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Laura's Love Notes

Laura's Love Notes A Collection Of Original Romantic Poetry for lovers

Written with love by Laura, inspired by Ralph
Welcome to our garden of poetry, come share our joy.


There is beauty in the forest
When the trees are green and fair
There is beauty in the garden
When flowers scent the air
There is beauty in the desert
In its' midnight stars above
Our world is full of beauty
'Cause our hearts are filled with love

The Need Is Here My Love

The need is here my love.
Come with me to visit the distant plains.
Let us meet for a night of wonder and explore the vast delights.
We will tread the hills of joy and leave our footprints in the sand.
The need is here my love
Doubt and uncertainty washed away by our cleansing tears.
Let us meet on a night bathed in the moon's cool glow
So that we may gaze in awe at that which we have only dreamed.
The need is here my love
Let us meet in the grace of starlight, in that instant
our destiny will be sealed to be written into the pages of eternity.
Passion reigns supreme and we are summoned to go
The need is here my love


My love let us walk in the beauty of Springtime
As spring is beginning a new life in the hills and valleys
so is our love the beginning of a new life for us
The waters glint and sparkle, rushing from their source
as we too rush to each other's arms
We have drunk the tears of winter
and now we lift our hearts to the sounds of returning birds
The breeze bathes our bodies in tenderness and renews us
and we are as one

In The Autumn Of Love

The time has come now for reaping
For happy and comfortable ways
And through strolls down the road to tomorrow
Through the golden leaves of old yesterdays


My love, the grapes are thick on the vine of life. Their red and purple bunches fall readily into our waiting hands. This is the time for the making and mellowing of wine. As wine raises the spirits of revelers, so does our love bring warmth to our hearts and guard our dreams against the chill of Autumn's winds. As we walk in the fields and forests, crushing the brilliant leaves beneath our feet, our hands clasp in familiar tenderness. The flowers have dried and withered on their stalks, but our love has known no withering. After the freshness of Springtime and the heat of summer, we now reap the richness of Autumn. The storehouse of our hearts is filled to the brim with memories. The rivers have dried, the sun glances at us tenderly, and at last the trees are stripped to nakedness, but our love is deep and full. It has born fruit and ripened.

We Have Tasted The Joy

I look into your face and see what time and life have written there. On all your features I trace the cherished moments we have known. Let us drink the wine we have pressed from the grapes of our lives and sing the songs we've captured in our hearts. Hold me close, for I am afraid of loneliness and only you are near and dear to me in these frost-filled days. Embrace me for a little while and let us watch the fire burn low. We have tasted all the joys and beauties of life and when our eyes are closed in sleep .....
even then shall we be together

You Gave Me A Sea Shell

It's another warm summer afternoon, I'm sitting on the front porch enjoying the breeze that wafts by and cools my brow. I'm so relaxed, the sounds of summer fill my mind. Lawnmowers growl in the distance and scent the air with the lush aroma of newly cut grass. Children's laughter, the familiar buzz of cicadas, the sounds combine to lull me into tranquility...and daydreams. I am awakened by your voice..."come with me" you beckon, "let's walk the shores together." "Who are you?" I ask. I feel your hand in mine and though no further words are spoken I follow. I don't see you, I "feel" you.

We are walking side by side along the shore the ocean breezes are gentle, still no words are spoken. My mind wonders who you are, my heart says to follow and I do. I have no fear as your mind conveys messages of endearment to my heart, silently saying the words I've longed to hear. We walk in utter peace and harmony. You stop and bend down to pick up a tiny little sea shell. You present it to me with a flourish and a grand sweeping bow as you place it in my hand. I laughingly accept the tiny token and place it in my pocket. I feel myself being drawn into your arms, your lips press softly against mine."I've needed you so" my heart is saying....

"Ms. P here's your mail, nothing but junk today" I'm startled to hear the familiar voice of the postman snapping me back from my reverie. "Oh. thanks Sam," I mutter, "Have a nice day."

The moment is gone as I'm drawn back to reality, the sounds of summer are louder, the heat oppressive as I rise to finish my chores. Laundry is a must. I change into cooler clothing and head for the wash room. Adding the detergent, going through the motions, emptying pockets...I reach into the pocket of the shorts I was wearing today and find a tiny little sea shell...I am puzzled, it seems somehow familiar and yet? Holding it in my hand I don't want to let it go, it comforts me.

The day is over, the house is silent as I drift into a deep sleep. Once again I hear your voice calling me, "come with me" you beckon. "let's walk the shores together." I eagerly reach for your hand wanting once more to feel your heart says, "I need you."

The alarm clock rings, as I fumble to turn it off, on my nightstand I find the tiny little sea shell...and I smile.

"You've Won My Heart Darling"

I hear you speak the words I've longed to hear,
"you've won my heart darling"
My spirit soars in exquisite delight
and flies away with my treasure!
Phrases have been whispered, I love you exchanged
our wants and needs shouted from the rooftops
None are so dear to me than the gift you've so innocently given
when aloud you uttered and bestowed upon me
"you've won my heart darling"

My Playmate

The sound of your laughter is food for my spirit
We nourish each other with sheer delight
Merriment gleams in your eyes
I tenderly tease you, you playfully counter
Our happiness lifts us higher
Childlike sparkle merged with a glow of comfort
Sideways glances and soft smiles emerge victorious
Love need not be somber, my life's mate, my playmate
As we forever frolic in glorious unison

Written with love by Ralph & Laura


Unlocked Secrets

Unlocked secrets of hidden pleasure
You share with me your wealth of treasure
Fabulous moments found in your arms
You unlock the secrets of your charms
Tenderly you guide me with such delight
Awakening our passions in the night
Love's sweet words we have spoken
The vows we make will ne'er be broken
Tracings of love beneath our hands
Our needs arise our wants expand
We unlock the secrets behind the door
As together we are fulfilled once more

For our morning of 5/13/98

Wind Blown Sand

Wind blown sand sweeps across the landscape. We walk the gentle slopes hand in hand, kicking pebbles and laughing for no reason but the joy we feel in being together Ours is not a lush tropical paradise, nor grassy plain, nor even a wooded glade. Ours' is a place of wind blown sand. The desert beckons us time and again and we heed the call. The wind whispers our name and gives her blessing for our safe return. Ever changing yet timeless our place evolves into the magic of the ages. The cactus rose is our garden, forbidding yet fragile in its' beauty. The sun warms us and bathes us in magnificent splendor, we drink of the solar spirit as it nourishes our love. Wind blown sand is our oasis as the tiny grains caress our bodies, we pause to quench our thirst. This place of gently rolling dunes is ours, we protect her secrets as she jealously guards our love.

Circle Of Power

Through trials we face our mortal afflictions and turn within ourselves for solace. Upon entering the deep inner place of our being we find we are not alone. Harshness and struggle gives way to healing and serenity . When dark thoughts creep across the centers of ourselves, the strength is there to drive away the clouds of turmoil. Alone we struggle and flounder but each of us is half and when joined we form a protective circle. Our love is a shield protecting each one unto the other against life's natural travails.We have strength in our love to meet the challenges and grow with each encounter. You are half, I am your mirrored image, together we form love's perfect circle of power.

We hope you have enjoyed your stroll though our garden. We bid you joy, we bid you peace and most of all, we bid you love. Ralph & Laura

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