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HIGHLIGHTS 1932 - 1939


Pepin is about to enter to the Book of Guinness World Records!
7500 issues were published from 1936 to 1958!! in the early 50's as a daily comic Pepin was selling 1,000,000 (yes, one million!) copies a day!! under Alfonso Ontiveros direction.

First Mexican Comic Book almost devoted to a single character.

Main Characters of the year:
Aguila blanca

Weekly magazine of art, news and culture.
Begins publishing comics this year. Main Characters of the year: Simplón Colilla 1934: PAQUIN 1 (29 Feb.) First successful Mexican comic book. Weekly SUCESOS PARA TODOS "Las calles de México" begins, first non-comic story. 1935: PAQUITO 1 (Mar) Second successful Mexican Comic book. Weelky. Main Characters of the year: General Bom-Bazo Dr. Boris Dr. Benton 1936: PEPIN 1 (4 Mar) Third successful Mexican Comic Book. Weekly. Eventually, this title became one of the most poular and important of the golden age of Mexican comics. MUJERES Y DEPORTES 137 (7 Mar) First appeareance of "Los Supersabios", one of the most famous Mexican Comics. PAQUITA 1 (Jul) Magazine for women. Originally published only foreign comic strips translated into spanish. Mexican comics begins with No. 30. TI-TO 1 (Ago.) First Mexican comic book reprinting an Amercan Comic Book (paradox: the American comic book used was Tip-Top, which reprinted Newspaper strips) CHAMACO 1 (10 Oct.) Along with Pepin, This Comic Book was the most succesful of almost two decades. JUEVES DE EXCELSIOR This year begins a 16-pages of comics section ARTISTAS UNIDOS Kind of a Syndicate, founded by Ramon Valdiosera. Main Characters of the year: La Sombra Frank Los Supersabios Pancho Villa Adelita Monje Negro Mula Maicera El Charro Negro 1937: PAQUITA 30 (29 Ene 37) Mexican comics begins. Here appeared the first work by Jose G. Cruz. Main Characters of the year: Caballero Rojo Virola y Piolita Dr. Azor El Búho Fantomas Drake El Hombre Invisible El Vampiro Tenebroso Nick Carter 1938: PAQUITO (Aug) This weekly comic book introduced Superman to Mexico, direct from the pages of Action Comics 1 CHAMACO CHICO ( 7 Oct ) The weekly Comic Book Chamaco is complemented with an extra edition, of small size. Main Characters of the year: Máximo Tops 1939: ALBUM PAQUIN Series of albums, each one devoted to a single character. TAMEZ FEATURES SYNDICATE Jesús H. Támez creates this syndicate, distributor of Mexican Comic Strips. PEPIN 290 Gabriel Vargas introduces Los Superlocos featuring one
of the most important and remembered characters of all times:
Jilemon Metralla y Bomba. Main Characters of the year: Superlocos ( Jilemon Metralla.) Corazón del Norte ( Alan Baker ) Rolando el Rabioso Aguila Roja Caballero Azul Capitán Wings


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