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Course Calendars:

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Lesson Plans and Standards


World History Course Calendar

Quarter 1, 2, 3, 4


First Quarter

Week 1:           Introduction to Course and my Expectations – Geography

                                Harry Wong – The First Days of School

Week 2:           Geography - Ancient Egypt

            1SS-P4 (E12): PO 1

Week 3:           Ancient Greece

            1SS-P4 (E12): PO 2, 3, 4

Week 4:           Ancient Rome

Week 5:           Roman Empire

Week 6:           Fall of Rome

             1SS-P4 (E13): PO 1, 2

Week 7:           Christianity, Catholicism, and the Rise of Islam

             1SS-P4 (E13): PO 3, 4

Week 8:           Medieval European Life

             1SS-P4 (E13): PO 5, 6

Week 9:           Crusades

Measurable Learning Objectives

1SS-P1.  Apply chronological and spatial thinking to understand the meaning, implications, and import of historical and current events.

1SS-P2.  Demonstrate knowledge of research sources and apply appropriate research methods, including framing open-ended questions, gathering pertinent information, and evaluating the evidence and point of view contained within primary and secondary sources

1SS-P3.  Develop historical interpretations in terms of the complexity of cause and effect and in the context in which ideas and past events unfolded.

1SS-P4 (E12). Describe the geographic, political, economic, and social characteristics of the Ancient Greek and Roman civilizations and their enduring impact on later civilizations, with emphasis on…

1SS-P4 (E13). Describe the political and economic events and the social and geographic characteristics of Medieval European life and their enduring impacts on later civilizations, with emphasis on…


Second Quarter

Week 10:         Democratic and Scientific Revolutions

            1SS-P4: PO 1

Week 11:         Puritan Revolt and the Glorious Revolution

            1SS-P4: PO 2, 3

Week 12:         American Revolution

            1SS-P4: PO 4

Week 13:         French Revolution and Napoleonic Era

            1SS-P4: PO 5, 6

Week 14:         Latin America's wars of Independence

            1SS-P4: PO 7

Week 15:         Cause and Effects of the Industrial Revolution

            1SS-P5: PO 1, 2, 3, 4

Week 16:         Nineteenth Century Imperialism

            1SS-P6: PO 1, 2, 3

Week 17:         Global Situations Prior to World War I

            1SS-P7: PO 1, 2

Week 18:         Review of the Semester leading to World War I

Measurable Learning Objectives

            1SS-P1, 1SS-P2, 1SS-P3

            1SS-P4.           Describe the democratic and scientific revolutions as they evolved throughout the Enlightenment and their enduring effects on political, economic, and cultural institutions, with emphasis on…

            1SS-P5.           Explain the causes and effects of the Industrial Revolution, with emphasis on…

            1SS-P6.           Analyze patterns of change during the nineteenth century era of imperialism from varied perspectives, with emphasis on…

            1SS-P7.           Trace the causes, effects and events of World War I, with emphasis on…


Third Quarter

Week 19:         Causes of World War I

Week 20:         World War I

            1SS-P7: PO 3, 4, 5

Week 21:         U.S. and World War I

Week 22:         Effects of World War I

            1SS-P7: PO 5, 6

Week 23:         Rise of Totalitarianism and Militarism

            1SS-P8: PO 1

Week 24:         Rise of Nazi Germany

            1SS-P8: PO 2, 3, 4

Week 25:         World War II

            1SS-P8: PO 5, 6, 7

Week 26:         U.S. and World War II

Week 27:         Review of Key Concepts and Effects of World War II

Measurable Learning Objectives

            1SS-P1, 1SS-P2, 1SS-P3, 1SS-P6, 1SS-P7

            1SS-P8.           Analyze the causes and events of World War II, with emphasis on…


Fourth Quarter

Week 28:         Aftermath of World War II (Ex. Nuremberg Trials)

            1SS-P9: PO 1, 2

Week 29:         Western and Eastern Europe

            1SS-P9: PO 3, 4

Week 30:         United Nations - Chinese Revolution and Cultural Revolution

            1SS-P9: PO 5, 6

Week 31:         Legacy of Genocide - Soviet Union and Communism

            1SS-P9: PO 7, 8

Week 32:         Independent Movements Around the World

Week 33:         French Indochina and the Vietnam War - U.S. Connections

            1SS-P10: PO 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Week 34:         Analyzing Past Events and Current Situations

Week 35:         Current Events

Week 36:         Review

Measurable Learning Objectives

1SS-P1, 1SS-P2, 1SS-P3

1SS-P9.           Analyze the international developments after World War II and during the Cold War, with emphasis on…

1SS-P10.         Evaluate the ideologies and outcomes of independence movements in the developing world, with emphasis on…


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US History Course Calendar


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