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Wellington Births...........

He that has no fools, knaves nor beggars in his family was begat by a flash of lightning.....Thomas Fuller, Gnomologia

**Grimstones 'Southern Settlements of NZ' gives the number of births in Port Nicholson as 210 up to the year 1846.

ALDRED J. (Rev.), at Aglionby, 22nd July, daughter. 1850
ALLAN J. A. , 1st Sept.1866, daughter.
ALLEN F. K. . 15th Feb., daughter. 1851
ANNEAR J.. 16th Oct., daughter. 1851

BAKER (Major), 19th July. daughter. 32 1851
BALLARD J. , 19th May,1849 daughter.
BANNISTER E., 21st May, 1850 daughter.June, daughter.
BARRAUD C. D. . 19th Aug. 1850 , son. 1850
BARRAUD C.D. . 28th March, daughter. 1852
BARRY R., 14th Feb 1850 ., daughter.
BARRY R , 27th March. son. 1852
BEAUMONT A. 29-3-40 a daughter
BELL C. 2-5-41 a son
BELL Dillon (Nelson), 22nd Feb. 1850 , daughter
BELL E. Wilbraham, 1st March, 1850 daughter.
BENNETT (Dr. 14th Regt.), 2nd March,1865 daughter.
BETHUNE J. H., 30th Jan. daughter. 1854
BEST W (Porirua Bay), 4th Aug., son. 1854
BOULCOTT Amon, Jan 1865, a son (2nd)
BOULD Thomas, Aug 1865, a son
BRADEY Frederick, Jan 1863, a daughter
BRANIGAN P. of Ghuznee Street, Oct 1863, a son
BRADFORD 13 -5-41 a daughter
BUTLER T. C. , 11th March,1849 son.
BUCK G. . 26th March.1849 son.
BUCKLE J. 8th May, daughter. 1851
BURLING H., 14th June, son. 1854
BURNE Henry c.1863 - to John & Margaret
BURNE Richard c.1860 in Johnsonville
BURNE Elizabeth c. 1871 at Johnsonville to John & Margaret

CAMERON to Duncan & Mary, July 1864
CAMPBELL James, Jun 1865 Twin daughters
CAMPBELL (Capt) 15-5-41 a son
CARLYON George Gwavas, 31 Jan 1857, a daughter
CARLYON George Gwavas, 4-4-180 a son.
CARPENTER H. , 31st July,1866 son.
CHAPMAN H. (Justice) 10-4-41 a son
CHAPMAN H S. , 20th April 1845 . son
CHASE S. C. , 12th Jan., daughter. 1854
CLARKSON 22-6-41 a son
CHITTEY to Charles & Annie a dau, Edith 1888
CHITTEY to Charles & Annie, a dau, Mabel 1889
CLEVERTY (Lieut.-CoI), 26th Nov., daughter. 1852
CLIFFORD . Chas., 10th Oct.1847, son.
CLIFTON 11-6-41 a son
COLLETT H.17-4-41 a son
COLLIER W., 17th Sept., son. 1850
COOPER T. , 21st Feb., son. 1851
COOPER F. 19th June 1864, daughter.
COSTALL W. J., 12th Sept., son. 1854
COUPER W. . 3rd Dec. (Porirua), son. 1850
CRAWFORD C. (Hobson St.), 11th Aug.son, 1854
CRIDLAND, Lyttelton. 8th Oct., son 1850
CHAPMAN H. S. (Mr. Justice), Homewood, Karori 18th Oct., daughter. 1850
CROSSE C.G. , 14th Nov., daughter.. 1852
CROWTHER 6-4-1883 at 19mo. dau of John & Jane
CURRY Hugh 14-9-1893 at 72
CURTIS Augusta Ann 1-4-1990 at 53. dau of John James
CURTIS J, J. , 27th Aug.1866, daughter.

DAVIES (Capt. of "Scotia"), 26th May, daughter.. 1852
DAVISON Horace Fredrick 24-2-1893
DEAN 14-5-41 a daughter
DENTON C, 1st July,1864 son.
DICK A. (Commander of "Victoria"), 25th March, son. 1852
DODGE Wm. , 8th Sept.. daughter. 1850
DUCK J , 6th November, daughter. 1850
DUNCAN R. J., 31st Oct., daughter. 1854
DURIE, D. S. (Major), 18th Feb. 1854
DURIE D.S. , 28th Nov., daughter. 1850

EBERLET F W. 23rd June,1864 daughter.
EVANS 21-6-41 a daughter
EYRE Lady , 23rd March, son . 1852

FAIRBROTHER R16-4-40 a daughter
FARMER 21-6-41 a son
FARROW Elizabeth May 15-4-1910
FARROW Ernest George 19-8-1912
FEATHERSTON I. (Dr.), 26th March,1849 daughter.
FEATHERSTON, I. (Dr.). 2nd Oct., daughter. 1850
FISHER W.7th March ,son. W. Seed, 12th March, daughter. 1851
FITZGERALD T, 25th March, son. . 1852
FLORENCE T. , 2nd Nov., son. 1851
FLYGER A. , 1st Dec., daughter. 1850
FREEMAN W. 22nd Aug.1864, daughter.
FREEMAN W. , 24th July,1866 daughter.
FURNESS S., 28th Aug., son. 1850

GABY , 28th Jan.1866, daughter.
GALPIN William Thomas to William and Ruth
GALPIN to William and Ruth a son, Alfred John-1844
GALPIN Elizabeth to William and Ruth - 1847
GARRETT W. (Dr) 8-9-41 a daughter
GASCOYNE, June, a son
GODFREY William Race & Margaret 1906 (see Palmerston North)
GOLD (Lieut.-Col.), 15th Nov., daughter.. 1852
GORTON (Major), 16th March,1865 daughter.
GUTHRIE 2-6-41 a son
GUTHRIE David Henry Dec 1909 a son

HADFIELD 0. (Archdeacon), 9th Aug.1866, son.
HALL 3rd June, daughter 1850
HAMMOND William, eldet son of Amelia & Richard) 1850
HAMMOND Margaret to Matthew & Sarah 1850
HAMMOND Mary Ann to Matthew & Sarah 1851
HAMMOND Richard Dec 1848 to Matthew & Sarah
HAMMOND Faith, March 1852 (to Amelia & Richard). 1852
HAMMOND Matthew George to Matthew & Sarah 1853
HAMMOND Thomas (6th child of Amelia & Richard) May 1854
HARDING J., 4th October, daughter. 1851
HARE J. , 22nd June, daughter. 1854
HART H. B. , 27th July, son. 1850
HAY William & Elizabeth a son(James Baird Hay) born in tent on the beach
HAY Wm & Eliz, a son (Wm MacGregor Hay) on 4th Nov 1842
HAY Wm & Eliz , a daughter (Lizzie) 1845
HAYWARD Charlotte b. 2nd May 1845. Wellington
HAYWARDAmelia, 15th June 1851. Wellington
HOMBROOK A., 24th Nov., daughter. 1850
HUNT U (Barrets Hotel) a son
HUNT Hugh Ralph 24-9-1912 Petone
HUNTER Geo. , 9th April, daughter. 1854
HUTTON T. B. (Rev.), 14th April, daughter. 1850
HUTTON T B. (Rev.), 17th July, daughter.. 1852

IRONS R, 5 Dec., son. 1851

JOHNSON (Pahautanui), 17th April.1849 daughter.
JOHNSON J. (Karori), 6th Jan., daughter. 1854
JONES W H. , 22nd April (Manners St.), son.. 1852
JOSEPH , J. (London), 6th May.1866

KEARSLEYJ. , 11th March, son. 1850
KEBBLE T, 31st Jan., daughter.. 1852
KEIR to Con & Norman. a dau Constance. 1906
KEMP H. T. , 29th Oct., daughter. 1851
KENNEDY W. (Capt.), 21st Feb. 1854
KNOWLES, 11th April. 1854
KEYS 23-6-41 a daugher
KNOWLES A.R, 31st Aug-, son. 1854

LECKIE W. 28-5-41 a daughter
LEVY WS. , 12th March. 1850
LEVY G. . July, daughter. 1850
LEVY V. B. . 19th July, daughter. . 1852
LILLICRAP H. 25th June.1864 son.
LINDSAY E. 26th April. son. 1854
LISSINGTON to Frank and Em, a son 1893 Maurice Randell
LISSINGTON to Frank & Em, a son, Frank Richard Chanel (Tui) 1894
LIVERTON Mary, stokes Valley 1867
LODGE J. 11-3-40 a daughter
LOXLEY Wm , Kaiwara 20th March, daughter. 1854
LOWRY Jas. (Hawthorne Hill), 7th July.son 1854
LUCAS R. , 24th July, son. 1854
LUXFORD W. W. , 7th Jan., daughter 1850
LUXFORD W. N.. 8th May, daughter. 1851
LUXFORD W. , 14th July, daughter. 1854
LYON W. . 27th Feb.. son. 1851

MARSHALL W. (65th Regt.), 14th March., son. 1851
MARSHALL W. (Capt.), 3rd May, daughter. . 1852
MASON WF. (at Australia), 3rd June, son. 1852
MAXTON, 14th July, daughter 1850
McBETH J. , 7th Nov., son.. 1852
McBETH to Mr & Mrs J.(On board the Bengal Merchant)1839 a daughter
McDOWALL W14-6-41 a son
McKENZIE T. W. . 24th March, son. 1851
McBETH J. , 30th April, son. 1851
McGREGOR (Turakina), 15th Sept., son 1851
McLEAN Donald (Sir Donald, Dalmuir Hill), 7th Nov., son.. 1852
MEIN-SMITHCapt. 29-1-41 a daughter
MERCER W(Harrington) 29-6-41 a daughter
MEECH H. 22-12-40 a son
MINIFIE J.. 9th Sept., daughter 1850
MONK George Alexander born at Makara in 1881. Eldest of 7
MONTGOMERY A. G. 26th Sept.1847, daughter
MORRIS To Thomas & Nell, a son, Charles Randell, 1889
MORRIS to Thomas & Nell, a son Thomas Brooklyn 1896
MORRIS to Thomas & Nell a son Harold Harding 189?
MORRIS to Thomas & Nell a dau Elsie May 189?
MORRIS to Thomas & Nell, Alice, 189?
MORRISON (Capt.), 16th Jan.. daughter 1854

NEWELL J. 6-3-40 a daughter
NATHAN DJ 1895 a daughter

O'CONNELL (Major), 14th May, son. 1850
O'CONNELL Michael Joseph 27-2-1887
O'CONNOR H., 31st Oct., daughter. 1850

PAINE G . Feb., daughter. . 1852
PARK R., 19th July, daughter. . 1852
PAUL (Major), 4th April,1863, daughter.
PEARCE J. ("Lord Wm. Bentinck"), 14th Nov., daughter 1851
PECKHAM Ann 20-4-1859
PERRY B P., 21st Nov., daughter. 1851
PETRE H (Hon.), 29th June, daughter. . 1852
PORTER Thomas James 02-9-1865

RANDELL to sarah & William, a dau, Mary Ann 27-7-1855
RANDELL to Sarah & William a dau, Harriet Elizabeth, 1-2-1857
RANDELL to Sarah & William a son William (Bill) 14-11-1860
RANDELL to Sarah & William a son Edward Ted, 1862
RANDELL To Sarah & William a dau Annie 1865
RANDELL to Sarah & William a son Richard (Dick) 1867
RANDELL to Sarah & William a daughter, Nell 1871
RANDELL to Sarah & William a dau. Constance Martha Jan 1877
RANDELL to Edward & Em. a son, Bertram Guy 1890
RANDELL to Edward & Em. a son, Roy Edward 1893
RANDELL to Dick & Louise a son 1899, William Harding
RANDELL to Bill & Grace, a son, Billy, 1999
RAYMOND J. C., 30th Sept.. daughter. 1851
RAYMOND J.C. , 21st Jan., son.. 1852
REID A (Fordell). 11th Oct., son. 1851
RIDDIFORD D. , 14th April, son. 1850
RODGERS C.29-2-40 a son
ROLLESTON W., 1st Aug.1866, daughter.

SAMUEL K, 24th May,1849 son.
SAMUEL K, 13th Sept., daughter. 1850
SCOTT T. (Rangitikei), 22 Feb., daughter 1851
SHAND A. W. , 16th June,1849 daughter.
SHAND A.W.15-11-40 a son
SHANNON George Vance in 1885 a son
SIGNAL George 1846 - son of Samuel & Elizabeth
SIGNAL Alfred son of Eliz & Samuel, 1850
SIGNAL John b. Karori 1853 - son of Robert 1853
SIGNAL John m. Elizabeth WATSON (dau of Henry & Charlotte) 25-12-1875
SIMMONS Herbert Hamilton 1-7-1881
SMALL C27-3-41 a son
SMITH, 13th Feb., son. B. Hart, 18th Feb., son.. 1852
SNELSEN C;. M. , 20th July,1866 daughter.
SPACKMAN G. 15-3-40 a son
SPACKMAN, G., 5th Feb 1842., daughter
SPIERS to JF & Emily, a daughter in 1885
STARK 20-6-41 a daugher
STEVENS John 1845 to James Hopkins STEVENS & Isabella nee.FRASER
STOCK A. (Rev.), 3rd Sept., son. 1854
SUTHERLAND N., 23rd July, son. 1854

TAINE J.J. 30-4-41 a daughter
TAYLOR J. M., 21st Sept., daughter. 1851
THATCHER C. R. 5th Sept.1864 , daughter.
THORBY Walter William 24-1-1860, Karori
TODD R16-6-41 a daughter
TONKS E., 27th July. son. 1854
TOXWARD Laura 1866
TOXWARD Emilie 1868,
TOXWARD Anna Caroline 1865
TOXWARD Alexander Julius 1871,
TOXWARD William Edward 1872,
TOXWARD Constantine 1874,
TOXWARD Marie Louisa 1875,
TOXWARD Julianna Thyra 1878.
TRACY N. , 26th Oct., son. 1851
TULLY J. , 10th July, son. 1854
TURNBULL W. (Albyn Cottage), 22nd Nov.1863, daughter.

VARLEY John Edward & Rose Theresa 1905 a daughter (see Feilding)
VENNELL S.. 21st May,1849 daughter.
VENNING G.H. Tinakori, 1st July.1864

WADE J. (Porirua), 3rd March,1849 son.
WAITTE R. , 13th Aug., daughter. 1850
WAITTE R., 24th Sept., daughter. 1851
WAKELIN R. 18th October son 1851
WALLACE H. , 6th April, daughter. 1851
WALLACE Jas 12-5-41 a son
WALLACE J H. , 13th April (Priory Cottage, Boulcott Street), daughter.. 1852
WALLS Esther Barnard 20-1-1895 at 80
WALTON JL 1908 a daughter
WARD Louis 1907 twin daughters
WARD Chas., 6th Oct1845 , son
WARD Chas, 7th July,1866 son.
WATERS J. , 18th Oct., daughter. 1854
WATSON J. (Mt. Victoria), 27th July. daughter 1854
WESTRUP Charles 23-6-1903 at 60
WHALE George m. Ruth SIGNAL 1874
WILSON Charles 1897 a son
WILSON Charles 1899 a son
WITHERS William 23-1-1906 at 62
WRIGGLESWORTH J. D. , 23rd July,1866 son.
WRIGHT C, 27th Juine. daughter. 1850
WRIGHT C. , 20th Oct., son. 1851

YULE A. 22-3-40 a son