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City Of San Francisco.......

"City of San Francisco," a steamship of 3400tons.

Captain J S Waddell  (advertisement attached says J J Wardell) Pacific Mail Steamship Company;


Dep San Francisco, USA                             25th May 1876
Dep Sydney , Australia                                2nd  June 1876
Arr Kandavau , Fiji                                       9th  June 1876
Dep Kandavau , Fiji                                     16th June 1876
Arr Auckland , New Zealand                     17th   June 1876
Dep Auckland , New Zealand                    17th June 1876
Arr Napier , New Zealand                         18th   June 1876
Arr Wellington , New Zealand                  19th   June 1876
Arr Lyttleton , New Zealand                     20th June 1876 (Southbound)
Dep Port Chalmers , New Zealand           28th June 1876 (Northbound)
Arr Lyttleton, New Zealand                     29th June 1876 (Northbound)
Dep Lyttleton, New Zealand                    29th June 1876 (Northbound)

Steamship of 3400 tons. Mail carrier with some passengers on service
between San Francisco, Honolulu, Fiji, Sydney and New Zealand under
contract to Governments of NSW, Australia  and New Zealand.
This was her second voyage to New Zealand and she was a sister ship to the
"City of New York.". It probably made other voyages as it was a regular
mail carrier for the Pacific Mail Steamship Company before the company ran
into financial difficulties after 1876 and the company ceased operations.


C. Fergusson
W. Crake
G. Crake

Third Class
Messrs Ross , Eliott, Michael, Casey

For Wellington (Cabin)
Captain Bower and wife
Third Class
Mr Burke , wife and sister

For Lyttleton (Second class)
Miss McCadam

For Port Chalmers (Cabin)
Rev Coleman Creigh
Messrs Clow, Hall , Cuff