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Bankrupcies - Wairarapa. - Not complete.

It was not unusual to be declared bankrupt in one town & follow a year or two later with another town, etc. Many declaring bankruptcy 3 or 4 years in a row, often also with different occupations.


COHEN Elias, hotelkeeper, 1881
DAVIE Walter Henry, carpenter 1882
DAVIES Thomas labourer 1883
PETERS, James, Carterton, Bootmaker, 16 March 1895

ANDERSON Wm Sefton, blacksmith 1922
BUTLER Frederick William, saddler 1885
CLAUSEN Achtor E storekeeper 1889
COCHRANE Robert Mitchell, auctioneer & commission agent 1904
CRUMP William , builder, 1888
DALZIEL James, factory manager 1900
DEAN Richard John, carrier 1927
DREW Alfred Beatson, jeweller 1905
FINDLAY David. 1907
GAYLOR William Edward, storekeeper 1901
GREENAWAY William Francis 1909 sawmiller
LLOYD Henry, contractor, 1888
LOUDEN, John, labourer, 1899
MACKAY Annie Alicia, draper & dressmaker, 1912.
McPHEE Alexander, greengrocer 1904
PATTERSON John James 1908
PAWSON Edwin, sawmiller 1910
ROAKE Richard, auctioneer 1898
ROSVAL Olaf, labourer 1912
SCHMIDT Carl, contractoo 1893
SCOTT Thomas, engine driver 1892
SINCLAIR James Andrew, settler 1904
SMITH Samuel Thomas, grocer 1907
SOLOMONS Benjamin Henry, storekeeper 1900


CAMPBELL Archibald King, photographer 1914
PELLING, Frank Dearing, hotelkeeper 1901

PETERSEN, Paul Boyes, carpenter 1908
POINTON Elviss, painter 1895
PORTER, David Edward, mail carrier, 1900
ROWSE WA, draper 1892
SMITH Edward and Arthur 1892
SPARKSMAN Ernest Cornelius, saddler 1907


BUTCHER Frederick, labourer 1915
CAMERON Vera, dining room proprietress 1916
DALTON James William, butcher 1916
DAVIE Walter Henry, carpenter 1885


PEDDER Cyril N. labourer 1891
PEET Frederick William, labourer 1896
PERSCHBACHER Ludwig, baker 1888
POWYS Charles W, hotelkeeper, 1909.
RANGER Edward, 1886
READ Henry James, coachdriver 1909
SMITH John Thomas, contractor 1895


CAREY William Lucius, 1893
CARRICK Emilia, draper 1908
COLLIE Alexander, wood and coal merchant, 1909
COLLIER Charles T, woolscourer 1890
CORBETT Mrs Emily, tobacconist 1891
CORBETT Henry CB, tobacconist 1911
CORBETT John Hicks, publican and sawmiller 1884 (Pahiatua also)
COULTER David Gibson, engine driver 1920
CRAIGHEAD William Bruce, tailor, 1903
CRAIGHEAD William Bruce, tailor 1899
CRASS Ludwig, tobacconist, 1922
CREELMAN Joseph, labourer 1885
CREELMAN Joseph, hotelkeeper, 1905
CROSBIE Bernard G, baker 1885
CROWLEY Timothy, hotelkeeper of Gladstone, 1894
DEADMAN Charles Alfred, contractor, 1896
PETERS, Thomas, Masterton, Dealer, 27 January 1910
RAYNER Emily, see Corbett