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 SUNDAY , 15 AUG 2016

Hello Community, JMCC is continually on the move. You are part of an exciting and active commuity.  Remember, we have an online community at  www.jusmcc.net   Make sure you come by and say hi!!


Hello JMCC Community, we have really grown over the last 6 months. We have added another communication service, multilingual and multiculutural television and radio( available online).


Make sure you are visiting our online community

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Another historical event occurred today,

President Barack H. Obama, completed 

his auguration. What an event.

JMCC has also been busy adding new companies and service to our community. JMCC has expaned its arts community!!!

Check out The Blues Diva and Angry House Art

links our on the home page. 

The Arizona Black Book Directory is providing free

business listing. check home page for link

The Write Up is hosting an mega event 

on Feb 9, 2013. You will want to be there!!

yes, link is on the home page.


JMCC Now offer the superior hair care product line of Sweet Nature by Eddie. These specially formulated products produce great results. 

Priced so affordably. Go to the gift page and 

read more. JMCC members Rebate of 10% plus

additional discounts available.


It took time to get this done!!! JMCC is now positioned to show anyone how to develop a financial legacy that is realistic and achieveable

in months. 

Add two of most needed services that

anyone starting or already in business need to 

the JMCC membership and you have a success

story waiting to be told. 

JMCC Legacy program was designed using the

the instructions from one of the most successful

marketing strategist known to the direct sales industry, Jay Abraham.

We are employing a business building system that has made millionaires. 

Surely we can generate a couple hundred dollars or more a month!!!

No Need to Reinvent the Wheel, Its already 

Been Perfected. 

By applying the Business Parthenon and

with creating a Unique Selling Proposition, and

Taking all the Financial Risk OFF YOU, 

JMCC has a Legacy program that can not be surpassed.

Examine the JMCC Legacy Program. You have zero dollars you can get started with developing your


Yes, JMCC has structured this program

for those who need it the most!!! People with very 

little money or many cases no money to get started.

Yes, JMCC will show you how to grow and diversify.

How not to depend on one source of income.

How to only be contacted by people who want to 


How to apply complimentary business strategies 

versus competitive business strategies. and succeed beyond your wildest dreams. 

Most people are being taught completely wrong on building a successful and sustaining business. 

JMCC objective is reduce the HOME BASED BUSINESS  national failure rate by 2% for 2013. JMCC knows it can be done!!!






Juniques Multi Cultural Connections is now 

offering Virtual Networking from the comfort of your phone. Make sure you listen in every week.

You can grow personally and professionally. 

Yes, JMCC now offer a comprehensive benefit service from Vitel. Check it out ( just go to the 

vitel page). 


Join us on Wed at 7PM (MST) 

call 712-432-3066 ext 811206 

starting Dec 5, 2012

Hello Community,

Join with us on Wednesdays at 7PM for meeting other business owners and persons of interest about your business.

Our objective is to help business owners who want to connect with $11.8 Trillion dollar multi cultural market to have a place to meet.   

Networking Increase Net Worth!!

We shall reach all AZ counties and other business owners in  North America.

There are business owners who want to do business in AZ.

You will want to be on these calls.

This will be a great way to connect to other cultural groups.

You will have an opportunity to share what you do, where you are located, 
and how you can be reached.

Ok, jot this number down and clear your schedule for 
Wednesdays, 7pm to 8pm (mst)  to expand your multi cultural network.

Conference Call Number 
712-432-3066 Ext 811206


Virtual Networking leads to Person to Person Networking


We now have pre paid family legal services for only 

$29.95 including a referral and affliliate program. 

check it out.  


It is with great excitement and gratitude, I announce the opening of the JMCC Legacy Collections, Featuring the Obama Collectibles.

Collectible add value to your personal and financial legacy. These collectibles are definitely from our history making events of 2012.

Now, you can "capture" the beginning 2008 events.

I strongly suggest to get these Obama collectibles now. Once gone, gone!!!

JMCC will be presenting more collectibles. So 

come back often. 




Hello JMCC community, Events are happening fast at our community. We are being visited by fast growing businesses around the netverse and getting contacted to be connected with them.




Getting your message to YOUR audience is critical to your continued growth, personally and professionally. You must be accessible!!!


People do not care how much know, until, they know, how much you care.



Tell the audience your story and let them connect with you. They will pass your story on to their contacts. That is on of the benefits of effective networking!!



JMCC is continually bringing new services, it is well worth getting a JMCC membership. You will save dollars for sure and grow your business.


check our main page and see all the activities that are available to you know!!! right now!!! You can


put these activities into motion today!!!!





Hello Community, 1 NOV 2012, Happy New Month.

Hello World Community ( yes this blog is being read around the globe).

JMCC community has had a great past month and looking foward to a very progressive November.

May those undergoing the challenges from Hurricane Sandy damagebegin prospering now. I know these are difficult times for you.

May this update be of some help. Rebuilding is always a challenge on manylevels.

Many will have to reposition.

I suggest having a home based business because it does provide you options. Personal, Professional, Financial, Social, Economicoptions.

Here is a company that is helping multi cultural companies connect with each other.


Visit Multi Cultural Professional Network, click here


MPN has been assisting businesses grow since 1998.
You can post your  message, articles, resume, web link, and more at no charge. Check it out ( let them know JMCC sent you over).

I know November and the coming months will be rebuild time for many.

JMCC welcome you to explore the options we offer.
You are welcome to join our online community


Visit Multi Cultural Connections Online Community, click here


and learn and share options.

Without Options, There is no choice.

Ok, keeping this short. 




Keep Living, Loving, Laughing, Learning, and
Leaving a Legacy.








Hello JMCC community, Events are happening fast at our community. WE are now connected with




You can now reach thousands of new viewer to your message at no cost. check it out. Tell em' JMCC referred you.




10-29- 2012



JMCC is a member of the National Sales Network



The National Sales Network (NSN) is connected to
a diversified professional network of more than 15,000 sales and sales management experts.


Want to grow your multi cultural market


check this organization out!!!!


National Sales Network- Phoenix





10-15- 2012






JMCC Membership Appreciation Cash Reward 


Every JMCC member who retains JMCC membership for 12 months consecutively,


will receive $60.


Yes you will be awarded $60 at the completion


of your 12 consecutive month membership subscription.


Yes, JMCC appreciates you!!!


Keep networking culture to culture!


Keep getting your share of the $11.8 Trillion


dollar multi culture marketplace.
















9-12-2012 Hello Community, A lot of good is happening. Our Website On TV ad program is doing fantastic and you should get the trial offer to try for yourself.








Jusmcc affiliate program can put some good dollars into your life. $10 per sale for each active personal membership sale.












Use the free and low cost services JMCC provides and grow your business
























Happy New Month, JMCC has new and exciting services for you.








Now you can promote JMCC memberships and earn income. $10 per subscription per month








JMCC is being advertised in National Publications,




National TV stations, and major social site with




huge traffic.  That means you are being connected to a large online and offline audience.








JMCC now offers a debit card with 100% approval.




Need to manage your finances, effectively using a debit card can help.








JMCC members now get 30 minutes of computer support and only $20 per hour for additional help.




























Hello Community,




Welcome to another great month of progress.




One of our objectives at JMCC is to help all




members improve personally and financially.








We provide actionable activities that measurable and achieveable.












Promotion Power has just increased for all members.








Now you can open a free acct and get 7 days of




National TV advertising. This service will help your




message reach a brand new audience.
















Coffee drinkers and People who know coffee drinkers can not benefit financially by becoming




a coffee distributor. Coffee distributors can earn 100% profit.
















Visit often you will quickly discover JMCC is about action!!
















Hello Community, Its Official, JMCC advertisement hit the national distribution. Our message is being read by the Home Business Advertiser readers.




25000+ national circulation.








Effective this month all JMCC members has access the over 350 pages of best selling items from our The World of Products catalog at huge discounts!!




















Yes, JMCC contacts are growing. Our message is being communicated nationally and locally by




the most effective message delivery service available. We are reaching thousands.








Make you get your President Barack Obama mug.




Limited supplies. Order today!!















OK, I am enjoying SupaVision/Real Talk w/Louanna, 1 year anniversary at Michael's Cafe and I meet some real interesting people.




After exchanging some laughs about meeting




"my cousin" I learn these are some folks serious about promoting and connecting people to cultural arts happening in the valley. check their site out, click the link box below








There is plenty of cultural events to enjoy in the valley click here for more info












Make sure read about the West Oakland Stories Film Project.




click here to read about this fantastic project










check out Juniques Multi Cultural Online Community. Come Join with us!








Ok, events can happen fast, when you are networking. Just had great conversation with owner/publisher of Phoenix Metro Woman.




check out the pub, it is well done. The cost of advertising is so affordable.
















Hello Community, June is review month. Revisit what you wanted to achieve in this month/year.




You may have to apply more energy to your goal or reapply your energy to different growth areas.




Do what is best for you to advance.




New services added




Dating Seniors -  This has been establish to help Seniors connect with Seniors. No cost to register.




SupaVision - This new entry is to online networks is bringing a great way for people in the Arizona area to really get their message out to the country.














Hello Community, June 2012, Happy New Month. 








It is blessing and pleasure to be able to share this new month with you!!!





























WoW!!! Great events have occurred since my last update. JMCC now has the foremost expert on immigration processing providing invaluable information on Saturdays at 10AM  MST. 







Tune in and get the real truth about how immigration processing works. Go to www.gssimmigration.com for more information.







Yes, JMCC members will get special discounts should you discover you have a need for




immigration processing. 







Ok, next. Dreaming Davinci Media, is on the move.




VIP Room Magazine is making history. 




Go to www.dreamingdavincimedia.com 




get your read of the current issue.







Yes, JMCC member will get special discounts.











Plenty of updates happening here. Check out free advertising locally, nationally, and international on our ad, mail, directory and city of interest pages. 

















Hello Community,




Great day to you!   A lot of Good is happening around the world. Check here often to keep up




with what is going on!







3-29-2012 Thursday




Hello Community, It is great to share with you.




We are bringing more and more value to our JMCC membership. You can add your business listing here and reach an hugh audience with in interest in multicultural commerce. check our directory page.

















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