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From White Wings Vol 1

The ABOUKIR; One of the ships chartered to bring emmigrants to New Zealand
in the early days. A vesel of 889 tons with accomodation for about 200
passengers.  She sailed on 3 occasions to Dunedin direct from Scotland
and once to Auckland.  Nothing eventful occured during the runs out and

  The records for her 4 voyages to the colony are;

Sailed Jun 1, arrived 6 Sep 1870 Capt Langlands 97 days to Auckl
Sailed 1 Aug arrived 6 Nov 1862 Capt Wilkie, 97 days to Dunedin
Sailed 9 Oct 1863 arrived 17 Jan 1864,Capt Wilkie, 100 days to Dunedin
Sailed 26 Sept 1864 arrived 5 Jan 1875, Captain Fenton, 101 days to Dunedin.