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Let me introduce myself

eigo mo

nihongo mo Some of my web site is written in Japanese, so if you don't have a Japanese font on your computer, it will look a little strange. To view the Japanese Fonts on your screen, you need to have Japanese-Text capability. Click HERE for more details.

킽̖O̓L[gEIuCGłB AJlłA{׋ĂĂ܂B܂肶Ⴀ܂B߂ȂB

My name is Keith O'Brien. I am going to attempt a bilingual homepage, using English and Japanese. I am only a beginning student of Japanese, so I'm sure I've made many mistakes.

More about me
My family
Where I live
My hobbies
Our trip to Japan

I haven't worked on this site in a while, and a lot of the links have disappeared. A 2003 New Years' Resolution is going to be working on this site. Right now I'm trying to correct the email.
Latest update was December 14, 2002.

Now, please look around and enjoy a glimpse of my life.

Please also take a look at some of the sites my friends have up.
FB ̃z[y[WłB@どうぞ見ていってください。

Ja, mata jikai...

I have updated this page almost times...

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