Gilbert Gwenneth 17th Century (Mangamutu)

Gilbert Madge 17th Century

Grant Elsie Star Fairy

Grant George Footballer

Grant Kate Fairy white

Gregory Gladys Fairy pink

Grinlinton Madge Two little girls in blue

Grinlinton Mr J E Mexican

Grut Hilary School cadet sergeant

Hardy Roy Night and Day

Hare Irma Kate Greenway girl

Hathaway Ada Night

Hathaway Elsie Cherry Ripe

Hathaway Fred Little Lord Fauntleroy

Hawke Douglas Father Christmas

Hawke Hilda Dutch girl

Hawke Malcolm Pierrott

Helleur Gilbert Schoolboy

Herd Elsie Flower Girl

Herd Mabel Autumn

Holmwood Madge Old English Lady

Holmwood Trixie Kate Greenway girl

Hughes Maggie Daisy

Isles Miss F Quakeress

Lawrence Leslie Convict 99

Lawry Willie Footballer

Lloyd Morgan Master of Hounds

Main Helen Fairy blue

Main Mavis Folly

Marshall Margaret Scotch girl

Marshall Noel School Girl (Mangatainoka)

Martin Albert Winter

Martin Cecil Cadet

Martin Eileen Japanese

Martin Jack Snow (Ballance)

Mathews Mavis Folly

McCardle Belle Canterbury Bell

McCardle Doris Scotch lassie

McCardle Gwen Fairy Blue

McCardle Violet Fairy blue

McKenzie Nellie Fairy white

McLintock Eileen Fairy white

McLintock William Clown

Mexted Miss Spanish Dancer

Moore Cannel The Golliwog

Morris Louise Flower Girl

Morris Miss Japanese

Morrison Charles Indian

Morrison Miss Little Boy Peep (Ngaturi)

Narbey M French vivandiere

Nathan Lorna Morning

Naylor Rewene Dutch girl

New Irene Fairy green

New Thomas Clown

Newman Charles Junior Cadet

Newman Lena Japanese lady

Newman May Milkmaid

Oxley Elsie Dutch girl

Oxley Teddie King of the Goblins

Paget Herbert Bridegroom

Paget Ivy Two little girls in blue

Paget May Rose

Paget May Rose

Palmer Ruth Night (Makairo)

Parker Gladys Evening Star

Parker Gwen Union Jack

Parker Jack Clown

Pearcey Phyllis Frost

Peterkin Cecil Pirate

Peterkin Doris Spanish Dancing Girl

Pickering Frank Little Lord Fauntleroy

Pickering Thomas Sailor

Polglase Bertha Nurse

Polglase Cecil Boy Scout

Polglase Clarence Sailor

Polglase George Footballer

Polglase Oscar Footballer

Richmond Frank Footballer

Riddell Jessie Ivy

Robertson Agnes Fuchsia

Robertson Evelyn Fairy pink

Robertson Stanley Footballer

Robinson William Sailor

Rose Eileena Folly

Ruskell Ruby Welsh Witch

Sayers Elsie Blue Bell

Sedcole Ernest Hindoo

Sedcole Grace Bo-Peep

Selby Florrie Witch

Selby Nellie Cap and Bells

Shekleton Joe Admiral

Sievers Miss D Christmas cracker

Sinclair Fred Day and Night (Ballance)

Stokes Reginald Junior Cadet

Stone Miss Spanish Dancer

Stormont Miss Autumn

Sweeny R Japanese

Taylor Edith Fairy white

Taylor Ian Clown

Taylor John Footballer

Taylor Kathleen Powder Puff

Taylor Meg Dolly Varden

Taylor Robert John Bull

Thomas Dorothy Dutch girl

Thomas Malcolm Hop o' My Thumb

Thomas Marjory Colleen Bawn

Thomas Mary Spanish Fortune Teller

Thomas Nancy Fairy

Thomas Sheila Rosalind

Vincent Cyril Swagger

Vincent Florrie French fishwife

Vincent Harry Sailor

Vincent Joyce Kate Greenway girl

Vincent Laura Swiss peasant

Ward Miss Luna

Wilson Ada Coleen Bawn

Wilson Evelyn Scotch lassie

Wilson James Tin Soldier

Wilson Wille Goblin

Zillwood Hazel Scotch lass

Zillwood Len Jester