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Wellington; Bolton St Cemetery
There was no official register book kept to record burials until 1887.

The causes of death reveal a society where, as well as fear of the natural hazzards of earthquake wind and fire faced by every generation, drowning and epidemics were common, yound men and women died of pulmonary consumption, Young mothers died in childbirth and others were killed in tribal or racial conflicts.  A few lived to be a great old age.  While most of the burials were people of British stock, there were some Maori, a few continental Europeans and a few of Chinese birth.
Some of the inhabitants:-The old chief of Pipitea, Te Ropiha
MOTUROA who died in 1874, Mohi and Hirea NAPONGA, Miriama TEIRA and Hori TAMATI PIPI (1877) are buried at the north-eastern corner, near Peter LAING (1884)and W SEARS CROWELL, captain of the barqu 'Wakefield'. The TOLLEY plot is opposite. Susan COLLINS, wife of Robert R STRANG died at age 51, their daughter Susan who later became wife wife of Donald McLEAN. There was also Marion, only daughter of George & Marion HART and wife of Robert PARK of Wellington and Canterbury.
One of the first victims of a boating accident in the harbour was an
enthusiastic settler named John
PIERCE(late of Birmingham), who in Aug 1840 was drowned just 100yards from the shore when a boat loaded with passengers that plied between Thorndon and Petone, overturned during a southerly storm. The LUXFORDs, Thomas Wilmor McKENZIE, Edward TOOMATH & The HOLDSWORTHs, Edward GRIGG, one time barrack master & the CLAPHAMS of Thorndon. There are the WALLACE's, Captain James SMITH (65th Regiment) 1849 and Stephen CAREEK. Edward GIBBON, Daniel, Selina and Edward WAKEFIELD. George HUNTER, first Mayor of Wellington died 1843 and some of his family, Major MARSHALL, A deBathe BRANDON, Robert STOKES, J EARLE, the PHARAZYNS, MONTEITH, and the BANNISTERS. George TABOR, James & George KEARSLEY, Mrs BANNATYNE, Major BAKER & Charles Moore IGGLESTON. Henry BLUNDELL & William Barnard RHODES, the FITZGERALDS, BETHUNES, KEBBELS & the RICHARDSONs. George Robert PURDY (died 21st May 1884). William RANDELL died Nov 1880. George NASH the 2 yr old son of James & Ann died in 1841. Mary Ann BARRET aged 8 died in 1841 as did Robert Wakefield PARK aged 10 months.
EADE nee LAMB, (1834-1885) trained as a nurse in London after the
death in 73 of her husband John
SARANCK BUNN EADE. In 1883 at the age of 49 she came to NZ with 5 of her 9 children to join 2 sons already in NZ.  She worked for Wellington Ladies Christian Assc. as a 'bible' nurse.  She died from blood poisoning after an operation for breast cancer and as a result a public enquiry was held into the administration of Wellington Hospital. Sarah SUSANS, child of a shoemaker arr early 1841, buried 1849. First recorded burial at Bolton St - Her marker is gone so position in cemetary unknown. The earliest burial with surviving marker was William Rufus TYRELL, aged 22, of the Middle Temple, London who arrived in May and died in Sept 1841 after a few days illness. Ensign Henry MIDDLETON BLACKBURN,of the 99th Reg.beloved by officers & men, killed in action at Horokiwi 6 August 1846, aged 22 years. . Quartermaster Thomas PAUL of the 65th Regiment who died in 1851 had a colourful career with pirates in the Persian Gulf. Christian Julius TOXWARD died 1891.
Major Richard
BAKER (died 1854) served with the British Leigon in Spain
Major HJ
COOTE died 1867, aide-de-camp to Sir Charles NAPIER in India. Andrew GILLESPIE and his 13 year old son were murderously attacked by natives from Porirua on 7th April 1846. and they were buried near the boundary fence almost opposite the old vicarage. John DORSET, surgeon who died at Nelson on2 Oct 1856 aged 49. Also William DORSET who died 2 April 1877 aged 75 year.. Hugh MORRISON died 1843, his wife Ann TURNER died 1844. further up is John KING, solicitor 1862 and his wife 1856. John HOUGHTON sied 1879. C.B. IZARD, G MARTIN,