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The entries below are taken from the book 'The Deserters' by Rae Sexton. I have not transcribed the entire entry, only what will fit on a line, so, should any one item particularly interest you then send me the name and I will send you the compete entry. Usually it will give you a physical description, defects etc.

Where the info is available the format is in the order of;
NAME- RANK-AGE-DATE&Place OF DES--FROM-Enlisted-Last Ship-Occupation

ABBREVIATIONS USED:= OS = Ordinarly seaman: AB = Able seaman; Enl = enlisted; RM = Royal Marines; Mil = military

ADAMS William, Boy, 18y 21June 1861, Wellington. Chatham
ALEXANDER James, ship Corporal.32y, 13Apr1861 in Auckland. Born Dunmore
ALLEN George 26, 5-9-1862 Otahuhu. Born Armagh Enl Banbridge
ALMY Charles, AB,25y, 15Dec 1861 in Auck, Dartmouth
ANDERSON William 31y, 5-10-1862 Otahuhu. Born Ayr, Enl Liverpool.
ANNEAR William, OS, 21y, 4Dec1862, born Cornwall,Last Ship=Pelorus
ARCHER Andrew 22y, 26-1-1863, Born Wicklow, enl Dublin(3rd desertion)
ARGENT George, OS, 21y, 30-1-1861 in Wellington. Born Caterham
ARNOLD Henry,Private RM, 32y, born York, LS= Curacao
ARNOLD Henry T., OS, 30y, 21Dec 1861, born Derby
AUSTEN John 22y, 25-Feb-1863 Auckland. Born NSW, Enl Melbourne

BACON Charles AB, 24y, 14July 186. born Ire. Last Ship= StJean d'Acre
BACON Joshua 27y, 17 Nov 1861,Auckland. Born Lincoln, Enl Hull.
BAKER James 25y, 7Dec1861 Otahuhu. Born Newcstle, Enl Manchester.
BAKER William 24y, 5Sept 1862 Otahuhu. Born Douglas Hants
BALDRY Charles 26y, 22 Oct 1862. Born Norfolk. Labourer
BALL John, 20y, 20-9-1862 Otahuhu. Born Kildare. Enl Liverpool
BALL Thomas AB, 24y, 9-10-1862. born Somerset, LS = Iris
BARTLEY James, 20y, 3Feb1856 Bay Of Islands.Born Sligo Enl Glasgow
BASSNETT John 26y, 15Feb1856 BayOfIslands. Born Chester Enl Liverpool
BAXTER Henry 22y, 8Feb1863 Wanganui. Born Northampton. Enl Peterborough
BEACHAM John 21y, 25Dec1861 Otahuhu. Born Surrey, Enl Melbourne
BELL Henry John,29y, 3-12-1862 Otago,Born Durham, Enl Cork. Engineer
BENVENUTO George 22y, 13Dec1862, Otahuhu. Born & Enl Manchester
BINGHAM Henry AB, 22y, 27 Dec 1862 in Auckland. Born Dublin.
BISHOP Samuel OS, 26y, 8 Jul 1861. Born Brighton, LS=Brittania
BORLAND Joseph 26y. 26 Sept 1862. born East Indies, watchmaker.Enl Melb.
BOSTON Richard, stoker, 7Jan 1861, Welligton. Hull
BORTHWICK Adam, Gunner RMA, 23y,17-6-1861. Born Haddington
BRACKETT Joshua 20y, 11 Feb 1859 Auckland. Born Derry Enl Liverpool.
BRADLEY George 23y, 1-2-1862 in Pokino. Born Dublin, carpenter
BRADY John 28y,25 Feb 1856 Wellington. Born Meath Enl Dublin
BREEN Patrick 26y, 26-4-1862, born Limerick, Clerk, enl. Melbourne
BRENNON James 24-10-1861 in Wellington,born Cumberland. labourer
BROOKS John 24y, 9-8-1855 wellington. Born & Enl Cambridge
BROOKS Thomas Gunner RMA,21y, 17Jun1861. Born Middlesex
BROOM Alexander 32y,5Nov1858,Wanganui Civil Prison.Born & Enl Bristol
BROWN David 27y, 11Dec1858,Auckland. Enl Bristol. Speech Impediment
BROWN John,Drummer,21y,27-4-1863 Otahuhu.Born Middlesex.Enl,Rawulpinder
BROWN Patrick 34y, 22-12-1852 Dunedin. Born Galway, Enl Cork
BRYAN Cornelius 33y, 6-1-1862 in Point Chevalier.Born Cork Enl london
BRYAN Patrick 26y, 26May1862, Born Ire, Enl Melbourne. Labourer.
BURKE Robert,19y, 1-2-1862 Pokino. Born & Enl Dublin. Carpenter.
BURNS John 32, 5 Nov 1862 Otahuhu. Born Lancaster. Groom
BYRNE Edward 25y, 29 Jan 1856 Bay Of Islands. Born Wicklow Enl Dublin
BYRNE Thomas 21y, 6-2-1863, Mil.Prison Otahuhu. Born & Enl Drogheda.
BYRON John 27y, 30Jul1862, Born Wexford. Joiner. Enl.Melbourne

CAHILL Daniel 311y, 23-2-1863, Auckland. Born & Enl Cork.
CAHILL Robert 23y, 29-10-1862. Born Carlow, Enl Melbourne. Butcher
CAITHNESS Michael, 23y, 3-3-1859 Auckland. Born Dundee, Enl Edinburgh
CALLAGHAN Daniel 22y, 4-1-1863 Auckland. Born Hull enl Liverpool.``
CAMPBELL Alexander 20y, 6-6-1862, Auckland.Born Dumbarton Enl Glasgow
CAMPBELL Angus Ab 20y, 26-6-1862 Born Glasgow. Last Ship=Excellent
CAMPBELL Henry QuarterMaster 27y, 21-6-1861. Born St. Johns.
CAMPBELL John 21y, 27-May1862, Auckland. Born & Enl Glasgow
CAMPBELL JoSeph 21y, 12-10-1861 in Wellington. Born Dublin Enl Armagh.
CARVER William 22y, 29-9-1862 Born Flint Enl. Liverpool
CASEY James 23y, 2-1-1863 Auckland. Born & Enlisted Dublin.
CASSIDY Frederick AB 24y, 15-8-1860 Mauakau. Born Jersey
CHAMBERLAIN William 25y, 10-3-1846 Auckland.Enl Coventry From Leicester
CHARTERS John, 16y, 28-10-1862.Born Essex. Enl Melbourne. Bandboy
CHILDS James 29y, 4-3-1862 Auckland. Born Essex. Enl Brentwood.
CLARIDGE George 25y, 22-4-1849 Wellington. Enl Chatham
CLARIDGE James 21y, 8-1-1861 Wellington.Born Warwick Enl Worcester
CLARKE E.J. 33y, 6-11-1862 Auckland.B. Lincoln, Enl Cambridge. Bricklayer
CLARKE Henry 29y, 25-10-1862 Auckland. Born & Enl Manchester. Mechanic
CLARY James 26y, 15-12-1862 Auckland. Born Tipperary, Enl Liverpool,
CLAVELL John,Boy, 18y, 13-3-1861 Auckland, Born Guernsey
COATS Charles 21y, 6-10-1861 Napier, Born Hampstead, Enl Luton
COCKROFT Samuel 27y, 20-8-1862 Auckland.Born Lancaster Enl York.
COFFEE Michael 26y, Otago. Born Galway Bay, enl. Buttevant
COLAESBANK William 25y, 9-12-1861 Otahuhu. Born & Enl Liverpool.
COLEHAN John 26y, 9-11-1861 Auckland. Born Galway Enl Manchester, Tailor
COLLINS George,Sapper,25y, 14-6-1851 Auck.Born Sussex.Brickmaker-miner
COLLINS Henry 23y, 20-1-1861 Auckland. Born Berlin. Musician.
COLLINS Thomas H OS 20y, 7-12-1862, Born Portsea, Last Ship Cordeli
COLREN HUGH ab 24Y, born Aberdeen. LS = Iris
CONDON Michael, Gunner,23y, 9-12-1862 Auckland. Born Cork Enl London
CONNELL James 22y, 15Dec1862. Born Tipperary Enl Killkenny
CONNERS Daniel 21, 20Nov1861 Wellington. Born & Enl Limerick.
CONNOLLY John F. Serg. 31y, 10-12-1861 Auckland. Born Mayo Enl Liverpool
CONNORS Patrick 25y, 20-9-1862, Otahuhu. Born & Enlisted Dublin
CONROY Peter 21y, 10-12-1862. Born Galway. Enl Melbourne.
CONWAY Frederick 20y, 29-9-1845 Wellington. Born Mayo Enl Manchester
COOK John, 21y, 5-7-1862 Born Newcastle, Enl. Melbourne
COOPER John 21y, 12-5-1862 Auckland. Born Cumberland Enl Whitehaven
CORBETT Henry 27y, 7-12-1861 Auckland. Born Lancaster Enl. Manchester
COSGROVE James 35y, 25-12-1858 Auckland. Born Monaghan, Enl Armagh
COSTELLO THOMAS OS,22y, 30Jun1861. Born Queens Co.
CREBER Joseph 19y, 15-2-1856 BayOfIslands. Born Devon Enl.Weymouth.Painter
CROWLEY Timothy 33y, 4-3-1862. Born & enl Cork.
CUFF Christopher 26y,17-11-1848 Wellington. From Dublin
CUMMINS John,drummer 19y, 15-2-1856 BayOfIslands.Born Oxford.
CUNNINGHAM J. AB 21, 21-6-1861 Auckland. Born London.
CUNNINGHAM Patrick 27y, 6-10-1862 Otahuhu. Born Port Louth Enl Dublin.
CURSON Charles 21y, 9-3-1846 Auckland. Enl Wisbeach. from Herts.
CURRY Thomas 27y, 8-10-1861 Auckland. Born Mayo Enl Liverpool
CUSACK M 22y, 15-1-1861 Napier. Born Clare, Enlisted Limerick

DAILY John26y, 5-2-1856 BayOfIslands.BornKerry.Enll Liverpool. Waiter
DALTON Edward AB,23y, 30-1-1861 Wellington. Born Portland
DALY Andrew 21y, 6-12-1861 Auckland. Born Cavan.
DALZIEL William 24y, 24-3-1854 Auckland. Born Lanark, Enl Glasgow. Mason
DANAHER John 30y, 28-1-1863 Dunedin. Born & enl Limeerick
DANIELS James27y, 24-11-1863 Dunedin. Born Ireland.. Enl Tipparary
DAVEY William AB 25y, 28May1861 Auckland. Born Plymouth
DAVIES Francis OS,20y, 1-6-1861 Auckland. Born Worcester.
DAVIES William 22y, 23-10-1862 Auckland. Born Ayr, Enl Glasgow
DEAN William 24y, 26-8-1861 Auckland. Born Galway Enl Melbourne
DELANY Jeremiah 24y, 2-1-1863 Auckland. Born Queens Co. Servant
DELVIN John 22y, Auckland. Born Armagh. Weaver
DEMPSEY Daniel 20y, 9-11-1861 Napier. Born Tipparary, Enl Clonmel
DERHAM Richard A. AB 28y, 14-7-1861. Born Glocester. Last Ship St Vincent
DERKINS Fredeerick 28y, 1-9-1862.Born Stafford enl Melbourne.
DEVELIN John 33y, 7-4-1862 Otago. Born & enl Cork.
DEWARE James 23y, 28-5-1862 Auckland.Born Fifeshire, Enl Cork.
DILLON Patrick,28y, 15-6-1861 Auckland.Born Waterford, Enl Manchester.
DIXEY William AB 24y, 6-2-1862 Auckland. Born Sudbury
DIXON Michael 24y, 25-12-1862. Born Westmeath, Enlisted Dublin.
DONNELLY James 19y, 6-6-1855 Auckland. born and enl Liverpool
DONAGHAN Michael 23y. 11-12-1856 Wanganui born Wexford.
DONNAGHUE Michael 20y, 9-10-1862.Born & enl Kerry
DONOVAN Charles 28y, 14-8-1861 Auckland.Born Tipperary, Enl Clonmell
DOOLEY Joseph AB, 25y, 31-8-1861. Born Dublin Last Ship St Jean D'Acre
DORAN James Drummer 19y, 14-9-1849 Wellington. Enl Bolton Born Cork.
DOVEY John 24y, 8-12-1857 Wellington. Born Gloscester. Enl Bristol.
DOWE Daniel 24y, 27-3-1861 Napier. Born Dundee. Enl Stirling
DOWNEY Henry 18y, 26-10-1862 Auckland. Born Lancaster Enl Liverpool.Collier
DOWNS William,BIA, 19y, 7-12-1861. Born Hants, Last Ship = Asia
DOYLE Edward 23y, 15-3-1862 otago.. Born Lancaster
DRISCOLLE Richard 23y, 13-1-1859 Auckland. Born Gloscester, Enl Westminster
DUKWORTH Thomas 26y, 28-3-1862 Otago.Born Lancaster enl Manchester
DUFF James 21y, 21Feb 1859, Born Mayo Enl Barnsley.
DUFFY Hugh 26y, 1-6-1854 Wellington.Born Tyrone enl Armagh
DUNCAN James,Sail Crew,16-3-1862 Auckland. Born Inverness
DUNDON John 22y, 1-9-1862 Bornand enl Tralee,Kerry. Baker
DUNN John 31y, 7-1-1863 Auckland Born Kildare, Enl Liverpool

ELLIS F 28y,7-1-1863. Born Essex, enl Melbourne. Labourer.
ENGLAND Rudolphus 22y, 19-9-1862, Born Tipperary, enl. Nenagh. Servant
ETHERINGTON WmJos,Drummer,16y,11-3-1863 Auckl.Born M'sex,Enl.Melb.
EVANS Thomas 27y, 21-7-1862, Born York, enl Liverpool. Labourer.

FANALE Thomas 21y, 26-12-1857 Auckland. Born Dublin , enl Liverpool.Labourer
FARREL John 23y, 20-11-1861 Wellington. Born Kildare, enl Naas. Baker
FERNBACK John, 27y, 4-11-1861 Auckland Born Montreal, enl Liverpool. Barber
FINDLAY James 30y,29-1-1859 Napier.Born Aberdeen enl.Liverpool,cabinetmaker
FINDLAY James 27y,26-1-1856 Wellington, 2-10-1854.Born Dublin Enl Manchester
FINN Charles 19y, 3-2-1856 BayOfIslands. Born Sligo, enl Glasgow
FITZPATRICK M 28y, 30 Dec 1861 Auckland.Born Kilkenny, Enl Cork. Clerk.
FLANNELY John, 29y, 25-2-1856 Wellington. Born & Enlisted Mayo.3rd dessertion
FLYNN Thomas, 29y, 29-12-1862 Mangatawhiri. Born Fermanagh Enl Rochester
FOGARTY Edward 24y,1-3-1851 Wellington. Born Dublin Enl Leeds.carpet weaver
FOSTER A. Boy, 16y, 4-4-1863 Auckland. Born Liverpool Enl Melbourne
FRANKLYN James 33y, 15-1-1863 Otahuhu. Born Galway, enl Leeds
FRASER George, 26y, 28-3-1863 Otahuhu. Born Edinburgh. Shoemaker

GALLAGHER William, AB, 24y, 12 Feb 1861 Picton. Born Glasgow
GIBSON George. 2-12-1862 descrription
GLEADHILL Joseph, 32y, Gunner, 7-1-1863 Auckland. Born Halifax. labourer
GOODING James, 18y,10-12-1861 Otahuhu.Enl Melb,born Middlesex. Bricklayer
GORDEN Richard, 23y,, 12-2-1863, Auckland. Enl Melbournee born Ayr
GORDON George J.Leiutenant. 31y, 30-1-1861 Wellington..
GORMON Michael 19y, 23-5-1855 Auckland. Born Huddesfield, York.
GRANGE George, 28y, 10-6-1861 Auckland. born Surrey. labourer.
GRAY Henry 25y, 25-4-1863 Otahuhu. Born Herts. Woodman.
GREY Issac, AB, 24y, 4-4-1861 Manakau. Born Somerset

HADDOW Archibald, 22y, 26-9-1861 Auckland.Born Lanark. engineer.
HALE George, 27y, 14-1-1863 Dunedin. Enl Tiperary. Born Carrick-on-Sun,Ire.
HAMILTON John, AB, 25y, 30-1-1861 Wellington. Born London
HANLON Bernard, 25y, 12-2-1863 Auckland. Enl Melbourne born Monaghan.
HANNA Francis 23y, 3-12-1858 Napier. Enl Jersey, Born Belfast. Sailor
HANRAHAN James, 21y, 26-10-1862. Enl Melbourne, born Kilkenny.
HARDGROVE Peter 23y, 9-11-1857 Wellington. Born Clare.
HARBERT Edward, AB, 21y, 13-3-1862 Aucklnad, Born London
HARDING James 27y, 22-8-1850 Wellington Born St. Helen's, Cornwall
HARDY William, 22y, 15-9-1861 Otahuhu. Born Lancaster, labourer
HART Thomas 26y, 21-9-1862 Otahuhu. Born Barony, Lanark
HASKINS James 22y, 26-1-1859 Aucklnad Born Glocester
HASSLEDON Humphrey,20y, 15-1-1855 Aucklandrn Lancaster. Enl Liverpool.
HAWTHORN Nathaniel, 20y, 22-5-1861 Wellington
HEALD John 24y, 9-9-1857 Wellington. Enl Barnsley, Born Doncaster.
HENNESSEY Daniel, 27y, 15-8-1862 Auckland. enl Dublin born Kilkenny. servant

HENNESEY M, 19y, 2-1-1863 Auckland. born Kilkenny
HERBERT Thomas 24y, 10-9-1862 Pokeno. Born Limehouse Middlesex. Groom
HEWAN Robert 19y, 29-1-1856 Bay Of Islands Born & Enl Liverpool, plasterer.
HILL Joseph 20y, 9-3-1846 Auckland. Born Huntingdon
HINCHEY Michael,34y, 20-10-1862 Otahuhu. Born Clare. servant
HOGAN Matthew, 22y, 14-1-1862 Napier. Born Tiperary.
HOLDING Francis,Boy 1st class, 18y,15-2-1861 Wellington.Born Landport
HOLMES David, OS, 22y, 31-8-1861.Born Sussex. LS=Assistance
HOPLEY John, OS, 21y, 3 Feb 1862 Auckland. born Stockport
HOUSOM George, OS, 34y, 14-7-186. Born Midhurst, Sussex.
HOWARD John 24y, 29-6-1861 Auckland. born & enl Liverpool. Miller
HOWARD William,25y, 15-1-1863 Otahuhu.Born & enl Burnham, Essex. shipwright
HOYS H J. OS, 22y, 30-1-1861 Wellington.Bornn Deptford
HUGHES Dennis 21y, 6-3-1862 Otago. Enl and born Manchester. labourer
HUMPHRIES John 27y, 10-1-1858 Wellington. Enl & Born Liverpool.
HUNT John, gunner, 22y, 21-3-1862 Auckland.Enl Little Ely.born Cambridge
HUNTER Joseph, 18y, 5-4-1863 Otahuhu.Born & Enl Cork.
HUNTINGDON John, AB. 23y, 1-6-1861 Auckland. Born Cheshire
HYNES George Pratt, 17y, 3-6-1854 Wellington. Born St.Lucia, West Indies.
HYNES James 20y, 29-1-1853 Wellington, Born Ballincolig, Cork

IMES John 19y, 29-5-1855 Auckland. Enl & Born Liverpool
ISHERWOOD Robert 30y, 24-8-1861 Auckland. Born Bolton. engineer

JACKSON John 20y, 10-3-1846 Auckland. Born Newton, Derry.
JAMES Charles, OS, 20y, 11-2-1862 Aucklnad, born Bickley
JAMES John 28y, 9-9-1857 Wellington. Born Gloscester Enl Liverpool
JARMAN James 20y, 13--5-1855 AucklAND. born Steeple, Cambridge.
JEFFERY William, OS, 20y, 31-12-1861. Born Ryde, Isle Of Wight. LS=Asia
JENNION William 27y, 13-8-1862 Pokeno. Born Lancaster
JEROME Frederick(alias Ben EGAN)28y, 3-11-1861 Auck. Born Chester,baker
JOHNSON James, OS,21y, 30-1-1861 Auckland. Born Montrose
JOHNSON William 28y, 10-2-1840. Born Tomacork, Wicklow.
JOHNSTON Thomas, 25y, 20-4-1863 Auckland. Born Doncaster. Blacksmith
JONES Daniel 22y, 6-9-1861 Auckland. Born Flint, enl Liverpool
JONES Miles, 20y,. 20-11-1862 Wanganui. Born & Enl Wexford
JONES Richard, caulker 34y, 27-2-1862 Auckland.Born Devon
JONES Thomas, 11-3-1863 Otahuhu. Born Essex
JONES William, 19y, 23-10-1862 Auckland. Born Devon. labourer
JONES William 31y, 27-1-1859 Aucklnad. Born Flint. Tailor.

KEATING William, 22y, 23-8-1862. Enl Cork, born Warwick.
KELLOWAY Walter, AB, 24y, 31-8-1861. Born Isle Of Wight. LS=Euryalus
KELLY Charles 25y, 1-10-1859 Napier. Born Strokes Town, Roscommon.
KELLY James 26y, 11-12-1856 Wanganui. Born Killcoe, Down. Labourer
KELLY John, 21,y, 24-1-1863 Wanganui. Born Cork. Enl Fermoy
KELLY John, 24y, 20-10-1862 Otahuhu. Born Clonmel, Tipperary. Plasterer
KELSO John, lance serg. 22y, 8-12-1862 Drury. Born Lanark. Tailor
KENEDY Thomas, 28y, 30-1-1863 Queens redoubt. Born Dublin.
KENNEDY Martin 23y, 29-1-1856 Bay Of Islands.Born Drangan, Tipperary.
KENNY Daniel 28y, 6-10-1861 Otahuhu. Born Scarfit. Enl Manchester
KENNY Michael,23y, 6-12-1863 Auckland. Born & Enl Manchester
KENYON John, OS, 21y, 27-12-1862. Born Bodmin. LS + Pelorus
KERNELL Joseph 26y, 12-4-1859 Auckland. Born Manchester. Blacksmith
KIRKPATRICK William,20y, 2-9-1862 Wellington. Born & Enl Liverpool. Painter
KIRWELL Walter 26y, 28-1-1853 Wellington. Born Loughbrickland. Down

LANGL Carl, AB, 23y, 30-1-1861 Wellington. Born Heligoland
LAURENCE Philip, carpenters crew,22y, 20-8-1861 Auckland.Born Essex
LAWTON John, 29y, 19-4-1863 Otahuhu. Born Chester. Weaver.
LAY Wiliam 18y, 29-1-1856 Bay Of Islands. Born Sherwood, Notts
LEARY Arthur 24y, 24-11-1858 Auckland. Born & Enl Cork.
LEATHAM Thomas 23y, 6-11-1861 Otahuhu. born Westmoreland
LEECH Henry 23y, 9-3-1846 Auckland. Born Middlesex, coachsmith
LEWIS Charles, AB, 27y, 28-5-1861 Auckland. Born Gosport.
LEWIS David, AB. 24y, 15-8-1860 Auckland. Born Swansea
LITTLER S 23y, 8-7-1862 Otahuhu. Enl Liverpool. Born Manchester
LUMB George Green,31y,1-11-1862 Otahuhu.Born York. engine-tender
LYCETT James, 21y, 180901862. enl Melbourne, born Limerick

MCALLISTER William, 21y, 8-12-1862 Drury, enl & born Dublin. tailor.
MCCANN James, 20y, 23 Oct 1862, Auckland. Born Dublin.
MCCLUIN Peter 21y, 19-4-1851 Wellington. Born Kilmacrenan, Shoemaker
MCCRIMMON Charles, 21y, 14-1-1862 Wellington. Born Argyle. Moulder
MCDONALD James 30y, 7-12-1861 Otahuhu. Born St James, Dublin
MCDONOUGH M. 21y, 10-11-1862 Otahuhu. Born Tuam Glaway, enl Liverpool.
MCDOUGALL Simpson, 21y, 27-10-1862. Enl Dublin, born Tiperary
MCDOWELL Joseph, 26y, 14-7-1862 Otahuhu. Born Kilkeel,Down. Shoemaker
MCELROY Thomas,25y, 28-10-1862 Otahuhu. Born Killegar, Queens Co.,
MCENTEGART Thomas, 31y, 26-2-1863 Pokeno. Enl Liverpool, born Forfar
MCGEARY Patrick, 25y, 15-2-1863 Auckland. Enl Melb, born Armagh. Groom
MCGEE Edward, 27y, 1-9-1861 Otahuhu. Born Downpatrick, Down. Labourer
MCGREARTY Joseph, 21y, 4-4-1863 Auckland. Born & Enl Dublin
MCGUIRE John 24y,13-2-1859 auckland. Born St. Thomas's Dublin. labourer
MCKENIN John, 22y, 8-1-1862 Wellington. Born Londonderry. Seaman
MCKENZIE Richard 23y, 4-1-1859 Auckland. Born Liverpool
MCKERNAN Owen,lance corp. 21y, 17-2-1862, Wanganui, born Monaghan
MCMANOMY James, 22y, 15-9-1861 Otahuhu. Enl & bornn Sligo. laboourer
MAHER John, 27y, 30-7-1862. Enl Melbourne, born Kildare. Tailor.
MALLING Patrick, 24y, 28-9-1858 Napier, Born Aggaderg Down. Enl Bainbridge
MANN Alexandeer 25y, 9-10-1850 Wellington, Born Lanark
MARWICKE John OS 26y, 31-8-1861. Born Brighton LS= Assistance
MARLOW Patrick 25y, 7-7-1855 Wellington. Born Salford, Lancaster, Groom
MARSH Henry, Boy 1st Class, 18y, 30-1-1861 Wellington. Born Deal
MARSHALL Thomas, 18-2-1863 Otahuhu. details unknown.
MARTIN Andrew, 30y, 11-1-1862 Otahuhu. Born Louth. labourer
MARTIN Henry, 28y, 15-9-1861 Otahuhu. borrn Kent
MARTIN John, 31, 24-1-1863 Auckland. Enl Glasgow. Born Donegal
MARTIN Robert, 23y, 26-9-1862. Enl Melbourne, born Falkirk, Stirling
MEAKINS Henry W. OS 21y, 17-6-1861. Born Deal, LS = Brittania
MEURCHIER Sylvanius, 22y, 27-11-1862 Pokeno. Born Dover. labourer.
MEYER John, 28y, 14-3-1855 Wellington.Born St. Johns Essex.
MILLER Allan, OS, 19y, 16-8-1861 Auckland. Born Paisley.
MILLS James, C.Mate, 39y, 28-5-1860. Born Lambeth
MILLS Thomas,31y, 4-1-1863 Otahuhu.Born Lancaster enl Manchester.labourer
MOORE John, 33y, 4-9-1862 Otahuhu. Enl Glasgow.. Born Carlisle
MORRISEY John 28y, 19-12-1861 Auckland. Born & Enl Liverpool.
MORRISON Robert 20y, 20-4-1851 Wellington. Born Derryloran, Tyrone.
MOSS Thomas, 30y, 25-5-1862 Napier, Born Yorkshire. Tailor
MULHERN William 21y, 18-12-1861 Auckland. Born Belfast. tailor
MUNROE George, 25y, 1-3-1862 Pokeno. born Stirling. Baker.
MURRAY Denis, 23y, 15-10-1857 Auckland. Born Dublin Enl Liverpool
MURRAY Edward, carpenters crew, 23y, 20-8-1861 Auckland. Born Glasgoow
MURRAY Patrick 33y, 24-11-1858 Auckland. Born Cavan, Mayo. Enl Drogheda

NEIL Darby 21y, 11-6-1847 Wellington. Bapt. Poulpeasty, Wexford.
NEVILLE George, 29y, 12-8-1862 Otahuhu. Born Cork, baker
NEWBY John, 20y, 18-11-1862 Wellington. Born Walton. Wheelwright.
NIXEY Francis, 18y, 1-9-1847 Wellington Born Middlesex. Sailor
NOCTOR Denis 22y, 29-1-1856 Bay Of Islands. Born Glenaley, Wicklow
NOLAN James, 20y, 20-8-1862 Otahuhu. Enl Dublin born Lancaster.Fell cutter
NORTHOVES George, 21y, 20-3-1862 Wellington. Born Dorset, labourer

OAKLEY John, 23y, 28-10-1862. born Suffolk. Labourer
O'BRIEN Daniel, 32y, 29-1-1863 Pokeno. Born Cork
O'DONALD Denis 22y, 13-2-1846 Auckland Born & Enl Dublin.
O'LOUGHLIN John 24y, 14-10-1861 Otahuhu. Born Ratorpie, Galway. labourer
O'NEILL John, 23y, 23-8-1862 Otahuhu. Born & Enl Dublin. shoemaker
ORAM John, AB, 28y, 12 May 1861 Auckland. Born Chatham
O'TOOLE Patrick, 24y, 9-11-1862. Enl Melbourne. born Wexford. carpenter
OTTEWELL Edward, 18y, 14-7-1861. Born Ripley, Derbyshire. LS= Majestic

PAGE Henry, Carpenters Crew, 25y, 14-7-1861. Born Opton. LS=St.Vincent
PARKINS Joseph, 23y, 29-10-1862. Enl Melbourne, Born Carlisle. clogmaker
PERKINS Thomas 27y, 1-11-1862 Otahuhu. born Preston Lancaster.
PICKFORD George 22y, 4-7-1858 Napier. Enl Tralee, born Ratto, Kerry
PIERCE Lot, 22y, 15-2-1856 Bay Of Islands Enl Liverpool Born Chester
PIKE Edward,gunner,24y, 9-2-1863 from Auckland.Enl & born Taunton.whitesmith
PINDY John 27y, 14-3-1855 Wellington. Born Upper Clunch, Tiperary. sweep
PRINCE Edward C. 25y, 26-5-1862 Pokeno. Born & enl Sydney. Riding master
PROSSER Ephraim24y, 5-9-1862. Enl Dublin. Born Bath, Somerset
PURDON George 27y, 11-6-1855 Auckland. Enl & Born Liverpool.

QUINN Walter 34y, 21-1-1863 Pokeno. Born Draugan Tippeary. labourer

REA James,23y, 11-11-1863 Auckland. enl Manchester born Lancaster, clerk
READ John J., 26y, 15-10-1862. Enl Melbourne, born Hobart
READY John, 20y, 14-1-1862, Napier. Born Limerick
REDDY Bernard, 27y, 16-2-1863 Otahuhu. Born Tullow. Labourer
REDMOND Bernard,22y, 17-7-1859 Auckland. Enl Cardiff.Born Dublin. Shoemaker
REID William, 28y, 5-5-1861 Auckland. 1-2-1858. Born Middlesex
REVILLE Alfred, OS 21y, 30-3-1862 Auckland. Born Mitcham
RICHARDS Thomas,32y, 12-2-1863 Otahuhu. Born Middlesex. Hatter.
RICHARDSON Joshua AB, 24y, 16Mar 1862 Auckland. Born St.Shields.
RICHARDSON John 19y 15-2-1856 Bay Of Islands. Enl & Born Heytesbury Wilts
RICHARDSON William OS 20y, 14-7-1861. Born Harwich. LS = Brittannia
ROBBINS James, AB, 25y 21-6-1861 Auckland. Born Norfolk
ROBERTS Daniel 21y, 5-2-1858 Wellington.Brn Chatham Kent, 'Smith.
ROBERTS William 20y, 15-2-1856 Bay Of Islands. Born Flint. Servant
ROBINSON Charles, 21y, 22-10-1862. Enl Melbourne, Born York. Clerk
ROBINSON Edward,24y, 11-6-1861 Otahuhu. Born Bethnel Green. sailor
ROCKS Michael, stoker 25y, 4-7-1861 Auckland. born Ireland
ROFFEY Henry G. OS, 24y, 30-8-1861 Pelorous Sound. Born Lambeth
ROLFE Charles 21y 29-7-1850 Wellington. Born Middlesex. Shoemaker
ROYLE George 29y, 28-5-1862 Otahuhu. born Chester. labourer
RUNDLE Aaron 29y, 6-2-1857 Wanganui. Born Hereford. enl Chatham.

ST THOMAS Thomas 27y, 9-8-1862 Otahuhu. enl & born Liverpool
SAUNDERS Michael 33y, 13-7-1861 Auckland. Born & enl Cork
SHAW Ard, 23y, 9-1-1863 Wanganui. Enl Liverpool born Askrigg,York.
SHEAN John, 27y, 30-1-1863 Pokeno. Born Cork. shoemaker
SHEDLOW Stephen,26y, 4-2-1849 Wellington. Bapt St.Mary's, Notts. Papermaker
SHELDON Henry, AB, 24y, 4-4-1861 Auckland. Born America
SIRREL Charles, OS, 23y, 9-10-1862 Born Jersey, LS = Elk.
SMITH Frederick 26y, 5-11-1861 Auckland Born Suffolk. groom
SMITH Henry, 26y, 27-4-1863 Otahuhu. Born & enl Cork. labourer
SMITH John, 26y, 17-6-1861. Born Morayshire, LS = Victoria & Albert
SMITH Lancelot, sapper, 28y, 23-3-1863 Auckland. Born Norfolk. Carver
SMITH Thomas, 31y, 29-1-1859 Napier. Born Stirling. Carpenter
SMITH Thomas, 25y, 27-8-1861 Auckland. Born Wyke, Dorset.
SMITH William 24y, 27-10-1862.born Longford. Stonemason
SOULTER David, 27y, 3-10-1861 Otahuhu. Bron Forfar.. millwright
SPENCER Thomas, 19y, 20-1-1861 Napier.Born Derby, Moulder
STANSFIELD Ebenezer,25y, no date Otago. Born Rosscommon
STARKEY William,Lance Serg,22y, 2-9-1862 Wellington,born Warwick, bitmaker
STEPHENS Charles AB, 23y, 16-3-1862, Auckland, Born St. Johns.
STEPHENSON William, 23y, 8-11-1861 Otahuhu. Enl Glasgow, born Liverpool.
STEVENS Peter 32y, 16-12-11861 Otahuhu. born Lanark. Plasterer
STEVENS William P.colour Serg.34 26-12-1863?.Born Galway
STRANGE William, 28y, 22-7-1862 Otahuhu. Born & enl Manchester
STRETTON Joseph, 27y, 2-2-1863 Auckland. Enl Oldham. born Chester. joiner
SULLIVAN Florence 24y, 4-1-1859 Auckland. Born St Ann's Cork.
SUMMERS John, 30y, 8-6-1862 froom Camp Martins Farm, Auck.born Wexford

TAMPUN George B1A, 19y, 4-7-1861 Auckland. Born Walton, Suffolk
TASKER Joseph 25y, 13-10-1861 Auckland. Born Beacon, Mayo. laboourer
TAYLOR Henry P., AB,12-5-1861 Auckland. Born Bristol.
TAYLOR William 19y, 1-11-1862 Otahuhu. Born & Enl Banbridge.
THOMPSON John,29y, 6-2-1863 Auckland. Born St.Catherines, Dublin.
TOBE William, 30y, 7-2-1863 Napier.Enl Liverpool born Cardiff. joiner
TOLLEND Francis, AB, 28y, 14-2-1861 Napier. Born Plymouth
TOWNES Edward 24,, 30-6-1861 Penrose. Bornn Essex. labourer
TRAYNOR Francis 25y, 14-7-1862 Otahuhu. Born Liverpool
TREGARTHEN Melville, shipwright, 22y, 17-6-1861, Born Penzance

ULRICH Adalbert,23y,9-1-1863 Wanganui., born Sawenford Germany

VASEY Martin 31y, 4-1-1863 Otahuhu. Born Galway. enl Manchester. Tailor
VERLEY Thomas,Private RM, 20y, 17-1-1862 Manakau, Born Essex.
VINE Charles, 28y, 24-1-1862 Otahuhu, born Sussex, labourer
VOLLER James, AB, 22y, 30-1-1861 Wellington. Born Portsmouth

WAIDE James, lance Corp, 25y, 3-10-1861 Auckland. born Renfrew, carpenter
WAKEFIELD Thomas 22y, 3-12-1858 Napier, born East Coker, Somerset.
WALDSWORTH Peter, 33y, 5-2-1863 Auckland. born & enl Pendleton, Lancaster.
WALKER James 23y, 30-9-1857 Wellington. Born Dublin
WALLACE Robert,Boy 1st class,17y, 30-1-1861 Wellington, born Brighton
WALSH Andrew, 28y, 30-1-1863 Dunedin. Enl Manchester, Born Queens Co.
WALSH John, 21y, 27-1-1856 Bay Of Islands.Born Youghal, Cork.
WALSH Richard, 28y, 21-1-1863 Pokeno. Bon Limerick. shoemaker
WALSH Patrick 21y, 15-12-1862 Auckland. born Tipperary
WARD Charles, 30y, 16-12-1862 Otaga. Born Dubin. bricklayer
WARD William, river, 25y, 26-9-1862 Auckland. Born Southampton
WATKINS Bazett, AB, 22y, 15-12-1861 Auckland, Born Sudbury
WATTS Arthur,OS, 20y, 21-6-1861 Auckland, Born Woolbridge
WATTS Issac, stoker, 23y, 30-1-1861 Wellington. Born Cornwall.
WALSH R, 28y, 21Jan 1863 Pokeno. Born StMarys, Limerick. Shoemaker
WESTON James, AB. 24y, 15-12-1861 Auckland. Born Eastbourne
WHITE Joshua 28y, 2-12-1861 Pokeno. Born Stonehouse, Devon. Labourer.
WHITE Patrick 20y, 3-11-1847 Wellington. Born Kerry.
WILCOXON Peter 22y, 14-3-1851 Wellington. Born Maclesfield, Chester
WILKINSON David. 19-2-1863 Camp Otahuhu.
WILKINSON James, AB. 25y, 13Mar 1862 Auckland. Born Preston
WILLIAMS James 25y, 25-5-1862, Pokeno. born Salop. sawyer
WILLIAMS Robert, 35y, 16-2-1863 Otahuhu. Enl Dublin, born Somerset.
WILLIAMS William 16y, 3-6-1854, Wellington.Enl & Born Canterbury Kent
WILSON James,25y, 6-11-18? Otahuhu. enl Manchester. Born Cheshire.
WILSON John, OS, 25y, 21-6-1861 Auckland. Born Goole
WILSON John, OS, 23y, 20-6-1861 Born Dumfries. LS = St Vincent
WINDLY George, 31y, 6-1-1863 Camp Mangatawhiri. Born Epping
WISE William 21y, 15-2-1856(?) Bay of Islands.Born Wicklow enl Dublin
WOLF Louis, 1-9-1862, Enl Melbourne, born Hanover
WOODS Willia, drummer,19y, 2-2-1863 Point Chevalier. Born London. Painter
WYATT John 24y, 15-4-1859 Wellington. Born Derby, Cratemaker

YATES Henry 35y,10-1-1858 Wellington. Born & Enl Coventry. Ribbon Weaver
YOUNG William, corporal, 25y, 9-4-1848 Wellington.Bapt.Antrim. weaver