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Esther Ann

She was a total wreck 10th July 1870, at Martins Bay, west Coast of NZ.

Having left Dunedin on May 20th with settlers for the new township of Jamestown but returned to port due to bad weather and re sailed 31 May. She lay wind bound for some time at Milford Sound but managed to sail at 9am July 10th and made way for the Hollyford River. She arrived at tide full flood and the beginings of a full gale from the WSW. The master considered it advisable to run to the entrance of the river to try and save life and property.

The schooner stranded on the point of the sandspit with heavy seas striking her port side and slewing her broadsides on. She quickly hit the inner rocks and the crew had no time to even drop the sails. In the heavy sea she soon became a total wreck.

A two masted schooner of 30 tons built at Geelong Victoria in 1854.

Commanded by Captain T Brenchley.